Finding RV Salvage Yards Texas (RV Junkyards in Texas)

One thing about the RV industry, many models and brands will not run out of parts. Not only because millions of RVs have been made but because RV salvage yards exist all over the country, including in Texas. Some even have websites

There are some mixed messages coming to everyone who looks this topic up on the internet. Some websites claim there are no RV salvage yards in Texas while others place a list of them on their landing pages. The ones that advertise may do more than just sell parts.

To learn more about this topic and where there may be salvage yards for RVs just continue to read our article. It does the heavy work of finding different possible locations so you can get what you need with less effort.

List Of RV Salvage Yards in Texas


What we will do is list as many as possible although some that say they are salvage or junkyards may not be just salvage and junkyards. They may be an RV center that sells parts as well as RVs.

1. - this is a company that covers the areas of Brentwood, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio. Their website says it is a challenge to sell junk RVs. They pay in cash, check, or Venmo.

2. this company sells used RV parts so they may buy wrecked RVs to get those parts. They have a toll-free number but not a lot of other useful information.

3. this is a company that is not very encouraging. They may pay very little for the metal in your RV. They also state that there is no money in RV salvage so you may find it hard to get rid of your older RV

4. Willie's M/H & RV Parts- This option is in Kennedale and the best information about them is their contact info- 7782 Mansfield Hwy Kennedale TX 76060, 1-817-478-6846 Hours: Tues through Fri 8 AM to 5 PM Sat 8 AM to 3 PM, Directions: 4 1/2 miles south of I 20 on the west side of BR 287.

What we are about to do is provide you with some names of possible salvage yards. Many of the ones we have come across only state that they sell hard-to-find RV parts but the photos we saw showed new parts only.

Southwest Wheel: Lubbock and Dallas TX

American Truck & RV

Chuck’s Mobile Home & RV Supply

Sierra RV

A&G Mobile Home & RV Parts, Inc

Bellringer’s RV Park, Storage and Parts

Gooding RV Center

If you are buying, then these places should be more than happy to help you out or steer you in the right direction. If you are selling, then that would be a different story.

One thing you need to do is cut your expectations down. You will not get a premium price for your RV when you deal with salvage or junkyards.

RV Salvage Yards in Dallas Texas


Of the lists we have been able to locate, the only one listed for Dallas is one we have already mentioned- Southwest Wheel: Lubbock and Dallas TX. We did find a Yellow Page listing for salvage vehicles for this city.

There are 135 results found at this link. However, none of the first 30 that we looked at advertised that they bought old or broken down RVs. As we reported earlier, some people claim that there is no money in salvaging older or any RV.

That will be the driving force behind this industry. They will have to be able to make money off the used parts or they won’t buy anything. When they buy expect to be insulted as their payment offers will be really low.

They are not going to pay top dollar, just like a pawn shop won’t pay high prices for items they buy. They will offer very low amounts to ensure that they make a good profit when the parts or appliances eventually sell.

RV Salvage Yards San Antonio TX


We did find more RV salvage yards for this city than we did for Dallas. Here are the ones that we have found:

Texas RV Supply- Address: 2211 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78218

Phone: (210) 655-1761 Website:

San Antonio RV Parts & Service Inc Address: 915 Creekview Dr, San Antonio, TX 78219 Phone: (210) 359-9660

The Yellow Pages for that city only provided 78 results for salvage yards in general. You can go through the list at this link and see if any of them buy used RVs, etc.

You may have better luck looking under the word ‘junkyard’. While the terms salvage and junkyard are often used interchangeably, they are different types of businesses at times.

But, most of these places deal in cars and trucks as that is where the money is. While millions of RVs may have been sold over the past few decades, RV owners are still not plentiful enough to make this type of work profitable

RV Salvage Yards Houston Texas


Of the lists we have been able to find, this is the only one that is listed on them:

Atlas Mobile Home & RV Parts Address: 700 E Parker Rd, Houston, TX 77076

Phone: (713) 699-0276 Website:

The Yellow Pages for this city may be more helpful as at #30 they list Pierres RV under RV salvage yards. We cannot guarantee that they will be what you are looking for as that is all the listing said about them.

There are 271 results for this city under this topic and you can find those listings at this link. We have checked several websites and they all list the same ones we have listed above.

Finding an RV salvage yard in Texas is not going to be that easy. You may have to talk to the auto and truck options to see if they handle RV parts as well. Most do not advertise that service but you never know what they do.

Buying Used RV Parts in Texas


There are many RV centers that sell parts and some of them sell used parts. The ones on the list s above may be of some service to you but before you contact them, here are some pros and cons of buying used RV parts:

1. Cons:

- there are no parts for newer RVs- parts are still available for these models through dealers and approved RV parts outlets

- the hunt takes up valuable time- you have to plan to spend several hours at these salvage yards to give yourself enough time to find what you are looking for

- the price negotiation may not be fun- not every salvage yard places a price on their used parts. You need to be able to negotiate to a price that is beneficial for both parties.

2. Pros:

- lower price- parts will be cheaper than buying new or having them manufactured

- you are doing your part for the economy- you are saving valuable resources by buying used over new.

- you are supporting local businesses- not brands from other states

- quality time with the kids- you get to spend some fun time with the kids as you treasure hunt

RV Junkyard Texas


There are some of these in this state. However, they may be few and far between. Plus, they may not advertise on the Internet as they are focused on the local area.

Junkyards are not normally national companies that need the Internet to advertise their business. You may have better luck driving through a Texas town or city than you would using the internet to find one near you.

But here is the main drawback of using an RV junkyard to get parts. They may not have the part you want. You would have spent hours looking only to go home empty-handed.

That is why many RV owners prefer to buy new ones. At least they know they stand a very good chance of finding the right part with little to no effort. Plus the next main drawback is that you do not know if the part will work or last a long time.

You are rolling the dice when you buy used parts and you may end up paying more money for used ones over buying new ones. There are very few guarantees with buying used parts.

Some Additional Words

Finding RV junkyards in Texas may be a difficult task. However, there are some in this state that may be of service to you. The trouble with this topic will be the amount of time you have to invest not only to find the junkyard but also to find the right part.

If you are selling your old RV, you are going to be disappointed because these outlets buy extremely low and sell very high. You may save some money buying parts but you won’t make any selling them.

It is just one option you have available to use.

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