Are Goodride Tires Any Good? (Goodride Trailer Tires Review)

Watch out for the name. This is an old Chinese or Far East trick that even the Japanese employed after World War 2. The different manufacturing companies created names similar to top Western brands. China is doing the same thing with Goodride. They hope you think it is made by Goodyear.

The tires are said to last between 4 to 5 years and, on average, up to 50,000 miles. If you are not a bad driver and do not go down a lot of rough roads, then they may last up to 80,000 miles. Some do not last up to 50,000 miles or one year.

To learn more about these tires and if they are good or not, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Take a couple of minutes to get this important information.

How Good are Goodride Tires?


This will depend on who you listen to and believe. The facts are these tires are probably not that good at all, but some owners have had great experiences with them. Others have not been so lucky.

Back in 2014, the company that made these tires were prosecuted for fraud. Their crime was that they had inadequate bonding material for the rubber layers. They advertised the opposite of that.

If anything has changed in the succeeding 9 years, it is hard to say. A lot of tires were recalled at that time. The reputation of this brand and its parent company are not that great, and even if they made outstanding tires, not many people would believe it.

If you are not hauling heavy loads and only going to and from work over nicely paved roads, then these tires will be okay and help you save on your budget demands.

How Long do Goodride Tires Last?

An estimate can only be given here. That is because some of the tire models made by this brand may last longer than others. The going rate is said to be an average of 4 to 5 years and 50,000.

What will raise or lower your result will be your driving situation. If you like to peel rubber, do donuts, carry heavy loads, pull heavy trailers, and drive over rough roads, then do not expect these tires to last that long.

If you are a careful driver that avoids doing those above-mentioned activities, then your tires may last a very long time. Some owners have called almost any tire made in China a China bomb due to the fact that many of those tire brands are not made with top-quality materials and only last a year or even as little as 200 miles.

Who Makes Goodride Tires?


The company that owns this and other Chinese tire brands is called Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company. The company has been around for 65 years, and they claim to be the largest tire producer in China.

They are also one of the biggest tire manufacturing companies in the world with 4 subsidiaries- ZC Europe, ZC America, ZC Brazil, and ZC Thailand. Also, the company uses the Smart Production System, saving cost, and total labor, reducing energy consumption, and improving production efficiency.

You will notice that none of those goals have anything to do with producing top-quality products. The company may be one of the biggest in the world, but its reputation is not matching its size.

It is a company whose reputation for making cheap tires and cutting corners is in the room before the tire is.

Where are Goodride Tires Made?

While the company has 4 subsidiaries and testing and production facilities, they are not making these tires around the world or in countries that have high tire standards to meet. Their actual production plants are in 2 countries.

The company manufactures its tires in 9 plants in China and Thailand. Then they distribute those tires to 120 countries around the globe. All this information comes from the company’s About Us page, including the fact that they claim to spend millions on environmental protections as well as worker safety.

Their most important customers include- Schmitz-cargo bull, DSV, Volvo, and TIP Trailer in Europe, Vanguard in the U.S., and SAIC, SINO Truck, Geely, and Changan Automobile in China.

The saving grace for this company and tire brand is that you are getting fair value for the money you spend on them.

Goodride Trailer Tires Review


The reviews are mixed. One website had nothing but glowing comments about this tire brand. This website claimed that the tires are well built, have reinforced sidewalls, and are safe to drive at high speeds.

The website was being very evasive and general in its review comments, but the gist of their review is that these are some of the best tires you can buy. This is said in contrast to what another review website said about these tires.

That website said this company was known for flooding the market with cheap tires in all aspects of tire manufacturing and that Goodride isn’t much different. This website also said for the price, they are a great bargain.

We cannot leave out what some owners have said. Most focused on the fraud charges brought against the company and would not buy one of their tires even though it is almost a decade later.

On a worst tires to buy list, Goodride was listed as #1. While people may say they are okay tires, these factors seem to tell a different story. The word on that list’s website says the company is selling cheaper tires without good safety checks or tests.

Are Goodride Tires Noisy?

This may be more of a tolerance level answer as some people may not notice tire noise, especially when they have a cab that is well insulated against outside traffic noise.

The problem here is not that the tires are noisy or not, but the performance of these tires. The tests are not producing great results for performance, and noise is not a factor in some of those tests.

Some owners have not mentioned the noise level, but one specifically said they were quiet tires. Most people targeted the price as well as the quality of workmanship and did not mention noise.

Tire noise is what it is, and you may not notice the noise, or you may. It will depend on the age of the tire as well.

Goodride ST100 Trailer Tires Review


The reviews for this tire model are like the reviews of the other tire models made for this brand. They are biased one way or the other. The positive reviews could say no wrong, and the negative reviews could barely acknowledge any positive features of this tire model.

The positive tire reviews loved the tire and did not find any of the usual issues other tire owners have had over the years. One owner simply said that they were great tires for the price.

In other words, many customers are loving the lower price and are not worried about anything else about these tires. Some owners would not buy these tires again as their experience was less than positive.

Goodride Trailer Tire Warranty

You will find the warranty information under the dealership section of the company’s website. Just click here to get to that page. The company has extended its warranty coverage to 5 years, and this extension covers all models of this tire brand.

What you need to be aware of is that the coverage starts from the manufacturing date, not the date of the sale. So you better check when those tires were made before buying them.

In addition to the extension, this coverage covers all markets and all customers. The biggest issue will be when those tires were made, and they may have sat in storage for some time before reaching the dealers.

Who Sells Goodride Tires?


The best thing to do is to go to the company’s website and track down the dealer locator web page. But sometimes, that web page acts up, so here is the link to it.

Type in your location and the distance you want the search to cover, and your results should appear. Failing that, you can check your local tire stores to see if they have any in stock.

The different tire companies may recommend these tires as they do save you a lot of money if you are buying 4 new ones.

Some Additional Words

Even though there are a lot of positive reviews talking about these tires, you should investigate more thoroughly. The company that makes them has been known to cut corners and use a lot of inferior materials to lower their costs.

If you are not overloading your truck, car, or trailer and not driving down rough roads, these tires may last you for a few years. Then again, they may not if the construction materials do not hold up for very long. The reputation of the company should make you wary.

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