Are Freedom Hauler Tires Any Good? (Trailer Tires Reviews)

Good tires are important. Great tires are even better. When it comes to buying tires for your trailer you should go with the best, not the cheapest. The latter tires may be inferior in quality and may not last that long. They may also explode putting your family and trailer at risk.

Freedom Hauler Tires is a brand that specializes in trailer tires. The reviews for this brand seem to be mostly positive. 94% of verified customers at Amazon gave these tires a 4 or 5-star rating. Many tire companies are giving this brand rave reviews.

To learn more about this tire brand and how good it is, just continue to read our article. It delves into the topic so you have the best information possible before you go out and buy new tires for your trailer.

Are Freedom Hauler Tires Any Good


Judging from the reviews given by tire company specialists and normal drivers, it seems that these tires are some of the better options you can buy. Almost 100% of owners are giving it a grand thumbs up and tire dealers cannot say enough good things about these tires.

Some people call these tires an off-brand but in the next section, you will see why that comment may not be credible. When it comes to tires, you will find that everyone has their own opinion and some of those opinions will lump this brand in with the infamous China bombs that have plagued many a trailer owner.

If you keep these tires inflated properly and keep them to the right load range, then you should not have too many problems with them. Even top-brand tires have blowouts once in a while.

One point of interest, this tire brand is not found on the top best lists nor is it found on the worst tire brands lists. It is probably a middle-of-the-road tire that is not as good as the more famous tire companies and not as bad as the worst made tires you can buy.

Proper maintenance and protection from UV rays and other weather elements will help these and any tires last longer than normal.

Are Freedom Hauler Tires Made in The USA?


When people and companies hide where their products are made, then that can be a red flag about the quality of the products they sell. Transamerica Tire owns the Freedom Hauler brand and its headquarters is located in Memphis, TN.

This is about all the information we can get about Freedomhauler tires. The company’s website does not indicate where their tires are made and most review or tire seller websites do not mention the exact location of the manufacturing plants.

They simply state that the Freedom Hauler brand is a sub-brand for Transamerica Tire. However, with a little more searching and under another Transamerica brand, we found that Freedom Hauler tires are manufactured in China by the Winforce Tyre Company.

This company also makes the Trans Eagle tire brand for Transamerica. These tires seem to enjoy some popularity in a variety of countries around the world. We will give the company the benefit of the doubt and say that they supply the specs for their tires to the Chinese company.

We hope it is that way for if not, then you may be buying China bomb tires that are risky to use at any time. The lack of transparency at Transamerica Tire waves a lot of red flags about their tires.

The fact that the internet only seems to have very positive statements about these tires is also a red flag. We will state that while the company has its head office in Memphis, it is not on one list of tires made in America.

Where are Freedom Hauler Tires Made?


You may be surprised to hear or read that Freedom Hauler tires are made in China. While there are Chinese companies that do make some top tires for vehicles, RVs, and trailers, the negative reputation may cause some people to move on to a better brand of tire.

We are not saying that Freedom Hauler tires are China bombs. We are saying that those tires with that reputation influence the public’s view of Freedom Hauler tires.

From all the reviews we have been able to track down, very few people have anything negative to say about this sub-brand of tires. Some trailer owners do not trust off-brands, which is a category Freedom Hauler would be placed.

They prefer to spend the extra money and get tires made by Michelin, Cooper, Goodyear, and other top brands. People are not going to fool around when it comes to tires whether it is for their trailer or tow vehicle.

Most RV owners want the best tire they can afford and one that will not wear out in a couple of years or less. So far, many owners have praised Freedom Hauler and feel that they got the best tire for a lot less money than the more famous tire brands.

Who Makes Freedom Hauler Tires?


As we reported earlier, the Winforce Tyre Company of China manufactures Freedom Hauler tires. They also make a couple of other sub-brands for Transamerica Tire company.

Transamerica may only be an importer of Chinese Tires or they may exercise quality control and supply the specs for the tires they sell. One source called them an importer and Transamerica‘s website does not help matters as they do not provide much information about their company.

But if you want to know where a tire is made while you are on site and looking at available tires, the Department of Transportation has given you that information. All you have to do is look at the DOT code on the side of the tire, and you can see where the tires were made.

Then you have to know the code letters and numbers to identify the manufacturer and the country the tire was made. Fortunately, there is a list of this code and you can find this list at this link.

We cannot place it here as it is a very, very long list. In fact, many of the more famous brands are on this list multiple times. What we did not see on this list, unless our eyes skipped over the names, were the companies Winforce Tyre Company and Transamerica Tire Company.

Ore red flags unless the companies were listed under different names, in different word orders, and so on. The list is fairly comprehensive and may not miss much.

Freedom Hauler Trailer Tires Reviews


A couple of reviews on one tire website were not that enthusiastic. One reviewer did give these tires 5 stars and another gave them 3 stars. However, their comments were not that generous, favorable, or even about the tires themselves.

Then at one RV discussion forum, the reviews were mixed. Some liked the tires even though they were an off-brand and others did not. The latter opinions may have been influenced by the Chinese quality reputation.

Amazon recorded the most positive reviews. Owners could not say enough about these tires and how good they were. One buyer called the tires good but only gave them 1-star because the customer service he received was not very good.

Another owner reviewer said he bought his set of Freedom Haulers based on the reviews he had read. He was not disappointed with the results. He liked the performance and the lack of wear and tear on his set of tires.

The many positive reviews on that website said the same thing. One final review from Amazon stated that he gave the tires 3 stars simply because they were made in China. He wanted American-made tires and was disappointed that this brand was not made in the US.

Tire Components


You may think that rubber and steel are the only components put into making your tires. That is not the case. While rubber and steel are the two major components, there are two other ingredients you should know about.

The first one is Carbon Black and this is important to know as this component helps keep heat away from treads and belts. This component helps extend the tire’s lifespan.

The second component in tires that you should know about is silica. This component is added to tires to help the tires work on wet roads. It also has a high tear rate making it a very safe component to use in tires.

Some Additional Words

Even though this tire brand is made in China, the reviews from owners are very encouraging. This may be an exception to the rule for Chinese-made tires. The brand comes with an excellent reputation and may be well made.

The tire brand did not make the worst tire brand list so that is also encouraging. You may get great performance for 4 years when the warranty runs out or these tires may last a little longer than that. It is hard to say.

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