How Long Will a 40 Lb Propane Tank Last? Heating – Generator

Your propane use will depend on several factors. The key factor is which appliances are you using that run on propane. Some appliances can drink up that fuel fairly quickly while others give you more time between refills.

When it comes to propane use, your usage will influence how long your 40-pound propane tank will last. If you use the furnace, you will be lucky to get a day or two out of the tank. Other appliances may have it lasting 2 weeks to a month.

To learn more about this topic just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make adjustments to your propane use. As you know, the more you use it, the faster it goes.

How Long Will a 40 lb Propane Tank Last?


It is possible to get 2 months out of one tank but you have to be very careful how you use that propane. If you run the furnace every night, then you won’t get 6o days of use, you may only get 2 days.

The furnace is the biggest eater of propane. If you have electric fridges, and stoves and turn the hot water tank off when not in use, then you can easily get near that 60-day mark.

How much time you get will depend on what you power with propane. Some people put everything on electricity that they can. They do so because they have a very good solar system to provide the electricity.

This strategy has their propane lasting for a year or two. But as it was said earlier, the more you use it to power your appliances, the less time you will have before the tank runs out.

You can monitor your propane use and be miserly about it. That will save you a lot of trips to the propane dealer. How you use your propane is up to you but when you can, preserve the fuel and use electric so you do not empty the tank just before you really need it.

How Long Will a 40 lb Propane Tank Run a Generator?


During power outages, a propane generator comes in handy. The fuel is ready to go and if you have a full tank it is a matter of minutes before that generator is up and running.

It has been estimated that an average generator needs just over 1 gallon of propane to run for one hour. If your 40-pound propane tank has gallons in it then you can expect to run your generator for roughly 8 hours.

This is under ideal conditions and the following factors may lower that use time:

- The load on the generator will help determine fuel use

- The number of hours you will run the generator

- The fuel efficiency of the specific brand of generator

The last one will play the most important role as all generators are not rated for the same fuel consumption. The lower the demand for electricity, the longer the fuel will last.

You will have to estimate what you want to power when the generator is on. Then make sure you turn the heavier demand appliances off during this time.

How Long Will a 40 lb Propane Tank Last For Heating an RV?


The furnace is one of the biggest threats to fuel efficiency there is. If it is not powered by electricity then you have to rely on your propane supply to get you through the night.

In some cases, a 40-pound propane tank may last you only 2 to 3 days if you are running the furnace 8 hours per night. There may be exceptions to this rule and those exceptions will depend on the fuel efficiency of the furnace in your RV or trailer.

It is best to use propane as your emergency backup fuel. That way your tanks will last a lot longer and you can cover for those times when the power is out. But if you rely solely on your propane tanks to heat your RV, then plan on making frequent trips to the propane dealer.

Then, the temperature you set your furnace at will play a significant role in how much propane the furnace will consume. A lower nightly temperature should stretch out that use for another day or two at best.

How Long Will a 40 lb Propane Tank Last At 30000 BTU?


One of the benefits of owning a propane-fueled heater or furnace is that it will work during a power outage. This means if you lose power in the evening, you can still remain warm all night long.

The good news for RV owners is that a 30,000 BTU heater will only consume about 1 gallon every 3 hours. That means that you can heat your RV or trailer for 6 hours and still have a lot of fuel left over.

If you raise that heater to 33,000 BTUs then you will burn 1 gallon of propane per hour. Just a little more power means a lot more fuel will be consumed in a lesser amount of time.

The bad news is that it costs around 80 US cents per hour to run the 30,000 BTU heater. To find your total cost, you have to multiply 8 (hours per night) by 30 (number of days in a month approx.) and you will get 240 hours you will need to use the heater.

240 x .80 = $192 per month and that is just for the heater. It has been reported that using propane is more economical than powering everything by electricity. You be the judge on that.

Some Additional Words

The length of time your 40-pound propane tank will last will depend on you and your family. How much you use it will determine how long it will last. Make sure to turn the water heater off when not in use so you can save on propane consumption.

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