Arctic Fox RV Problems (Truck Camper, 5th Wheel, Slide Out)

Before you get upset, all RVs and trailers will have problems. Some are normal issues that come to everyone. Other issues are due to poor quality construction and a lack of craftsmanship. When you buy an RV or trailer, expect things to go wrong.

One of the biggest problems reported by Arctic Fox owners is delamination. This is caused by water being able to leak behind the exterior wall. It seems to be a common problem with most Arctic Fox trailers. Sealing the leaks and repairing the problem is your only fix.

To learn more about Arctic Fox RV problems, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible. Also, repair advice is given to help get you started in this process and solve your problems.

Arctic Fox travel trailer problems


The first thing to say is that not every travel trailer owner will encounter all of the same problems as other travel trailer owners. The issues you face may be common to you and a few others but not to everyone.

Here are some of the problems that a few owners have experienced:

1. The shower floor had too much flex- this allowed water to leak under the floor and ruin the subflooring.

2. Bathroom plumbing is not sealed properly- this can also cause some water issues with your travel trailer. The problem is where the plumbing goes through the floor.

3. Wires at the hitch not protected- this is one complaint from one owner who found that his wires were not strapped into place and were vulnerable to anything the road sent their way.

4. The shower leaked- not the floor but the faucet and pipes. This type of leak can cause mold and mildew to grow behind the shower surround. If the surround is more than one piece, you may find that they are not sealed properly either.

5. Microwave magnetron failure- will not work if the voltage of the outlet it is plugged into is too low. If the microwave burns out then replacement is the only fix.

6. Water heater failure- This would be a problem for the manufacturer of the water heater and not Arctic Fox. You would have to call that company but see if your warranty is still valid before you do that.

7. Unprotected light switches- these were not installed properly and moving items may turn off the switches or damage them. If the company doesn’t repair this problem it will be left up to you to find a suitable solution.

8. Break pads and tire wear- at least one owner reported these two problems. It seems that both sets wore out long before they were due to expire. There are many reasons why this would take place. Replacing them is your only repair.

Arctic Fox 22G Problems

Some of the problems already listed in the previous section will apply to this Arctic Fox model. Here are some other common problems you may have run into already or may run into soon.

1. Electric jacks failure- this is more of a wiring problem than anything else. Check your electrical sources, and fuses, and also use a multimeter to see if power is reaching the jacks.

2. Thin shower floor- we reported this one earlier but it bears repeating. You will need to add another layer of plywood underneath the floor to shore the shower floor up.

3. Cabinet doors warp- this seems to be a fairly common problem and unfortunately, if you do not want to sand those doors, you can only replace them.

4. The sink drain is slow or very poor- there could be a clog or a problem with the pipes. You can first try to clear the clog and if that is not the problem you may have to re-route the drain pipe

5. The stove glass top is crooked- you can try to solve the problem by removing the glass and re-positioning the hinges. Or you can use shims to straighten the glass out.

6. The fireplace not working- since the fireplace is not real, this would be an electrical problem. Check all electrical sources to see where the problem lies. At worst, you may have to re-wire the fireplace.

7. Slide-out misaligned- you may have to reset the mechanism or you may have to clean out the rails. Or one of the motors may be failing. This may be something for a professional to diagnose

8. Glass stove top may crack- these glass shields do not resist heat and can crack if you put something hot on them. If you are under warranty you will have to go to the stove maker to get a replacement

Arctic Fox 30U Problems


Most of the above problems will occur in the 30U and we will try to highlight some that have not already been mentioned. The first thing we need to say is that the very early models, around 2005 to 2008, were well-built and most owners had nothing but good things to say about them.

1. Water leaks- this will occur around the front window. It may not be sealed correctly thus water gets in and starts to create rot, delamination, and other water-related problems.

2. Clearance lights issues- some owners have warned against the lack of sealant used on the rooftop lights. This error has caused many leaks for different owners as well as other problems. Make sure the light fixtures are all sealed and tightly screwed in place.

3. Slide topper- If you already have one it can get ripped, torn, or have holes put into it. You may have to change the fabric to keep the protection level at peak levels.

4. Furniture problems- this is more of a preference than a real problem. Some owners prefer to order their 30U with a Jackknife sofa as it gives them more storage space. Other owners went with a sofa hide-a-bed for comfort. If you buy used this may be a problem if you like one but not the other.

5. Appliance failures- This can happen in any trailer or RV. If there is a problem with one of the appliances, you have to go to the individual appliance manufacturer to get any results.

Arctic Fox Fifth Wheel Problems

As we said for the 30U, you can expect to see some of the previous problems crop up in your 5th-wheel trailer. You may or may not see all of them or they may not all show up for years. Here are some issues not already discussed:

1. Roof damage- This seems to be a common occurrence with 5th-wheel trailers when you park your trailer under the direct sun. The extreme heat seems to loosen the glue used by the manufacturer.

If you start seeing bubbles, it could cost in the thousands to have the roof repaired or replaced.

2. Electrical issues- It has been reported that the 5th wheel electrical system will begin to fail if you do not get enough voltage to it. This problem may be due to faulty wiring or a defective battery.

Use a multimeter or a volt meter to see if this is the case. Other electrical problems may be fuses, loose connections, and so on.

3. Weak exterior walls- Delamination will always be a problem especially if there are leaks in the wall or the clearance lights. The sun’s heat can also wreak havoc on these walls.

Parking in the shade and sealing up any leaks help solve this issue before it starts.

4. Interior issues- it seems that the 5th wheels are not as strong as claimed. You may find many different interior issues will appear depending on the roads you travel.

For example- broken interior walls, water pump problems, plumbing leaks, and so on. Fixing these immediately after you spot them is the best option you have. The fix depends on the problem.

5. Tire issues- if you do not balance the weight inside, or put inferior tires on the axles, you will run into this problem. When the tires wear out quickly, check your axles, check how you load the cargo, and check the weight rating of the tires to make sure they can handle the load.

Buy top-quality tires to make sure they will last a long time. Also, watch the roads you travel as trailers and tires are not always right for many rough roads.

Arctic Fox Truck Camper Problems


The same introduction as the previous section applies here. You will find that the common problems with one Arctic Fox RV seem to appear in all of the models and brands this company makes.

1. Toilet issues- the symptoms of a toilet problem will be seen or smelled first. These symptoms include clogged drains, blocked vents, and black water tank or fresh water tank issues.

The only thing you can do is clear the clogs and blocks. Or you may have to change the seal to stop the smell from entering your camper.

2. Sink problems- the symptoms will be similar to the toilet problem but you won’t have to worry about the odor. Check the drains for clogs and if there is one, use the appropriate solutions to remove that clog.

Then check for any leakage in the plumbing or faucets. You may have to replace connections, valves, or the faucet to stop the leaks.

3. Tires and brakes- For tires, you need to make sure you have the ones rated for the right load level on your axles. Tires that are not rated for the weight will blow out on you quickly.

Furnace Problems Arctic Fox Campers

There are a wide number of sources for this appliance. One could be the sail switch if your furnace has one. If it goes bad, your furnace will still operate but you will not get any heat.

Other sources may be electrical, the thermostat, or the control panel. Each one can be faulty and normally would require replacement of the latter two items or a fuse. Don’t forget to check the breaker to see if it tripped or not.

If the device is gas operated, check the electrical components, then all gas-related components like the burner sensor, pilot light, and so on.

Arctic Fox Camper Slide-Out Problems


Slide-out issues are common problems for many RV owners. This could be a case of the slide being out of alignment with the rails. Or the problem may be with the electrical system. Loose connections, broken wires, or no power are the most common sources for the slide to not work.

Or the motors or one of the motors has failed on you. All of these problems you will find in just about any brand of RV that makes RVs, trailers, and truck campers with slides. The solutions will be the same and you need to contact the slide-out maker to get those solutions.

Arctic Fox Bathroom Door Problem

One of the problems that occurs with many bathroom doors will be the hinges. Since RV makers use the cheapest materials possible it is no surprise that the hinges break or even the trim they are attached to break.

Your only solution will be to replace the hinges or the trim whichever is broken. The other issue will be the strength of the door. To save weight, your door may not be that strong and can break very easily.

Your only repair here would be to replace the door.

Some Additional Words

No matter what brand or type of RV you buy, including Arctic Fox, you will run into the same common problems as more experienced owners. The fixes are usually as common as the problem and apply to all RV models.

The best thing to do when you are still under warranty is to call the company for help. However, the Arctic Fox warranty seems to have been shortened to one year. You may not get the help you expect from the company.

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