Everchill RV Refrigerator Light Blinking: Why and How To Fix

Many people buy RVs to have fewer worries and more fun in their golden years. However, not all components go along with this dream. One of those appliances will be your fridge and freezer combination. They can act up for the simplest of reasons and burst the travel bubble.

The LED lights on the operating panel will flicker when there is a problem. There are at least 5 options when you see different LED flickering. One of those options could be telling you that the blend knob is set too low for the fridge to continue operating.

To learn more about these flickering lights, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible. This information is important and can help you solve some problems in your RV when your fridge is blinking.

Why is The Light Blinking on My Ever Chill RV Fridge?


According to the 3.2 section for troubleshooting tips, found at this link, there are 5 possibilities for this situation. If you see the first two LED lights blinking, then it means that you have a fridge sensor issue.

If lights 2 and 3 are blinking, then it is a defrost sensor that is malfunctioning. If the fridge chamber is at a too high temperature then the current gear LED light on the display board will blink.

Next, when LED lights 3 & 4 are blinking then the problem is in your draught fan. Finally, when all the lights are blinking at the same time, the unit is either not receiving 9 volts or it is receiving 17 or over volts.

One of the issues you need to be aware of is that the blend knob may be set at its coldest level when you go on your walk-through. Some new owners assume this is the correct position for that knob. They are mistaken.

The blend knob should be set somewhere between cold and halfway and then the fridge’s temperature knob should be set at 3. The reason you do not set the blend knob to the coldest setting is that the fridge will receive very little cold air.

That situation will cause some of the lights on the operating panel to blink.

Ever Chill Refrigerator Light Blinking


The link and the information above were sent by Forest River to the RV owner when he could not find the problem causing his LED lights to blink. It did lead him to the cause of the problem, the blend knob was on the wrong setting.

That is an easy fix to find and repair as all you have to do is reset the knob and the fridge should work normally again. However, there are other reasons why your Ever Chill fridge will have blinking lights.

These sources are the usual suspects:

1. The battery inside the fridge lost all of its power- this 12-volt battery should last about 2 days on normal temperature settings. You need to recharge it every day to ensure you have enough power to run the fridge.

2. Bad thermostat- this will happen from time to time. These devices do wear out and will need replacing at some point in time.

3. Faulty compressor- there are a few important parts on your Ever Chill fridge that will cause the lights to blink. A bad compressor is one of those parts. After checking your battery power, and your thermostat, look at the compressor to see if it is the source of the problem.

Replacing the compressor may be your only option here.

#4. Bad gauge wire- sometimes technicians and DIY owners use the wrong gauge of wire when fixing different problems. Check the wiring to make sure your fridge has the right gauge. Replace the wire(s) if it doesn’t.

How To Fix an RV Fridge Light Blinking


Generally, the way to stop the light from blinking is to fix the problem that caused the blinking light in the first place. Once the problem is solved the light should go out right away.

That is what happened to the owner with the blend knob issue. Once he reset the knob, the blinking light disappeared. If you recharge the battery, replace the thermostat or compressor, or do other repair work, the light will go out if there is no longer any problem.

If the light continues to blink, then you have either not solved the problem or you need a technician to help you solve the problem. Sometimes, the source of the blinking light could be the result of a faulty control or operating panel.

Those items will need a technician to diagnose and repair them. As usual, start with the power source as the problem may lie in a blown fuse, tripped breaker or there is a loose connection.

Try to look for and repair those simple possibilities first before calling in professional help.

To Check The Components Of The Fridge


To test the thermostat to see if it is bad, just set its gauge to around 1 degree higher than its current setting. If the fridge does not start to cool down, then you know the thermostat is bad.

To check the batteries, both in the fridge and your house battery, connect a different power source. If the fridge works on the alternative power source, then you know it is a battery issue.

For fuses and breakers, a visual check for the former should help you see if it is blown or not. For the breaker, just use your fingers to see if it is blown or not.

Some Additional Words

When checking the breakers, just put your fingers on the power side and press. If there is some flex, then you know it has blown. Click the breaker off and then on again to get the power flowing.

In most cases, the source for blinking lights will be simple, easy to find and fix.

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