Common RV Flex Armor Problems and Complaints (How To Avoid)

There are a lot of products that say they can keep your roof in top shape. However, not all of these products do as they claim. You don’t find out till after you applied the product. Flex Armor may not be one of those products.

RV Flex Armor comes with a lifetime guarantee and it is billed as the last RV roofing material you will ever need. But does it live up to the hype? Some RV owners are very satisfied with their results while others are not.

To learn more about RV Flex Armor just continue to read our article. It reviews the product and lets you know about the problems and complaints. The article will also talk about what RV Flex Armor is so you know if you want this product or not.

What is RV Flex Armor


If you have not heard about this product it may be a surprise to learn that it may have been around since 2005. This is a spray-on roofing material that is made from high-grade pure polyurea and proprietary preparation processes and products.

What it is supposed to do is cover your roof seamlessly and make sure any roofing sealant weak spots are covered and reinforced. If you have a problem with your current sealant, this is supposed to stop those problems.

This material covers all seams and it can cover your shower skylight to stop the heat from entering your RV at that point. Once it is sprayed on your roof, you get a 3/16 of an inch protective coating that covers every inch of your roof.

On top of all that, you will get a very strong roof that comes with a very high tear strength as well as top UV protection. After it is sprayed on your roof, it should be dry to the touch in 6 seconds. This quick dry action is due to its two chemical composition.

There are 32 locations across the country that apply this roof coating to your RV. You can find those locations at this link.

How Much Does RV Flex Armor Cost

There are two ways to find out how much you will have to pay for this new roofing material. You can talk to a friend or neighbor who had his similar-sized RV or trailer coated in RV Flex Armor.

Keep in mind that his costs will only give you a rough idea of how much you will pay. Or you can use the link above and click on the navigation button at the top that says get an estimate.

The estimate will be unique to your RV due to its actual size and if there will be additional work needing to be done before the application can be applied. Your estimate will not include any costs of the additional work per the website.

The company does state that it may be possible to have your new roofing material costs covered by your insurance company. You should check with your insurance agent to see if you qualify.

Why Buy The RV Flex Armor


It seems that the company behind this product, has gone old school. Instead of opting to provide a product that needs constant repairing and generate repeat customers, the company developed a product where they may never see you again.

It is kind of refreshing to see that attitude even though the upcoming problems may undermine that objective. Also, the company is said not to give you any hassles if their product does fail.

All you have to do is bring your RV into one of their locations and they fix the problem. The benefits of getting this roofing application are the lifetime warranty, guaranteed protection, and a longer-lasting RV roof. Plus, you are supposed to get UV protection.

Here is what their warranty has to say:

FlexArmor material, when applied by an authorized dealer, and under normal use and service, will last the lifetime of the RV. In the rare event your roof does develop a leak, FlexArmor covers the immediate roof substrate and FlexArmor material once a claim has been filed. The lifetime warranty also covers against leaks around fixtures as they were when the roof was applied. However, any additions are not covered under the warranty unless they are brought back to a Service Center for resealing.”

Common RV Flex Armor Problems

1. The reported application cost- we have seen two figures one at $160 and another at $170 per linear foot. This can be very expensive as an 18-foot RV can generate an over $3000 cost for this product.

Keep in mind that this is just for the product and its application. Any other work will add to that cost.

2. Peeling, cracking, and fading- this could be due to improper application techniques or a flaw in the product. While you are getting protection for your roof, these common problems may lead to other expensive repairs

3. May not be durable-there have been reports that the roof may not stand up to extreme weather elements including water, wind, sun, and cold temperatures.

RV FlexArmor Complaints


The biggest complaint that we found was the cost. On a 33-foot RV, you are looking at paying over $7000 for this product not including additional repairs or other work.

Another important complaint is the added weight this product puts on your RV. For example, a 40-foot roof can add as much as 150 pounds to your total weight capacity.

If you do this work, you may have to re-figure what you can take with you on your next journey. Another minor complaint would be the lack of approved service centers to get this work done.

With only 32 centers on their locator web page and the majority of them being located in the central to southern regions of the country, getting to one may be a little difficult. Not to mention a way out of your way.

Other than these complaints, most of the people who have had this roofing material added to their RVs or trailers are quite satisfied. They do not have any complaints especially when their roofs were near the end of their original lifespans.

This roofing material is supposed to add life to the roof and block leaks. One owner said it was the best investment he made. He is quite happy with this roofing product as he does not have to do any more maintenance.

One final negative, one owner said that at a minimum cost of just over $3650, it is not cost-effective and keeps many RV owners away from buying this product. However, the time and energy you save with no maintenance, not to mention not having to climb up and down a ladder, this cost may be worth it.

What do I do When I Want To Replace a Vent, Etc.?

This is a question that has come up in one of the many discussions on this product. It is also a question the company has addressed on its FAQ page. Here is their answer:

When we do your roof we replace all your vent pipes and lids, refrigerator base and lids, standard vent lids, install new Camco vent covers and new a/c gaskets. Your new bases are sealed in under the product so they will last as long as the roof.

If you ever need to replace something for some reason or add something such as solar panels, we can remove the component, install a new one and respray just that area that was cut through. If you are somewhere else at the time, grind or cut through the coating to get the part out, replace it and caulk it until you can get back to an approved FlexArmor facility for respraying.”

What they do not say is how much they will charge for that service. This is something you would have to discuss with one of their service centers or with the company directly.

How Long Does it Take To Apply The RV Flex Armor?


The company has addressed this question as well. Their answer is that you can expect your RV to be in their service center for about 2 1/2 days. It will be a bit longer if you need additional work done.

The company did not specify the size of the RV or if this is just an average amount of time. This is a question you can ask when you talk to the company or one of its service centers.

Some Additional Words

This may be a product where the reality and the hype are one and the same. All of our research, like other RV owners’ research, has turned up nothing but positive comments about the Flex Armor coating.

There may be some problems with the product but the lifetime warranty should protect you from those problems. The company may have old-school business thinking but it works and keeps their customers satisfied.

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