Are Maxxis Tires Any Good? (Maxxis Trailer Tires Review)

Just don't get confused. Maxxis is the second Taiwanese tire company that started out making bicycle tires in the 1960s. When you research this company’s tires, just make sure you are reading about their vehicle tires and not the bicycle models they still make.

Maxxis has built a solid reputation, and Consumer Report ranked it 7th out of 23 tire brands in 2009. They can only get better from there, and these tires come with a good reputation and can be found in over 180 countries around the globe.

To learn more about this tire brand and its products, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make an informed purchase decision. Finding the right tires for your vehicle is important.

Is Maxxis Trailer Tires Any Good?


This tire brand is getting a solid 4+ star rating out of 5 stars on one review website. Then at Amazon, 92% of the customers who bought these tires gave them 4 and 5 stars, while only 6% gave them 1 star.

The one-star rating had nothing to do with the quality of the tires. These tires are supposed to come with the Adaptive Response Sidewall technology, which is supposed to provide a comfortable ride at any speed.

Then a jointless, spiral-wound cap ply construction method is supposed to help provide top stability when you are on the road. On top of these features, Maxxis has developed a variety of technologies, including the outer shoulder blocks.

That technology is supposed to make handling a lot easier and lets you go around corners a little faster than you normally would. Finally, Maxxis has developed wider grooves in the tread design.

Those wider spaces make it easier for the tire to get rid of any water that you happen to drive through. That should improve traction on wet roads. When you look at all the technology and features built into their tires, you can say they are good tires.

Who Makes Maxxis Trailer Tires?

As far as can be determined, the Maxxis company is still an independent tire-making company. There is no word of any merger or being bought out by any of the bigger tire companies that crowd the top ten best lists.

Maxxis, like Kenda Tire Company, started out making bicycle tires in the 1960s. This company was formed 5 years after Kenda and has followed a similar path and has branched out to making top vehicle and trailer tires.

The company is said to be one of the top 3 when it comes to trailer tires. The company says that it uses Kevlar as an inner layer for its trailer tires. This addition to the steel belts makes their tires stronger and safer to use.

Also, like Kenda, Maxxis is a Taiwanese tire company that has grown so large that they have production facilities in several countries. The company has also established several distribution centers throughout the world to make it easier for customers to find their tires.

Are Maxxis Tires Made in The USA?

No, but that does not mean that the company does not have a strong US presence. Its first distribution center was opened in 1985 in Atlanta, Georgia. Then in 1987, the company moved to Suwanee, a suburb of Atlanta. This move helped them expand their office space significantly.

The duties performed in this distribution center relate to marketing and all office duties related to this business. It is also the hub for the company’s global marketing. But no production is done at this site.

Then in 1999, Maxxis opened a technology center in Norcross, Georgia. This location is where their research and development activities take place. The facility was moved to Suwanee in 2006, and it is the place where tire development takes place.

In addition to all of this, the company has warehouse space in the following cities- Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Indianapolis. But no manufacturing facilities are in the country.

Where are Maxxis Trailer Tires Made?


Like all businesses in the world, Maxxis has opened factories in those countries where wages and other regulations are at a minimum. While people do not like these moves, it is a smart business move.

The company makes all of its tires in several Asian countries. These countries are- Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. There is no mention of which of these factories are charged with making the vehicle tires that have become popular in America.

From these factories, the Maxxis tires are distributed throughout the world to 180 countries through a variety of localized operations. Those secondary operations are located in the following regions of the world- Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

Along with the American R & D center, the company also has R & D operations in Europe as well as Asia. This company is serious about its tires and wants to compete with the more famous brand that makes the best tires you can buy.

Maxxis Trailer Tires Reviews

One review and comparison website states that the company only makes one primary trailer tire. In their view, it is the best trailer tire you can buy, and they recommend it for all drivers who tow trailers.

Some of the other reviews are a bit mixed, and that is partly due to the fact some of Maxxis tires are made in China. This is another guilt by association opinion that seems to influence a lot of potential customers and move them to other tire brands.

But, these tires do come with a solid reputation as any of their vehicle tires are made in Thailand and seem to be of better quality than the ones manufactured in China.

Many owners rank these tires in the 4 to 5-star range, which gives the company an average of 4 stars which is still very good. However, we found that the top best lists are dominated by those mainstream, older tire companies like Michelin, Goodyear, Cooper, and so on.

Maxxim does not crack the top ten on those lists. That does not make them a bad tire, it just means these other companies are better.

How Long do Maxxis Tires Last?

The word is that this company’s tires will last between 40,000 and 60,000 miles. Most people do not place a year limitation on tires as there are so many other mitigating factors that come into play that influence tire longevity.

Most tire experts will tell you that, generally, vehicle tires will last about 5 years. Some will last longer because they are not used in extreme driving situations and do not get a lot of wear and tear on them.

When it comes to Maxxis tires, the company says you need to replace them once the tire tread reaches 2/32nds of an inch in depth. This is where you stick a penny inside the tread, and if you can see Lincoln’s head, you need to replace the tires.

The company has a variety of mileage warranty limitations. Most of the tires are covered for 6 years or 72 months and between 40,000 and 60,000 miles. You should take time to read their warranty web page as it provides the most important information on these tires.

Just click here to get to that web page. From there, you can find the dealer locator web page as well as the product and other web pages that provide key information about the company.

Why are Maxxis Tires So Popular?


One of the first reasons anyone would give for buying these tires is the price. The company seems to be able to keep its tires at an affordable level that fits most people’s budgets.

Another reason would be that the company continues to improve its product and continually uses modern technological advances to find flaws in previous designs and work on how to improve on those flaws.

Then there is the trust factor. Big automotive-making companies like Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Nissan, and many more trust these tires. Maxxis has won many Original Equipment Manufacture contracts with these companies.

If the big auto makers trust Maxxis, then it stands to reason that everyone else can trust these tires as well. On top of the trust factor is the test factor. Maxxis tires are put through 11 rigorous tests on their proving ground location.

The tires made by this company must pass those tests to be eligible to be sold on the open market. Finally, there are the standard reasons that influence people to buy this company’s tires.

Those reasons include the comfortable ride the tires provide, the top handling that comes with these tires, and their durability. These tires are made to last, which is always an attractive feature for anyone shopping for a good tire.

Carlisle vs Maxxis Trailer Tires

Carlisle seems to make a very tough tire. They use heat and water-resistant rubber to prevent their products from blowing out or overheating under heavy loads. The company also adds in steel belts, as most other manufacturers do.

Where Maxxis tops this construction design is that they add Kevlar to the sidewall to prevent punctures. This added feature is not something many competitors use.

The Kevlar helps make the tire stronger and lighter over steel belts. That is always a good construction move to make. Carlisle may have the advantage here as they make about 8 different trailer tires to Maxxis one primary model.

But that one primary model may be the best trailer tire you can buy. In the price department, both companies make affordable tires that can usually be found selling for under $100.

Either way, you are buying a good trailer tire no matter which company you go with.

Maxxis vs Goodyear Trailer Tires

The Maxxis option is an affordable one that helps you get a smoother, more comfortable ride. But many people recommend spending the extra money on a Goodyear tire option because they last longer.

Both tires are made to handle long drives, heavy loads, and rough roads. You should be able to get great performance out of either tire option. Both tire brands use technology to improve their product lines.

The Goodyear Endurance is seen as an upgrade over its earlier Marathon model. That is a plus as the company does not rest on its laurels. Maxxis tires are good, but the Goodyear brand may win out due to its name, longevity in the business, and reputation.

For a more detailed comparison of these two brands, read our article Goodyear Endurance vs Maxxis

Kenda vs Maxxis Trailer Tires


Kenda was started about 5 years before Maxxis was, so that difference does not factor in as heavily as it would with a comparison with Goodyear Tire. Maxxis does not have a lot of ground to make up in this comparison.

It is said that the Kenda Karrier and the Maxxis M8008 are very similar tires that perform in the same way and have similar features. The load range for the former tire option is E, and the speed rating is M or 81 mph.

Most customers are rating both tires in the 5-star range with a few exceptions. The Kenda tire may be a bit more expensive than the Maxxis option, but that will depend on the retailer more than anything else.

Some Additional Words

Maxxis tires have come a long way since the company started in 1967. That is to be expected since the company has spent millions of dollars using the best technology available to improve its product.

With the trust factor created by the top auto makers in the world, you cannot go wrong when you buy a Maxxis tire. Their warranty seems to be better than most other companies, and the quality of their tires seem to compete with the bigger and more famous tire makers.

What is extra special about these tires is their affordability. These tires should fit your budget.

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