Are Gremax Trailer Tires Good? (Gremax Trailer Tires Review)

While it is easy to get lost in the myriad of tire brands made for American vehicles, not all companies target the American tire market. Some target the European market and build their tires according to those standards instead.

This tire brand focuses on making tires that are safe and comfortable to drive on while creating a dynamic experience. These tires are also known for their superior grip on the road and are supposed to handle well. You may even get some extra fuel efficiency from using them as well.

To learn more about this tire brand, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you can make an informed decision or be informed whenever you participate in a discussion on this tire brand. Many RV and trailer owners may not have heard about this brand.

Is Gremax Trailer Tires Any Good?


It is hard to say. When you come across a website that talks about tyres spelled that way, you know that those brands are more for the international market and not the American one.

There may be some people who have heard about these tires, and some tire shops may recommend them, but little is known about them. Even does not have any information on these tires or use them in any tests.

Some of the tire models that have been found have been rated to withstand speeds of up to 118 & 168 mph. Another tire was only rated at 81 mph. These tires are priced very low if you can find them in the US.

You can find these tires for under $100, and you can get some that cost almost $200. Price is not always an indicator of quality, but this time it may indicate a lower quality tire than other well-known brands.

The Max Trail model is said to not be rated for any light truck and only has a load range level of C and sometimes D. Plus, it only has a 6 to 10-ply rating depending on the size of tire you buy.

Who Makes Gremax Trailer Tires?


The company that makes this tire is called CrownTyre, and it is sometimes spelled Crown Tire, but it is a recently established company starting business in 2006. In that short time, it has achieved some certifications to bolster its tire reputation.

Those certifications include- ISO9001, CCC, ECE, DOT, INMETRO, NOM, GSO/GCC, SASO, SONCAP, SNI, LATU, and BIS. The company also focuses its design and production operations on creating the tires for these vehicles:

- passenger vehicle

- SUV, light truck

- commercial vehicle

- trailer tires

This company is said to sell tires in 120 countries of the world and has over 500 partnerships for distribution. One of those distribution centers is called Chao Yang Tires, and it is based in South Florida, although it distributes tires all over that state.

Why is this company mentioned? It is mentioned because it claims to only distribute tires made in Malaysia, Thailand, and Turkey. It is an odd statement to make, considering the information in the next section.

Where Are Gremax Tires Made?


Instead of relying on second-hand information, we went to the company’s website to find this information. The company is located in China, but it does not say where they manufacture their few tire brands.

All the website says is that all their tires are manufactured in multiple factories measuring 50,000 square meters, and they employ over 2000 people. There is very little information beyond those few scraps that provide any more details about this company.

We checked the Made in China website, and all that website had was the same information we found on CrownTyres’ website. The company does state that its tire brands are legally registered in 73 countries.

The company’s warranty policy is not that great or informative either. Here is what it says, and after that, the company invites inquiries.

Tyres from Crowntyre are, unless stated otherwise, warranted against workmanship and material or design-related conditions throughout their first tread life (new tyres) down to the local official remaining usable tread depth for a certain period of time.”

What is interesting to note is that the company has said its tires are legally registered in 73 countries, yet, under their about us page, they claim to sell products in 127 countries and regions.

Gremax Trailer Tires Review


The news just keeps getting worse. We have checked several tire review websites, and not one of them had a review written about any one of the tire models CrownTyre makes.

Amazon had a few reviews, and they were mixed. While one owner stated he liked the tires and would buy them again, another posted a picture of the blowout he had and warned everyone about the low quality of the tires.

79% of the reviews at Amazon we 5-star, with another 13% giving this brand 4 stars. However, the 1-star reviews were not that high, but their photo evidence seems to contradict the 4 & 5-star reviewers.

It does not look good for this tire brand. Then 3 people on one RV discussion forum never owned a Gremax tire yet would not buy one at any time. What they said was the country of origin should tell you everything you need to know about those tires and their quality.

Some Additional Words

Guilt by association often an influence on many people’s opinions. This seems to be the case with Gremax tires. Because they are made in China or by a Chinese company, then these tires must be bad.

In some cases, they were bad as they did not last for more than 200 miles in one case and barely 24 hours in another. On the other hand, more owners of these tires were very satisfied with them and would buy them again

This tire brand may be a part of the China bomb group, and you will never know until it is too late if they are good or bad.

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