List of Cruiser RV Problems, Complaints, and Solutions

Take everything with a grain of salt. No matter how well-built an RV is, you will always find some with more problems than models in the same class. There will always be something wrong with an RV, even a travel trailer, so be prepared for warranty or DIY repairs.

There are at least 7 common problems with the Cruiser RV brand trailers. But the complaints may cover more than 7 as individual owners experience different issues due to a variety of factors. Just expect the unexpected once you drive the trailer off the lot.

To learn more about some of the common problems many Cruiser RV owners face, just continue to read our article. It does the exploration work for you so you get a full picture of this brand of RV. You may still buy in spite of these problems and complaints.

List Of Cruiser RV Problems And Complaints


The following list is for Cruiser RVs in general. Later on, we will get to a couple of specific models and their common problems.

1. Propane gas leak- this has been experienced by more than one owner and it can be a dangerous problem if you do not get it fixed as soon as possible. There are about 5 sources for this problem.

- propane tank leak

- damaged seals

- cracks in the pipes

- valve issues

The repair for each of these is to replace the problem part. You may be able to seal the leaky pipes or connections with special products made for that task. But the best fix is a replacement.

2. Slide-out damaged- we won’t say much here as we have a section dedicated to this topic right after this one. Suffice it to say, the slide-outs made by this company are not always the best quality.

3. Bathroom issues- the most common complaint we saw was the plastic toilet. It was not the best made ever and many owners have had to replace it first. It is not the strongest toilet made either.

The fix is to replace the toilet with a better model and one that will fit the toilet space you have to work with. Other bathroom issues can be clogged drains, leaky pipes or the pipes are too old and have worn out.

The fix for these issues is removing the clog with holding tank safe products, and replacing pipes to stop the leak. Sometimes the worker did not put enough thread tape on the threads and all you have to do is add more tape.

4. Badly mounted drawers- this is due in part to the failure of quality control to fully inspect their trailers. Many owners have reported that their drawers were not mounted correctly.

This situation can create a lot of annoying noises, as well as stopping the drawer from working as it should. The fix is to tighten any loose screws, replace missing screws, change the slide hardware, or replace older drawers with more modern ones.

5. Faulty power switches- Usually the source of this problem is bad wiring. Connections may be loose, wires not connected, or they are too weak to handle the power supply.

These faulty switches can be found on the wall or on any one of your many electrical features including the water heater, fridge, and so on. The fix would be to repair the problems you find or replace the switches with better ones.

Just make sure to connect them properly so that they will work again. Many problems you experience will be individual and specific to your travel trailer. We should mention that Cruiser RV has issued a myriad of recall notices for their travel trailers.

To read these recall notices, and see if your trailer is included, just click this link. There are 30 recall categories with multiple recalls for each category. These recalls will cover different model years.

Cruiser RV Slide-Out Problems


To be fair, most RV makers do not make their own slide-outs. They contract that component work out to companies like Lippert and then install the slide-outs once they are received at the production facility.

About the only problem, you can attach Cruiser RV to would be the initial installation. Other problems would be credited to the company that made the slide-out mechanism.

Some of the sources for your slide-out issues would be the following:

- Low voltage supply

- Accumulation of water

- Poor lubrication

- Dust and debris on the rails

- Blown fuse

- Poor wiring

- Dead battery

- worn out or broken motor

- slide-out went off the rails

- new flooring next to the slide-out

- and more.

The fix depends on what is wrong. If the slide-out technology is above your skill set, then you will need to call in a technician to fix it. Or take it to your dealer and have them work on it.

Check what you can first. That would be the breakers, the fuses, and the batteries to see if anything is wrong with those items. You can easily handle any problems these components may have.

Also, check the wiring to see if this is a source you can fix. If you decide the problem is too much for your DIY skills, then gather as much information about the operation and what takes place when you operate the slide.

Then give that information to the technician or dealer when they work on the slide-out.

Cruiser RV Axle Problems


On one review website, an owner stated that the axle they received with their trailer was barely strong enough to hold the weight of the trailer. A weak axle seems to be a problem the company has had for some years.

Again, Cruiser RV does not make its own axles. For years they were buying them from Lippert and that is the company you need to complain to if you are still under warranty.

The real problem here is whether or not Lippert will pay for the repair of the bad axle. They will tell the dealer to order a replacement part and send the broken axle to them for testing. After the testing, the company will decide if they will pay for the repair or not.

If you are not under warranty, the only repair you can make in some cases, is to replace the axle. Tire wear will be your best sign that there is a problem with the axle. You can verify that by making sure your tires are at the right psi level for the weight you are hauling.

Or you can go to a professional truck/trailer shop and have them do the work for you. One RV discussion forum member said that is the better way to go over buying a new axle from Lippert and receiving one with the same problems. You would only be wasting your money in that scenario.

Phoenix Cruiser RV Problems


There is a little problem with this model of Motorhome. It is a self-drive class B+ model and it is not built by Cruiser RV. While located in Elkhart, the company that makes this model of RV is called Phoenix USA RV which was started in 1996.

The company seems to only make two models. The Phoenix and the TRX. Needless to say, even this RV model has its share of problems. Cruiser RV is not associated with this company and only makes travel trailers.

1. Seals and gaskets- these wear out over time especially when the RV is subject to heavy use. These seals wear out frequently so they will be a constant irritation to many owners.

2. Electrical systems- it seems that this company did not do a lot of top-quality wiring when they built this model. Some of the problems will be bad connections, loss of power, flickering lights, and weak battery connections.

If you start to see any one of these issues, check your wiring to make sure everything is connected right and there is no damage to the wires.

3. Bad interior comfort- for some reason, the company did not insulate its RV very well. It is hard to maintain interior temperatures because of this and then with poor ventilation, you may be hot and stuffy more than nice and cool.

To fix these issues, replace faulty window seals and upgrade the insulation if you can

4. Brakes- not the best in the world and the braking system can spring leaks on you. When you do your regular maintenance on the brakes, check the wheel bearings at the same time. They can lose lubrication.

5. Faulty water and fuel seals- these bad seals and gaskets create a lot of leaks in these two areas. You will have to check them regularly and replace them if you think they have worn out, etc.

6. Suspension issues- it seems that the bushings, shocks, and ball joints can wear out fairly quickly. The only fix for these issues will be the replacement of those parts with an upgraded and more durable set.

7. Brakes- not the system but the brake pads, rotors, and brake lines. These wear out fairly quickly as well. Regularly check your brakes and replace any worn parts you find.

8. The air conditioner- the common problems with this component would either be the compressor or the fan is not blowing cold air. It could be a thermostat problem or something wrong with the temperature sensor or some other part.

A good AC technician should handle this repair for you so you can get cool again.

Cruiser RV Fun Finder Problems


Some of the common issues for this RV will be found in the first list of Cruiser RV common problems. The reason for that duplication is that this RV is built by the same company that has those other common problems in their other RV models.

1. Toilet issues- it is also plastic and the water line valve may be the weakest part. But if you do proper winterization you may be able to avoid experiencing this issue. Change the valve if it is bad and leaking. The toilet issues mentioned earlier would also apply here.

2. Water pump & water leaks- if you get a model that has leaky pipes, your sign of a problem is the water pump continuously pumping water. Check your pipes to see if there are any leaks and do not forget to check the connections and valves for the same problem.

The fix would be to replace any faulty part before the water pump breaks down.

3. Structural issues- this is a problem you do not want to experience. Some owners claimed their window frame was falling off and they could not close the door. This is something you cannot delay getting repaired.

The repair work should be done by a dealer or qualified repairman. You do not want water entering in and ruining other features of components inside your RV.

4. Propane gas leak- we discussed this above as well and the sources and repairs are the same for this RV model.

5. Furnace problems- sometimes the furnace cannot light. This is a common problem especially when you forget to fill the propane tank or connected the furnace to the electrical power supply.

The repairs that need to be done here are to fill your propane tank and check for clogged lines, or other obstructions as well as broken parts in the furnace. Use the appropriate fix for the problem.

6. Misc. Problems- the TV antenna and black water tank. Minor problems affect these features.

Some Additional Words

No matter which RV or brand you buy, you will always be faced with some sort of problem. Cruise RV is no exception to this situation. The solution to many of these problems is to fix what you can and then let the technicians handle those problems you cannot fix.

If you are under warranty you should be fine. If not, be prepared for some hefty repair bills.

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