RV Paint Code Location (Fleetwood, Keystone, Forest River)

They are codes. What that means is that you may not understand them when you find them. Plus, these codes may not be correct which would mean you would be getting the wrong shade or the wrong color. Help from the RV brands may be spotty at best.

The first thing you need to know is that these codes do not have a universal location. They are placed in different spots by different RV brands. Sometimes they are under the driver’s seat or in a cabinet on the back of one of the doors.

To learn more about the paint code locations, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can find it and get those needed touch-ups done. Like anything on an RV, this is a treasure hunt at times.

Where is The RV Paint Code Located?


First off, the paint code is not going to be found in the VIN nor will it usually be found in the same location as the VIN. Second, you do need to find these paint codes for if you don’t, you may have the RV paint shop put the wrong shade or color on your RV.

When that happens, you ruin the look of your RV or trailer and make it more of an eyesore than a nicely painted vehicle or trailer. The actual paint code location will be up to the RV manufacturer.

They may not place the paint code in the same spot in any of their RV models. We have not seen those listed in any owner’s manuals that we have gone through. The paint codes will be placed at the whim of the RV maker.

Those spots include under the driver’s seat, on the back side of the cabinet door, the door frame tag, inside the screen door, and so on.

Fleetwood RV Paint Code Location

This company placed their paint codes on a sticker and then placed the sticker. Then they placed the sticker in any one of the many cabinet doors inside their RVs.

If you cannot find the sticker, then you would have to contact Fleetwood customer service directly and talk to them. They will know where they placed it for your specific RV if you give them the year, make, and model number of your vehicle.

Keystone RV Paint Code Location

The Keystone 2006 Laredo 29RL had its paint code placed on the screen door’s inside bottom. We are not sure where the location of the paint code for the 2016 327 Res. But two of the color’s codes are Toupe: uFn 5771599 and Clay uFn 5772386

The 2019 Cougar has the following paint codes Body: KE1FD9616 /CSO Tan 18-18 Suffix: Z, Trim: KE1FD3813 /CSO Cap Black 17-17 Suffix: Z. However, those two owners had to contact the Keystone Customer Relations department to get this information.

Some people suggest going to an Automotive paint Supplier as those companies have special cameras that take photos and diagnose the code at the same time.

It is a good option if you cannot find the code or get any help from your RV brand.

Forest River RV Paint Code Location


The 2014 Forest River Berkshire 390RB had the code posted on the door frame’s tag. It may be up too high to see which means you may have to get a ladder to read it.

Or you can check this link if you own a 2017 or 2016 Forest River model. The website lists quite a few paint codes for both years. Some owners got help from Forest River’s customer service department while others have reported that the company was no help to them at all.

The latter go 4 color codes and 2 were incorrect. They had to go to a paint store to use a scanner to get the correct paint codes.

Coachmen RV Paint Code Location

These locations may be somewhere in one of the cabinets. One owner found it in the cedar closet while another owner found it in the large shirt closet in their RV’s hallway.

Look in the different cabinets as there should be a build sheet pasted to one of the walls that should have this information. Or, you can click on this link and get the paint codes for different models from 2003 to 2017.

Save yourself some time and trouble and check out that website first, before you start your treasure hunt for the paint code. Or you can contact Coachman directly if your specific model is not on that list or you can’t find the code anywhere.

Monaco RV Paint Code Location

According to other Monaco owners, they found their paint codes in the file or box where their owner’s manual and all other manuals were placed and given to them. If you kept your paperwork, then it should be inside of that box.

The tab should read paint codes. If you did not keep that box or it got lost, etc., you can try to call REV and ask them. Monacos are not being made anymore and REV owns the brand so ask them.

Or you can go to this link and find the year your RV was made and click on the appropriate box. The top 5 boxes provide you with the paint codes and the other boxes just show you what your RV should look like when it is touched up.

RV Paint Code Location Tiffin Phaeton


The paint code for this model of RV may be located on the inside of the wardrobe door. If it is not there, try the other cabinet and closet doors and walls.

We have come across two websites that list color codes generically and what that means is that they only list the paint codes without listing the RV model name.

The first list is at this link and the second is at this one. If you already know the names of the colors used on your Phaeton, then these lists should be of some help to you.

Those lists do not include a model year either so hopefully they will work out for you. If not, contact Tiffin directly or the RV company that owns them to see where the paint code is located.

5th Wheel RV Continental Paint Code Location

This can be located in any number of places. It may be best to start with the closest and if the code is not listed on the door then it may be listed on the walls of those small rooms.

If not there, try tall the cabinets, door frames, and any other location you can think of. The best thing to do in this case, would be to contact the brand that makes this trailer.

If you do a search on the internet, you will wind up with results including Lincoln Continental, a trailer making company called Continental, and so on. This is a common name so you would need the brand name to help restrict your search to this 5th-wheel trailer.

There is no standard location for this information and some companies, as you have read, only put it in the paperwork and not in the RV itself.

Other Ways To Find Out Your RV Paint Colors

The best alternative would be to go to your local paint store or paint supply outlet and see if they have a special camera. These cameras detect the hues and shades of the different colors used to make up the dominant color on your RV.

Once they have that information, the camera breaks down the code for you. After that, it is only a matter of having the paint store make some up for you. Other than this, you can contact your local dealer and see if they have this information

Picking Paint Colors For RV Exterior


This is mostly left up to your color preference and how you want your RV to look. There are different color schemes to choose from that complement each other and make your RV look good.

The difficulty in this process is that there are so many colors and combinations to choose from. The best thing to do is pick a high-quality primer and exterior paint made for RV exterior surface materials.

Then know the design you want on the exterior. This is not a time to make a statement or go too bold and bright. You want a unique not a spectacle exterior on your RV.

Some Additional Words

Finding paint codes inside your RV may be a treasure hunt, but companies like Winnebago make getting the correct code easy. They have them listed on their websites or there are paint websites that list them for you.

You just need to know your model year, model name, and make and you should find the codes quite quickly. If all else fails, go to a paint store and have them scan the color to get the code for you.

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