Does CarMax Buy RVs? (CarMax RV Trade-In Guide)

When it is time to sell your older RV, your choices to go to may be limited. Not everyone wants a high-mileage RV or one that needs extensive work. Even the national auto companies have their restrictions

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Replacing the Air Admittance Valve For RV (Rooftop, Sink)

The foul odor can ruin the scenery. You get up in the morning, open the window shades, and look out to see the most beautiful sunrise ever. Then you take in a breath of …fresh…air…cough. In that

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How Long Do 22.5 Tires Last? (Truck Tire Life Expectancy)

There have been many reports of accidents taking place because RV owners waited too long to change their tires. A tire blowout can cause thousands of dollars of damage and a lot worse if you do not replace

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Fixing Thor Motor Coach Slide Problems SW33 (Ace, Palazzo)

When you buy anything that operates or has components that are mechanical, then expect to experience problems from time to time. The problem is that the solutions do not always solve what is wrong and

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Ford 460 vs 454 Chevy: Which Is Better? (MPG, Towing, Torque)

There is no real consensus. When you ask which engine is better, it is like asking which truck is better. There is no clear answer as many people like one motor and the same number of people like the other.

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Do Airbags Increase Payload Capacity? (Towing Capacity)

You may have heard salesmen tell you or your friends that to increase the truck’s payload, all you have to do is add air bags. Well, what they are not telling you is that is not the right thing to do.

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300 Lbs Over Payload: What Happens If I Exceed My Payload?

There are those people who will negatively react to your telling them you overload your tow vehicle. Sometimes they are right as there are different weight capacities that come into play and if you exceed

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Thor Vegas Problems (Windshield, Battery, Fridge, Swivel Chair)

It is just the build quality that contributes to the problems Thor RV Vegas owners encounter. Sometimes it is the weather, the road conditions, the vibrations as well and picking the wrong roads to travel

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Route 81 From Connecticut To Florida (81 to 77 to 26 to 95)

The choice is yours. It seems that you have to take a combination of highways to use Highway 81 from Connecticut to Florida. However, those combinations may add more miles to your trip, up to 200 miles

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1990-2007 Nuwa Hitchhiker Owners Manual, Review, Specs, Value

Another family-owned RV maker has gone. This one has been gone for roughly 15 years but remained open to handle warranty and other financial obligations. It seems that they finally closed their doors in

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Jupiter 2000 Watt Inverter Guide (Manual, Fuse, Not Working)

When you are having problems with your Jupiter 2000 Watt Inverter, look in the manual. As with many manuals for different products, Harbor Freight has put a troubleshooting section on its last pages. This

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Track Bar vs Sway Bar: Is a Sway Bar The Same As a Track Bar?

Improve your handling is what these types of parts are all about. They are designed to make your ride more comfortable and safer when you have obstacles to avoid or corners to turn. Whether your vehicle

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DIY Wooden Battery Box: How To Make a Wooden Battery Box

Innovation can be old-school. When doing projects yourself, it is okay to go old-school. Too many people are looking for that better mousetrap when they build their own items. However, that better mousetrap

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Fixing Thor Hurricane Problems (Awning, Front Bed, Slide)

In the RV world, repairs and problems are a common occurrence. Once you become an owner you may wonder why you have to do more maintenance and repair work on an RV over your traditional home. Usually,

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Thor Windsport Problems (Furnace, Water Pressure, Flush)

Thor is said to be the largest RV manufacturer in the country. It is reported that they make 1 of every 4 RVs, etc., on the road today. With this achievement, one would think they could build a better

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Thor Motorhome Problems (Compass, Gemini, Majestic, Axis)

When your RV, no matter the brand, needs repairs, it seems that the dealers compete with each other in who can hold onto the RV the longest. Some of the horror stories have made it to 170 days so far and

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Cat 3208 Injection Pump Diagram, Problems, and Removal Guide

The CAT 3208 engine is over 20 years old and it is bound to have mechanical problems. One of those parts that you will see fail on you is the fuel pump. But the fuel pump should still be an easy fix as

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Onan 2500 LP Generator Oil Change (Frequency, Type, Filter)

When you have moving parts, you always need some type of lubrication. For many parts simple grease will do. But for other parts where heat is an issue, then oil is the go-to lubricant. Changing the oil

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Onan 2500 LP Generator Troubleshooting, Manual, Oil Change

If it has a motor and moving parts, then you can expect products to break down eventually. This event is usually the result of poor maintenance, user errors, or inferior parts installed. Thankfully what

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RV Repair Labor Guide: What Is The Labor Rate For RV Repair?

One of the things about the RV labor rates is that there really is no standard. One shop will have a different rate than another repair shop. When you contact different repair shops you never know when

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3208 CAT Engine Problems (Won’t Start, Fuel, Injection Pump)

CAT built this engine for roughly 20 years and over that production run, they made a lot of engines. It stands to reason that the 3208 will run into some problems that will affect every engine. But those

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Finding Cummins Onan RV QG 2500 LP Parts (Muffler, Spark Plug)

Often in the RV world, you will find brand-name companies that will not sell to the public. It is just a matter of licensing and preference that keeps them from direct sales. But there are other sources

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3208 Cat Engine Specs (Weight, Oil Pressure, Flywheel)

The engine was a collaborative deal. During its production run, the 3208 CAT engine was very popular. But it was not made by Caterpillar alone. It turns out that this engine was the result of a collaboration

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Oil Capacity: How Much Oil Does a 3208 Cat Engine Hold? (Type)

It is all about the oil pan. One of the aspects of oil capacities is that the oil pan may be a different size on variations of this engine. People often forget about this fact and are surprised when their

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3208 CAT HP and Torque: How Much Horsepower Does a 3208 Have?

When you have a big, heavy rig to move from one place to another, a powerless engine is not going to do the job. These are the times when you are happy to have a powerful motor like the 3208 under the

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Toy Hauler Add a Room Options (DIY Ramp Tent, Dometic Room)

Renovations do not stop with homes. You may have enjoyed your toy hauler over the years. But now you are getting up in years and need some extra space for less strenuous activities. One way to do that

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Dakota Post vs Americas Mailbox: Forwarding Service Reviews

Receiving your mail while on the road can be a difficult situation especially when you are expecting important pieces of mail while you are away. Thankfully, there are mail forwarding services that help

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What Would Cause RV To Shock You? (How To Stop RV Shocking)

A shocking experience. A bad start but we could not resist. There may be times when your beautiful and expensive RV responds to your touch. It is not a loving touch but something that may cause you or

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Trade-In Boat For RV: RV Dealers Taking Boats as Trade-Ins

It may be more difficult than you think. If you thought trading an RV in for a car was difficult, then trying to trade a boat for an RV may take a lot of perseverance as well as patience. It is not going

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Harbor Freight Jupiter 2000 Watt Inverter Reviews and Specs

It is hit and miss. Harbor Freight seems to have this type of reputation for its tools and electronics. Some customers walk away with a great tool at a great price, while others do not. It is hard to say

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460 Ford Mpg: 7.5 Liter Ford Engine Fuel Economy Guide

When you are towing a trailer, this may be the perfect engine to have under the hood. The only drawback to this engine is that you will not get great gas mileage especially when you are loaded and pulling

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Can You Put a Weight Distribution Hitch On a Lifted Truck?

If you do not try, you may never know if it will work or not. When owners add features to their tow vehicles, they often do not think about the effect the new feature will have on their towing capability.

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Lazy Daze RV Problems and Reviews (Are Lazy Daze RVs Good?)

It happens to the best of companies and LazyDaze RV is one of those. Or we should say was one of those. It seems that the company could not recover from the financial hit it took during the pandemic and

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Can a 1500 Pull a 5th Wheel? (Half-Ton Ram, Sierra, Silverado)

5th wheels are a bit different. Instead of being attached to your bumper, like travel trailers are, 5th wheels place a lot of weight inside the bed of your truck. This means you are carrying the trailer

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Finding Car Dealerships That Take RV Trade-Ins Near Me

There is a possibility. Whenever you want a change in lifestyle, it is a smart idea to consider trading in your RV for a nice vehicle. The problem is not every car dealership will be thinking along the

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How Do RV Dealers Determine Trade-In Value? (NADA, KBB?)

It can get complicated. Tarding in an RV is not as simple as the dealer rushing out to you with open arms and taking whatever you are driving into their lot. There is a long list of criteria that dealers

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CAT 3208 Wiring Diagram (Alternator, Fuel System, Parts)

Pictures often explain mechanical and electrical systems a lot better than words can. When you get the right diagrams you should be able to figure out where every component is and make the right repairs.One

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RV Inspection Maryland: Do RVs Need To Be Inspected In MD?

If it isn’t one thing it is another. Experienced RV owners are used to the hidden expenses that appear from time to time. No matter which direction they turn, it seems they have to pay another bill and

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List of Campgrounds Along I-40 (New Mexico, Arizona, TN, AR)

One of the things to do when you are looking for good campgrounds is to search online. But you have to be careful. Some of the results may be 20 years old and those listed parks may be closed. Or some

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Common Kelderman Problems (Kelderman Air Ride Reviews)

It is a great idea. An air bag added to your suspension should help smooth out your ride. Sometimes it does, and sometimes problems creep in and spoil it while making you think you wasted your money. There

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DIY RV Fender Skirts: How To Make Your Own Fender Skirt On RV

Doing it yourself is inexpensive. If you have the talent and the motivation, it is not hard to do many RV projects yourself. It is the best way to monitor the quality of materials as well as construction.

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RV Fender Skirt Repair: How To Install RV Fender Skirts

If your RV’s fender skirt or skirts are damaged, lost, or coming loose, you can find one to replace it or them. Even if you drive an older RV it seems to be possible to buy new fender skirts and replace

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What Is The Towing Capacity of a Thor? (Majestic, Ace, Axis)

It can get confusing and frustrating. Finding the towing capacity can be difficult as all the influential numbers do to provide a solid answer. You have so many weight numbers that sometimes it is very

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Finding an RV Honey Pot For Sale (6 Honey Pots For Campers)

You have heard of the honey wagon. Those vehicles are septic tank trucks that go around to different RV parks and campgrounds and empty your black tanks for a fee. The drawback to this service is the high

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Ford E-450 Gas Mileage: How Many Miles Per Gallon Does It Get?

Do not be surprised when you ask owners of the Ford E450 when they say above 10 MPG. They may have gotten that much mileage and they may not have. But be worried if the report they only received 4 to 6

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How to Trade-In RV That Is Financed (Get Out Of My RV Loan)

RV life is not for everyone. Sadly, they find this out after buying a nice, expensive RV. Or they are just tired of moving about and living in such a small space. At that point, they want to get rid of

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How To Make a 1500 Tow Like a 2500: Increase Towing Capacity

Not enough towing capacity can happen when you select a trailer that is too heavy for your current vehicle. Or you upgrade to one that is too heavy for your truck's tow rating. In these situations, there

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RV Dealers That Take Car Trade-Ins (Do RV Dealers Take Cars?)

Whether it is a pick-up truck or a car that is sitting in your driveway, unused, etc., it may make sense to trade it in and get some money out of it before it is too late. One way to get some good value

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RV Dinette With Seat Belts: Can You Add Seat belts To an RV?

Safety is always a concern. It seems that not all models of self-drive RVs come with enough seat belts. While there are enough for all passengers, some areas only get one when 3 or 4 people want to sit

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Finding an RV Fender Skirt Replacement (Universal Skirts)

Before you get started on this search, the best and easiest way to find a replacement is to assemble and provide the RV manufacturer’s name and how many axles your RV comes with. Then you will need to

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Airxcel RV Furnace Troubleshooting (Manual, Wiring, Parts)

Keeping warm should not be a hassle. While many RV owners do not experience trouble with their RV furnaces, there are a lot who do. When it happens it is never much fun. Trying to sleep when it is cold

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Airxcel 48000 Series Troubleshooting (RV AC Not Cooling)

When it is hot, it is hot. One of the reasons you have an air conditioner in your RV is that those vehicles and trailers can get very hot. They do not have adequate insulation and the hot air finds a way

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Onan Generator Coil Wiring Diagram (How To Check a Coil)

The way to understand a wiring diagram is to understand all the symbols. If you do not know what the symbols mean, then you will not know how to repair the coil on this generator. The next key is to know

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Halo Resorts Fisherman’s Retreat Membership Cost

One of the main reasons you switch from public campgrounds to private ones is to avoid a lot of unnecessary nightlife behavior. You may pay more for this amenity but it is safer and more fun in the long

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Can I Use My EZ Pass While Towing a Trailer? (MA PA E-ZPass)

Experience says a lot. If you do not drive the East Coast toll roads, you may not have heard about EZ Pass and how it works. When you read about this Pass on the RV discussion forums, you may see that

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Finding an RV Muffler Shop Near Me (Motorhome Exhaust Repair)

Watch those price quotes. When you own an RV, repair shops often think you can afford higher prices. Then they boost their regular fee as high as they feel is possible and then quote you that fee. To get

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Garden State Parkway Height Restrictions (Trucks and RVs)

RVs are an exception. While there are many restrictions on the Garden State Parkway, if your RV is under a certain weight and height, you should have no problem driving this Parkway. Most of the restrictions

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Can I Charge My RV Battery While It Is Connected? (Trickle)

Batteries do not always last as long as you want them to. Eventually, you will have to recharge them so they can do their work. Charging batteries is a simple chore but is it okay to recharge the battery

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Luan vs Azdel vs Fiberglass: Is Azdel Worth It? (RV Panels)

Build a better mousetrap. That is an old saying that tells you when you invent a better product, you will get rich. Luan and fiberglass have been around for a long time in the RV industry but Azdel may

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How Much Does a 40 Lb Propane Tank Weigh Empty or Full?

Tare weight. It may sound like the word ‘tear’ when you rip something, but it is an important word. The tare weight of any object is what it weighs when empty. You will hear this word often when you

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DIY RV Engine Cover Console Replacement Ideas (Insulation)

The Hump. That is the non-technical term for the engine cover or console. If you are still not sure what this part is, it is the item that sits between the two captain chairs in the cab. Many RV owners

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Optima Battery For RV: Which Optima Battery Is Best For RVs?

There is always some controversy over which battery you should use in your RV or trailer. The controversy is usually over preference and not actual performance. Some batteries do work better in RVs, etc.,

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RV Cable Pass Through Guide (Electrical, TV, Through Wall)

It is not always the best idea, but it may be the only idea. The only main concern will be the location of drilling a new hole in your RV. Drilling holes in your RV is not a great activity but sometimes

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Roadmaster Active Suspension Problems (Pros and Cons, Review)

Sometimes, people are just not content with what they have. That can be a good attitude as the world has benefited from many top upgrades and other inventions. However, not all inventions prove the claims

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Toy-Hauler-Ramp-Door-Replacement-Cos- Spring,-Latch,-Cable)

Toy Hauler Ramp Door Replacement Cost (Spring, Latch, Cable)

In the RV industry, the bottom line is always important. One of the problems that affect the bottom line is the fact that many outlets and repair shops elevate prices for RV owners. This is a nasty side

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6L90 MYD Transmission Guide (Meaning, Fails, Buying Used)

Transmissions are not all the same. Some car making companies know how to build transmissions. GM is one of those companies. It owned Allison before selling it, but before then it turned that company into

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How Many Miles Is a Duramax Good For? (Buying With 250k Miles)

It is hard to tell with some used engines how long they will remain functioning. However, diesel engines seem to get better with age, and a used diesel engine, like the Duramax can continue working for

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How To Lubricate Furnace Blower Motor (How Often, Lubricant)

When it comes to furnace blower motors, you have to determine what type it is. It could be the traditional belt-driven model, or it could be the direct drive option. The latter does not need lubrication

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How Long Will a 40 Lb Propane Tank Last? Heating – Generator

Your propane use will depend on several factors. The key factor is which appliances are you using that run on propane. Some appliances can drink up that fuel fairly quickly while others give you more time

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Jensen Media Pro 5000 Troubleshooting (Manual, Remote)

It is the same story. When you buy an RV or trailer do not be surprised if a component or feature breaks very quickly on you. RV makers are known to use the cheapest options so they can boost their bottom

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Ford 460 Fuel Pump Location, Pressure, Replacement Install

When fuel pumps go bad, it can be a challenge to replace them. These parts are not always found in the most convenient places on your fuel line. Once you find them, the repair can be costly which is never

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Replacing RV Shower Faucet Without Access Panel (How To)

When you own any type of RV or trailer, you will find situations that will have you scratching your head. You just can’t believe the company did what they did when assembling your unit. Not having an

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Good Neighbor Parks: Is Good Sam The Same as Coast to Coast?

Most Rvers want to save money on their nightly camping fees and other costs. One way to do this is to join some clubs or organizations that offer steep discounts. The trouble is, while they are advertised

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Best Older Fifth Wheels vs Older Fifth Wheels To Avoid: Guide

Age is more than a number. Wine is not the only product that gets better with age. Quality construction never gets old and most older RVs come with top quality construction that surpasses today’s modern

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Why Are Truck Campers So Expensive? (Do They Hold Their Value)

Could it be… That truck campers go where other RVs and trailers cannot go? There are many reasons why truck campers are so expensive. Some make sense and are very legitimate reasons for manufacturers

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Are Freedom Hauler Tires Any Good? (Trailer Tires Reviews)

Good tires are important. Great tires are even better. When it comes to buying tires for your trailer you should go with the best, not the cheapest. The latter tires may be inferior in quality and may

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RGAWR Meaning: What Does RGAWR Stand For? (Helpful Guide)

No matter if you are enjoying the RV life or driving a little VW around to save the economy, it is all about weight. If not cargo weight, towing weight then it is axle weight. You have to meet all the

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Ford E350 Motorhome MPG: Is The E350 Fuel Efficient?

Your mileage may vary. Not the most encouraging words ever spoken but it lets you know that what one person or the company gets in the way of mileage, is not going to be what you get. MPG depends on many

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Arctic Fox RV Problems (Truck Camper, 5th Wheel, Slide Out)

Before you get upset, all RVs and trailers will have problems. Some are normal issues that come to everyone. Other issues are due to poor quality construction and a lack of craftsmanship. When you buy

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RV AC Water Runoff: Why Is My RV AC Dripping Water Outside?

This is not always a problem. When you notice that your RV AC unit is leaking water, this may be a normal function. It takes place on cars and trucks every time you use the AC unit. AC units help remove

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Best Tires For E450 Motorhome (Tire Size and Pressure)

It is said that all load range E light-duty tires are rated the same by the DOT. This means you may have to go by brand and price to get the best tires for your E450 motorhome. Just stay away from the

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5th Wheel Double Towing: Is It Legal To Pull a Trailer Behind?

Double or triple towing. Either term is correct and refers to the same thing. You are towing an extra trailer behind the trailer attached to your tow vehicle. This is a common RV activity but it is not

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5th Wheel Hitch Weight: How Much Does a 5th Wheel Hitch Weigh?

When you read the word hitch, it is easy to make the leap to pin weight. But hitch weight and pin weight are two different items. The 5th wheel hitch will not weigh as much as the pin weight which can

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L1 Op Code On Norcold Refrigerator (Meaning and How To Fix)

Sometimes when you have trouble with an appliance in an RV, the traditional methods of repair do not always work. You have to go to the unique options to get the appliance back in top running order. That

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RT 4 Vermont and NH With RV: Is Route 4 In Vermont Scenic?

RV travel can be exciting. Think of all the great places you can go, the great people you will meet and to top it off, the great scenery that brightens your traveling day. Not all roads bring all three

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RV Patio Doors: Finding RV Sliding Glass Door Replacement

Glass is tricky. You never know when that chip or crack will expand or when a rock will hit it and shatter. Once those issues do take place, finding a replacement is not as hard as you think. Glass is

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Truck Camper On Utility Bed: Putting a Camper On a Utility Bed

​If you are not sure of what a utility bed truck is then think about those maintenance trucks with a small bed surrounded by lots of storage boxes. These trucks without the camper carry tons of equipment,

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Double Towing In Texas: Is It Legal To Double Tow In Texas?

Double towing is common. There are many RV owners who do not own a toy hauler and like to bring their toys along with them. Their only solution is to double tow their toys on an additional trailer. This

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Double Towing In Florida: Can You Double Tow In Florida?

In those cases where you do not own a toy hauler, double towing seems to be the solution. You want to have fun on your vacation and that fun includes using your toys. However, it may not always be legal

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Double Towing Laws By State: What States Allow Double Towing?

Many RV owners want to bring their toys along with them on vacation. But without a toy hauler on the back of their tow vehicle, double or triple towing is the next best option. It is also a risky option

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Best Tuner For a Ford V10 Motorhome (Economy, Cost, Reviews)

Despite what manufacturers may say, there are after-market companies that have the ability to boost your engine’s power. That is what a tuner is all about - more power. Depending on your towing situation,

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Rotating Trailer Tires Guide (Trailer Tire Rotation Pattern)

Most people do not use their trailer that often to warrant thinking about rotating tires. Since the tires on a trailer are not steering or driving tires, the wear should be even no matter what. But that

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F04, F05, F02, F03 Battery Charger Codes: What Does F03 Mean?

Different brands of battery chargers may not use the same codes or definitions. Error codes are up to the discretion of the company making the battery chargers or other devices sometimes they are the same

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Lance Camper Propane Tanks Recertification and Capacity

No matter what brand your camper is, one of these days you will need to re-certify your propane tanks. This includes if the tanks are mounted horizontally or vertically. This process can be costly depending

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Legend TV Brand Problems, Reviews, Remote, Manual (Guide)

Usually, when there are contracts to be won, the job goes to the highest bidder. However, in the RV industry, it seems that the lowest bidder wins the prize and gets installed in your RV. That seems to

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Good Sam Mail Service Reviews: Does It Forward Medications?

When you look at the Good Sam Mail Service website, you will see a list of features you get once you sign up for one of the membership plans. Once signed up, your mail is in as good hands as if the USPS

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Mold In Camper Walls: How To Get Rid Of Mold In an RV (Guide)

When you spot mold growing in your RV, there is nothing you can do but get rid of the unwanted guest ASAP. Depending on the variety, having mold grow in your camper is not healthy for family members or

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Schwintek Slide Uneven Top To Bottom (How Do You Align?)

It is a common problem, but there is no common fix. When the slide is not aligning top to bottom it may be that you have few options to use to fix the problem. There is a lot of work involved to align

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Heartland RV Reviews (Pioneer BH170, Mallard, Prowler Lynx)

Everyone has an opinion. No matter the brand or product, you will find 3 sides to every discussion about those brands or products. There are the positive, the negative, and the in-between sides. If you

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Dog Crate In Back Of Truck: Can a Dog Ride In The Back?

Most dog owners are forever grateful for the benefits their dog or dogs bring to their lives. It is no wonder many truck owners want to bring their pets with them on vacation. But where to put their dog

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