Are Winda Trailer Tires Any Good? (Winda Trailer Tires Review)

When you travel full-time, you want to have long-lasting and great tires on your trailer. Not just any brand will do, and if you have to pay more, it is worth the expense to get the extra safety features and tougher rubber on those tires.

Winda Tires is the sister brand to Boto Tires, and they are all made by the same company. Some of the benefits that come from owning this tire brand are better fuel efficiency, durable construction, & longer tread life.

To learn more about these tires, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this is the tire brand for your trailer. Take a few minutes to find out if these tires will work for your traveling situation or not.

Is Winda Trailer Tires Any Good?


On paper, they seem like a great tire. The company that makes them is said to have adopted American Technology to help them produce great tires for the global market.

Plus, the raw materials used in creating this tire brand are supposed to be top-notch. High-grade rubber is used to help the tires withstand the rigors of the road and long-distance traveling.

Then the company is said to reinforce the side wall with steel to help the tire resist punctures. On top of that, the special rubber compound used to make the tread creates a slow-wearing tire that lasts longer than its competitors.

The company that makes this tire has put a slow rolling resistance factor in its design. That means you get better fuel mileage which is good news to almost every traveler.

Also, the tread pattern is supposed to enhance traction as well as cut down on drag. Then the special rubber compound is supposed to reduce any air loss keeping the tires inflated at the proper rate longer so you do not lose any fuel pulling your trailer.

In action, that will depend on where you drive, how you drive, and if you overload your trailer or not. The design is only the potential that you can experience. The rest is up to you.

Who Makes Winda Trailer Tires?


It seems that one company in China is taking its production process very seriously. The tires are made in China by the Shandong Wanda Boto Tire Co. Ltd. This may be a family-owned and run operation.

The company is located in Kenli town, Dongying City, Shandong Province. Plus, it has the following certifications- it has passed authorization and audit of ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 quality system, and acquired some foreign country certifications such as DOT, ECE, INMETRO, GCC, SONCAP, LATU, SNI, etc.

That may mean that this tire brand does not fall into the category of a China bomb, but real life may say otherwise. We have found them listed in a top 10 best trailer tire list, and they were ranked as #6.

We did not find them in any list we found that were labeled as tires to avoid or the worst tires to own for your trailer. We mentioned the benefits earlier, but there are two drawbacks that should be mentioned as well.

The first drawback is that they are not cheap tires. The extra quality pt into these tires means that you will pay more for the features the company has placed in these tires.

The second drawback is that the tires are said to be heavy and difficult to handle. Check your weight limits to see if you have room for these tires on your trailer.

Where Are Winda Tires Made?


These tires are made in China, and we realize that the mere mention of that country’s tire products sends shivers down some RV owners’ minds. However, not all Chinese tire brands are the same, and there are some companies that try harder.

However, it seems that the Wanda Boto company is trying to compete with the best tire companies in the world by making a top-quality product that will last. It seems that the company has the capacity to make up to 3,000,000 radial truck tires and 15,000,000 passenger car tires.

If they operate at full capacity, they are producing 1/4 approx of the 65,000,000 tires China exports each year. Numbers are not always a great factor in rating tires, but the company must be doing something right.

If you order this tire brand, then you still have to be careful and watch the roads you drive as well as the amount of weight you put in your trailer.

Winda Trailer Tires Review


We have seen both good and bad reviews. One owner was not happy with the lack of traction in the snow. But then, even the best tires have this problem from time to time.

Two other owners said they had not had any trouble with these tires and felt they were worth the money they paid for them. They kept to the legal speed limit and did not overload their trailers, so the tires performed well, and the two owners were very satisfied.

Another reviewer who tested these tires gave them good marks for the most part. But the most telling statement he made in the con part of the pros and cons section was- “these tires may not be as reliable as other brands.”

That statement undermined everything good he said about these tires. As we said earlier, these tires were rated 6 out of 10 in a top ten list, so that means they do have some worth to them.

Some Additional Words

Even if they are top-quality tires, if the tires are from China, make sure to do a thorough investigation before buying. These tires sound good, and they get mixed to good reviews, so they may have some quality to them.

If the price is right, they may be a very good way to meet your budget until you can buy the famous brand tires.

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