Coachmen RV Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Online)

Coachman is owned by Forest River and this company will follow the latter when it comes to advertising parts. Do not expect to find an official list any time soon.

Coachman does not make a parts list or catalog available to the public. They seem to be following Forest River’s lead and rules and only have those for authorized dealers and parts companies. They do have component manuals that may give parts diagrams for different components.

To learn more about this seemingly impossible task, just continue to read our article. It delves into the topic to make sure you have the best information possible before you go searching for a parts list. There isn’t one available to the public.

Where Can I Find Coachmen RV Parts?


The best place to find Coachman parts will be through their dealers and approved parts vendors. The company does not have a parts list or online store available to the public.

Since they are owned by Forest River, they do not sell directly to the public. You will be hard-pressed to find a parts catalog and even any part outside of the Coachman network.

If you try Amazon you may find parts for the different components Coachman installs in their various RVs. But you won’t find branded Coachman parts. You can check the different parts outlets that pop up in a general search.

One problem with that is that those parts may be from the after-market marketplace and may not be as reliable as actual Coachman parts. Or you can bite the bullet and pay the dealer price for them at the local dealer or approved parts outlets.

Coachmen RV Parts Diagram

This company is a lot like Forest River in that they are more assembly than manufacturing-focused. They buy the components for their RVs from manufacturers and then assemble them at their plants.

If you want a parts diagram, you will have to go to this Coachman link, which takes you to the Forest River web page, and pick the component manual you need. The parts diagrams are in these manuals.

You will not find a single Coachman parts diagram on their website. Their owner’s manuals are set up exactly the same as the Forest River owner’s manuals. You will not find any diagrams inside of those booklets.

You will find videos but those may not cover the different parts or where they are located. We have not found an independent parts outlet that advertises that they have one of these diagrams.

Your best bet is to use their component manual web page to find what you need.

Coachmen RV Parts Catalog Online


It may be due to liability reasons why both Forest River and Coachman do not place any parts lists, diagrams, catalogs, etc., on the internet. They may want to protect their liability if anything should go wrong when a DIY mechanic makes an installation mistake.

That is one theory and it may be the right one. But you will be hard-pressed to find one of these catalogs online. They are only supposed to be available to the authorized parts dealers and the Coachman dealers themselves.

We checked one parts outlet that does not say they are authorized by Coachman. All they have in stock are generic RV replacement parts for specific RV components. Some may be designed to work with your Coachman RV but until you search their stock, you won’t know.

Coachmen RV Exterior Parts List

You should be able to find one at this link. PDX RV LLC is one of the main RV parts companies and they claim to sell Coachman parts. Once you click that link, you need to scroll down somewhat.

The menu on the left-hand side will tell you when you get to the exterior parts for this brand. Then click on the part you need and you will get a selection of items along with the price.

Other than that, you will have to go to a Coachman dealer to get any sort of list for your RV model. Sometimes it is like pulling teeth to get any information from these types of RV companies.

The parts outlet we linked to earlier does not seem to have an online checkout and you would have to find one of their stores through their store locator feature. They say on their website that they have Coachman exterior parts. Or at least after-market parts.

Coachmen Catalina RV Parts List


This list is not going to be in the manual for this model of RV. We have checked one manual, not this model, and their ‘interactive’ booklet does not contain diagrams or parts lists. It is the same as with Forest River RVs.

You have to go to the components manuals web page, which we linked to earlier, to find any parts list for specific components. Or you need to contact the company that made the component, like Furrion, Dometic, etc., and get one from them.

Unlike Forest River, Coachman does not put out a video talking about their lack of parts catalogs and lists. That video may speak for all of Forest River’s brands.

We even checked our go-to manual website. They list many Coachman manuals for download there. However, not one is for parts or contains any parts lists. You will have to go through one of their dealers to get the information you want if they are going to release that information.

Coachmen Freelander RV Parts List

The story is the same for this Coachman RV model as well. This is a company-wide policy so there do not seem to be any exceptions to the rules. You may find a website in one of your own searches that has a parts list or catalog but it may not be authentic or accurate.

Like Forest River, Coachman plays it very close to the vest when it comes to making their parts known. Since the company uses the same components’ manufacturers their components catalogs will be the same as Forest River.

You may have to select quite a few of those manuals to get a parts list or you may have to draw up your own parts list when you have the time to crawl under your RV and get on the roof.

Getting a parts list from this company or any company Forest River owns is next to impossible. Keep in mind that the different floor plans and available features make many of the Coachman RVs unique. There won’t be one parts catalog for them all.

Where To Buy Coachmen RV Parts Online


You would have to go to the Coachman website and use their find a dealer locator. That locator will help you find a dealer near you. Then you would have to contact that dealer and talk to them about buying parts.

From our years of research writing on RVs, we already know some dealers are not very cooperative. You just have to bite the bullet and talk to them. Or you can find an approved parts outlet that sells genuine Coachman parts.

We have linked to a couple of them earlier and they may be of some good help to you. Hanna RV advertises that they have parts for the Coachman Pop-up camper models. Amazon will have generic parts of course.

There will be some outlets in any parts supplier search that claim to have Coachman parts but they may be after-market options so shop with care.

How To Order Coachmen RV Parts

When ordering through the dealer or approved parts outlets the process is going to be fairly similar. You will need to have your make, model, and year of RV. Not to mention the floor plan information may help as well.

If you have the part number then that is ideal and should help you get the replacement part quickly. You can order online or go to the stores directly. The one store we linked to does not have an online store so that is out.

Use the contact information of the different parts outlets to make sure you understand their process and have all the right information they need. Talk to the different companies to see how they like the orders to be submitted.

It may be better to go through the parts outlets than the dealers given their attitudes at times.

Some Additional Words

Finding parts lists and catalogs for some RV manufacturers is not an easy task. There are those companies that either do not have a license to sell to the public or they just do not want to endure that hassle.

Right now, it is evenly split between the RV makers as to who supplies these lists and catalogs and those that do not. This may be an inconvenience and an extra expense when they don’t.

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