How To Touch Up Paint an RV (RV Touch Up Paint Options)

Rocks, pebbles, and debris. All of these items can ruin a great RV paint job. These items have an easy task to do as all they have to do is hit the side of the RV and their work is done. Repairing the chipped paint is a little bit harder to do especially if you cannot find the right shade.

When you are in need to touch up your RV’s paint job, the RV maker usually places a label somewhere on the RV or trailer that contains the paint color codes. Find that label and you can find the right shade of red, maroon, or blue, etc. Touching up the paint though requires a very steady and skilled hand.

To learn more about how to touch up your RV or trailer’s paint just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the best information possible to do the job right. It is probably easier than you think to find the right colors.

Can You Buy Touch-Up Paint For RV Exteriors?


The simple answer is yes you can. The longer answer is deciding on where you will get the paint. There are different options that you can buy including what are called touch-up paint pens.

The trick is to find the right shade that matches the paint color on the side of your RV. In most cases, you can take the paint code to your local paint dealer or car paint outlet and have them make up a batch of the paint using the cold.

In some cases, the automotive paint centers can make a batch and put the paint into aerosol cans for easier application. This is good for those RV owners who do not have a gel coat exterior.

The color range may not be as extensive as it is for other RV exteriors so you may have a harder time finding paint for those little dings and dents. One company that does sell this type of paint only sells it in white.

You can read more about restoring gel coat exteriors in our article.

How To Touch Up Paint an RV

The method to use will depend on the type of material your RV’s exterior is made from. The method described here will be for one type of surface only. The first step to take is to find the label with the paint code.

Some RVs have it on the entry way steps or near that point. Other RV makers may have placed that code on the frame if it is a trailer and so on. You may have to do some searching to find that label.

The second step would be to copy the code accurately and then take it to your nearest paint outlet or automotive paint shop. It has been said that RV exterior paints are the same paint used by many automotive brands to paint their vehicles.

The third step would be to wait for a dry day, then clean the area you want to paint. Let the surface dry before applying the paint. Make sure you have a steady hand and the kids are at school. You do not need any distractions when applying the touch-up paint.

A second method that will be easier for you, is to take your RV to an automotive paint outlet and let the professionals do all the work. It may cost you a bit more but that way you can minimize any mistakes that can happen.

Finding Touch-Up Paint For RV

First off, you should check the ‘black bag’ that came with your RV when you purchased it. Inside of that, there should be or maybe some touch-up paint included by the dealer. Not everyone gets that touch-up paint but some owners do.

Second, you can check the different auto parts stores like NAPA. It has been said that the company carries some but you would have to check with the stores near you to see if that is true or not.

Due to shelf space, they may not have the exact shade or hue you would need. Don’t forget to copy the paint codes so you have them with you when you go to these outlets. It makes finding the paint a lot easier and faster.

A third option would be to contact Paint Scratch. Not only did this paint outlet come up in one of our searches but it was a company recommended by an owner on an RV discussion forum.

Two of our results for this store had web pages for Tiffin and Thor RV models. Depending on your brand of RV the touch-up paint can go back to 2002, 2014, or whatever the company has in stock.

If you go to the home page for Paint Scratch, there will be a paint locator for almost any brand of RV. We tested their 1950 model year out and they have the color for the Chevrolet models made that year.

For a 1991 Winnebago, they had white and desert fawn colors. It may be your best place to go to find the paint you need. Just be forewarned, once the paint is made, there are no refunds.

Coachmen RV Touch-Up Paint


In this and the following few sections, we might be a bit repetitive because the sources for finding touch-up paints will be the same. There is little variety as Paint Scratch came up in the first 5 to 10 results when we did the research for this section.

What we also found was a list of Coachman paint codes from 2003 to 2017. We can’t promise we will be able to do that for each specific RV brand in this list.

You can find specific touch-up paint for Coachman RVs on eBay and if your color scheme matches the following paint shade- COACHMEN RV 58543 SUNLIT SAND METALLIC Aerosol Kit with Paint and Clearcoat or other paints placed on sale there.

Underneath that almost $50 sale is a list of paints that may work as well for you including paint pens. It may take some searching to find specific paint colors or you can go to your local paint outlets and have them scan your RV’s exterior.

Fleetwood RV Touch-Up Paint

Automotive touch is another company like Paint Scratch. The page we came across listed only paint colors for your 2008 Fleetwood model. If you have a different year there is a filter on one side of the web page but it seems to be for cars only. So call the company at Call 1-888-710-5192.

Then talk to the people at the company and see what paint colors they have available for your model year. As usual, Paint Scratch was the top result for this search as well. Use the link above to get to their website and start your search from there.

If you are not sure of the paint code, look in one of the closets inside your Fleetwood RV to find them. Then copy them down and either talk to Fleetwood or go to a local paint shop to get the right color.

We say to talk to Fleetwood or other brands directly as they may have leads the internet does not supply. They may also send you some touch-up paint or give you the codes if you can’t find yours.

Forest River RV Touch-Up Paint

Forest River seems t provide a plastic case containing all the manuals. If they still do this, there may be some touch-up paint included in that plastic container. That is if you bought new and not used.

The paint code should be on the entry door’s frame if you haven’t got the touch-up paint or found the label yet. The problem with Forest River is that they may not be as helpful as other companies are.

You may have to contact their dealers to get the code or any touch-up paint. But to solve the problem of getting touch-up paint for your Forest River RV, use the Paint Scratch link above to find what you need.

There may be local paint shops that will be faster and cheaper than Paint Scratch but they are about the only company turning up in any search on this topic. When you have the paint code, use your local shops first.

Jayco RV Touch-Up Paint


This is one time we cannot recommend Paint Scratch. They do not come up in a search for Jayco touch-up paint. But you can still email or call them to find out for sure.

What Jayco owners are saying about this problem is for other Jayco owners are to go to those companies that make paint for auto body shops and have them mix up the paint you need.

One problem for older Jayco RVs is that Jayco did not use just one paint brand. The older models used Sherwin Williams and paint for Chevy, Ford, etc. And they also used the Sikkens brand to name two.

The colors are close but not an exact match. To get an exact match, you need to go to a paint outlet that has a paint scanner that will diagnose the right code. Some RV parts outlets are selling spray can brands like Rustoleum to touch up your Jayco RV.

If those spray paints match your RV’s exterior color, that may be the cheapest and fastest option available.

Keystone RV Touch-Up Paint

You can try Paint Scratch but for this brand, they only appeared once and not specifically for this brand of RV. Your best bet would either be to talk to Keystone directly and see what they say. They may refer you to their dealers.

Or go to a paint store that has a scanner and have them scan your RV’s exterior. Keystone is said to have used and maybe still using Sherwin-Williams paint for their RVs. If you have a color code, you can take that to your nearest Sherwin-Williams paint store and have them match the color.

That is going to be your best bet. Even if you do not have that paint store in your local community, auto body shops or the companies that make their paint can scan the color or use the code to mix up a batch for you.

The choices to find touch-up paint are very limited and not every outlet may carry the right colors to match your RV’s exterior. That means you may have to go to more than one paint mixing company to find the right shade.

Monaco RV Touch-Up Paint

This may be a bit difficult to find as the Monaco brand is owned by the REV group and the company retired the brand. However, some owners of older Monaco RVs have been successful in getting the paint code from REV when they emailed the company directly.

That is just the codes, the hard part is finding the right shade of paint. We say that as some owners have said you need the BASF Diamont brand of paint to get an exact match.

Paint Scratch does not seem to be of any help with this RV brand either. They do not advertise selling the paint for this RV brand. What you have to be careful of in your searches, is not to be confused with paint codes for the Monaco passenger vehicle.

If you get the paint codes from REV, make sure to go to a paint outlet that sells the BASF Diamont brand of paint. The difference in colors between the competing brands may be slight but enough to make your RV look bad if someone does a close inspection.

Winnebago RV Touch-Up Paint


Over the years Winnebago has used both Dup[ont and Sherwin Williams brands to paint their RVs. You would need to know the model year, model number of your RV, and model series to find out which brand that company used.

When you go to one of these local paint outlets, make sure you are getting AUTOMOTIVE paint and not house paint. This won't be a problem if you use Paint Scratch to get the paint color you need.

That company came up in one of our searches and their Winnebago paint supply goes back to 1979. One other thing about Paint Scratch. On each page that helps you find the paint code, etc., they provide instructions on how to apply the touch-up paint.

Appliance Epoxy To Touch Up RV

This is possible as long as the epoxy is made for the surface you are applying it to. Applying this type of paint to plastic will require a primer to get it to stick properly.

Appliance Epoxy is made to cover metal so it should work on the metal parts on your RV, as long as it is made for that specific metal. This type of paint is not the best option for exterior use though.

It does not last as long as other paints made for RV or vehicle exteriors. It is also not that weather resistant and you could lose the paint after a while. If the epoxy paint does not match your current exterior paint, you won’t be able to paint over it after it is dried.

If you do try to do that, you would have to use a primer first or find a paint that is compatible with appliance epoxy paint.

Touch-Up Paint On Old RVs

This is not as big a problem as some RV owners may think. Paint centers like Paint Scratch can make paint to match older RVs depending on their brand and year. That is not your only option though.

If you have the paint code for your specific brand, model, and series of RVs, then you can go to either a paint outlet or a company that makes paint for auto body shops and get some made up.

The paint code is the most important factor in painting your old RV with touch-up paint. There may be some discontinued paint codes so you do need to check to see if it can still be made.

The problem with matching older RV exterior paint is matching the brand that made the paint originally. That is a minor problem that these paint mixers should be able to overcome.

Some Additional Words

Touching up your RV’s exterior paint is a matter of patience. You need the patience to find the paint code, then you need more patience to find the actual paint or someone who will mix it for you.

After that, you will need patience and a steady hand to apply the paint properly. But once you have completed the task, your RV’s exterior should look great and the metal should be protected once again.

Take the time to find the right touch-up paint so you can enjoy your RV with some peace of mind. You can also be proud of the touch-up work as well.

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