CH751 Key Uses: What Does a CH751 Key Open?

The old skeleton keys were known for opening many different types of locks. It came in handy when the original key was lost. However, when it comes to the CH751 key, RV companies are just trying to save money

The CH751 key is supposed to open only RV and trailer storage compartments. However, it is such a great lock opener that it can be used for cabinets, push locks, cargo and tool holders, storage lockers, and much more. It is not a lock you want on your RV.

To learn more about this key and what it can open, just continue to read our article. It explores this issue and the information inside may give you nightmares if you have not already changed those locks. Take a few minutes to find out more about this key.

What Does a CH751 Key Open?


The better question will be, what doesn’t it open? This key is originally designed to open your RV’s or trailer’s storage compartments. Unfortunately, RV companies like to save money and they use the same lock and key to open almost all their brands’ storage compartments.

They may be also able to open the locks on their competitors’ storage lockers. But the list of what this key can open does not stop there. Here are other locked and secure items it can open:

- Cabinets, Push locks

- Ford Cargo Van's tool cribs

- Pickup Shells

- Side Boxes

- Motorhomes

- Campers

- RV's

- Boats

- Display Cases

- Storage Lockers

- T-Handles

- Replacement panel key for some scissor lifts

Then here is a short list of the lock brands this key will fit:

- Champion Motor Grader

- Caterpillar

- Crown

- Hyster

- Linde-Lansing

- Yale

CH751 Key Uses


You have the list above to give you an idea of how you can use this key. That may be a short list as one RV discussion forum has added quite a few more locks this key can open.

It is a generic key that is used to cut costs. The more keys and locks the RV maker buys, the lower their cost per lock. It is just a simple business move by RV makers to build their profit.

We hate to say this but the RV makers may not care that this situation exists because it is not their belongings that will be stolen. The onus is on you, the RV owner, to change the locks to protect your things.

Are All CH751 Keys The Same?


Yes, they are. This is labeled as a universal key and lock that does not have any unique designs to it. If you and your friends have this key, you are able to go into each other’s storage lockers, and more, with this key.

The best thing to do would be for you to change the locks on your RV’s compartments to a better, more secure lock once you find out you have this key.

While you can take the chance no one will enter your storage compartments and save a little money, it is best to have a little peace of mind and change the locks. It is money well spent if you go with a top-quality lock that can’t be opened with a screwdriver.

Is CH751 Key Universal?


As we said in the previous section, this is exactly what this key is. If you find a similar lock on any of the items we listed above, you should be able to open that locked item and no one would be the wiser.

Here is a fun fact for you. This key and lock are on about 60% of all RVs made today. The good news in all of this is that these keys and locks are easy to replace. Your cost will depend on which model of lock you buy.

You may not worry about this problem if you have nothing to steal. But keep in mind, that key can fit other locks where you do have something to steal.

RV Key CH751


We gave an estimate in the last section about the percentage of locks this key can open. That may be a conservative figure as another source has stated it is up to 90% now. These are all estimates and it is hard to put a concrete figure on the number of locks this key will open.

The reason behind that failure is that this key can even open garage doors, sprinkler control systems, golf carts, and more. The list just keeps growing.

The moral of the story is if you see CH751 on your lock or key, you need to find a unique lock to replace it.

CH751 Key Equivalent


The word equivalent means ‘the same’. If you want a lock that is the same as the CH751, then there are two ways to go. One is finding a universal lock that opens as many doors as this key does.

It turns out that there is another universal lock and key. Its code is ES201. If you see that code, change it as well. Two, equivalent also refers to fitting the same spot and doing the same thing.

You can find many different lock brands that do the same thing as the CH751. One place to look would be Industrial Lock and Hardware or you can go to any locksmith and get a unique lock and key for your storage units.

Some Additional Words

It is understandable that RV owners do not want to walk around with a lot of keys on their key rings. Having one key to open all your doors and compartments is convenient. What is not convenient is sharing the same key with thousands of other people including thieves.

When you see your RV or trailer using the CH751 or the ES201, make plans to change those locks as soon as you can. Being a victim of theft is never a good experience.

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