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Toy Hauler Ramp Door Replacement Cost (Spring, Latch, Cable)

In the RV industry, the bottom line is always important. One of the problems that affect the bottom line is the fact that many outlets and repair shops elevate prices for RV owners. This is a nasty side of RV life as your bottom line needs protecting.

The cost of the replacement doors for your toy hauler’s ramp will vary. Lippert does not list a price but wants you to contact them directly. That is because all toy haulers do not come with the same dimensions or ramp designs and all doors will be priced accordingly.

To learn more about this replacement cost, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need so you can make the best purchase decision for you and your toy hauler. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

Toy Hauler Ramp Door Replacement Cost


This is a difficult task to perform, simply because toy hauler doors are not the same dimensions, made from all the same materials and manufacturers place a different price on their options.

For example, MORryde has a great aftermarket catalog for RV parts and accessories, yet not one page in that catalog lists a price for any of the items. They also talk about a zero-gravity toy hauler door on their website but do not even list a base price. You can see the catalog here.

Lippert is the same as well. They talk about toy hauler ramp doors but only mention the variety of designs. Then at the bottom of the page, they ask you to contact their sales department for more information.

One owner was quoted $1200 to $1500 for a 3000-pound door, and $1500 to $1800 for a 5000-pound door, and that included shipping. The company he talked to was Challenger Door Co. but that was back in 2017.

The good news is that the company is still in business but Lippert bought it in 2020. You can get information on both Challenger and Lippert at this link. The best thing to do is to contact a toy hauler door maker or customizing shop and give them your dimensions, etc., and get a quote from them.

That is about the only way you will get a specific number for your cost. Don’t forget to talk about shipping costs.

Forest River Toy Hauler Ramp Door Replacement

If you want a genuine Forest River part or even a toy hauler ramp door, the usual process is to go to one of their dealers or service centers. Forest River does not make its parts available through after-market outlets or private citizens. They work exclusively through their own network.

The company does make available a 12-page instruction booklet complete with diagrams and parts numbers. That enables you to install the door or get replacement parts through their parts system. They publish this booklet through Lippert and you can read it here.

For costs, you would have to contact their dealers or service centers directly. They do not advertise the cost of their replacement doors. Another option is to look up those after-market toy hauler ramp door customizers and talk to them.

Their costs may be less expensive than the ones Forest River may try to sell you. They may also be better constructed as well.

Finding a Toy Hauler Ramp Door For Sale


We have already listed two outlets you can check and get a price. The third would be to talk to your brand’s dealers or companies directly and see what they say. They should have replacement parts, including ramp doors available to replace old and worn out or broken toy hauler ramp doors.

The search may be a bit difficult as there are not that many manufacturers or custom shops popping up in a search of this topic. One more location to try would be Pelland Enterprises and you can see their products here.

From the results we received, it seems that more outlets and marketplaces are more interested in selling different smaller parts for these types of doors than the doors themselves.

You can try doing a local search to see if anyone is near you or you can try searching dedicated door manufacturers to see if this type of door is in their product line up.

It is a difficult item to make as the demand is not that large and there is little money to be made in making them.

Toy Hauler Ramp Door Spring Replacement

This little part may be a lot easier to find than the actual door.s. Lippert has several options available on their parts web page. They are designed for light, medium, various, and possibly heavy-duty use.

No matter which option you buy you are paying $43 (rounding up) for each one. You can check the Challenger Door company to see if they provide more options for you. Or check the catalog and company we linked to earlier, MORryde.

Amazon has the same kind as the ones sold by Amazon and they are about $10 cheaper at that marketplace. Then you can try e-trailer to see what they have in stock. Their experts will provide advice as well as give you correct information if you are looking at the wrong application for those springs.

If these options are not to your liking, check with the national RV parts and accessory outlets that advertise a lot on the Internet. They should be able to have what you need in stock but if not, check the salvage yards for good used models.

Replacement Toy Hauler Ramp Door Latch


The cost for this part may be minimal depending on the design and who makes it. You may find that normal latches may work on these doors as long as they are strong enough. Instead of spending a lot on RV specific latches, you may be able to save by buying them from your local stores.

If you want an RV toy hauler specific ramp door latch, then the same places we have already linked to will be your best sources. You would have to contact each company to see what their prices are and then make your purchase decision.

Also, your local dealer for your toy hauler should have ample supply or access to get a replacement latch. Unfortunately, many dealers do pad their prices a bit to make a little extra money. It is just the nature of the business which does not work out well for owners.

Toy Hauler Ramp Door Cable Replacement

This is a product that is very easy to find. You will see them on sale on the e-trailer website. However, just for the cable alone, you are going to pay $116 plus tax and shipping for it.

Amazon will have some cables available but theirs may be best for cargo trailer doors and not the bigger toy hauler. Their prices range between $25 and $145 and you may have to do some searching to find the right one to fit your toy hauler.

Other locations will include the companies above and there is no need to link to them again. Prices will vary depending on the vendor and if you think you can get a better deal, then contact Lippert or Challenge directly and see what they charge.

Dirt Warrior Accessories has a kit for $189 and a kit may be your best option as you should get all the hardware you need in those packages.

Toy Hauler Ramp Door Seal Replacement


The same outlets we have already mentioned have this replacement part covered. This is an essential part of the ramp doors so all manufacturers and parts outlets should have this in stock or be able to order it in.

The biggest drawback to this part will be your cost. Amazon has a couple of options at the top of their page and they cost $200 and $300. There may be cheaper options available on that website.

E-trailer has weatherstrip tape that may work for a bit. But then all departments, big box, and hardware stores, etc., have this product. It may be cheaper at those alternatives.

If you have a part number, it may be easier to order and find using that number. Since all doors are not the same, the seals should be slightly different depending on the toy hauler model.

Some Additional Words

One reason toy hauler ramp door replacements and their parts are so expensive is that there is not enough demand to help lower the price. While it seems that there is a lot of toy haulers in the campgrounds, this type of RV makes up a very small percentage of all RVs on the road today.

The best thing to do when you need replacement doors and parts is to go to the manufacturers directly. Give them the part number so they can match up the replacement and get you the right part.

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