Putty Tape vs Butyl Tape: What Is The Difference?

Some RVs have problems with their seals. The caulking used does not have the right stuff and sometimes dries out too quickly. Then you can always use the cheaper putty tape brands, but you run into the

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RV Mini AC Options (5000 BTU RV Roof Air Conditioner)

Less power, more economical seems to be the trend with many RV owners these days. They want to cut their power expenses, so they replace larger AC units with smaller ones. They use less power and have

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What Does a Scamp Trailer Cost? (Used and New Price List)

The cost is in the details. Base price is just that, a starting point. Unfortunately, the price only goes in one direction after that-- up. Your costs for any RV will depend on all the added features you

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2005-2006 Toyota Sienna Towing Capacity (Helpful Guide)

Getting where you are going sometimes depends on how much you can tow. Unfortunately, not every modern car is capable of towing large amounts of weight. You have to check the owner’s manual to see exactly

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2010-2014 Mazda 5 Towing Capacity (Helpful Guide and Tips)

SUVs are not minivans. That is why you will not see any ratings or content related to the CX-5. Many people may confuse the two, but they are different vehicles with different tow ratings. The towing capacity

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2013 Honda Odyssey Towing Capacity (Helpful Guide and Tips)

The towing capacity doesn’t tell all. The figure may tell you the weight the vehicle can tow. However, it does not provide other details. Some cars need to have a towing package installed, which can

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Trojan vs Duracell Golf Cart Batteries Reviews: Any Good?

Duracell is a 100-year-old company that has been making batteries during that whole time. Then it is the first company that had a battery make it to the moon. That took place in 1969. Trojan is almost

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Winterize RV Without Antifreeze: Try Compressed Air Next Time

Winterizing is no fun. When the winter season comes, and you do not use your RV, you can perform different tasks to make sure your RV is ready for the Spring or Summer seasons. This means picking the best

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Is Oreion Reeper Street Legal? (Common Problems and Review)

They call it a side by side. If you are not sure what that term means, then you are not alone. A side by side is slang or shorthand for a vehicle that has its seats--side by side. That configuration doesn’t

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NC Weighted Tag Cost, Requirements, Form (Helpful Guide)

Government language is not always clear. Sometimes it is hard to understand what the government is saying because they revert to legalese or special government language. Many questions arise because people

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Who Makes Continental Batteries? (Continental Battery Review)

There once was a time where you could point your finger at a company and say ‘they make their own products in this country’. But that is not the case anymore as overseas companies offer lower costs

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How to Add an RV Pocket Door to Your RV (Replace and Adjust)

Curtains offer some privacy. At least hospitals think so. Unfortunately, curtains don't block sound from going to one room from another. When you have a snorer in your RV, it is best to find a way to block

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Fixing Everchill RV Refrigerator Problems (and Our Review)

Finding a good RV fridge may be the treasure hunt of the season. Many fridges use too much power and can break down at the drop of a hat. With a bit of research and a good power delivery setup, you should

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Jet Ski Toy Hauler: Can You Fit a Jet Ski in a Toy Hauler?

For those boys who never grow up, there is a toy hauler for you. They can be large or small toys, and you will still be able to bring your toys along on your next RV vacation. All you need to do is a little

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RV Spongy Floor Repair Kit: How To Fix Soft Spot in Camper

One of the most vital parts of an RV is the flooring. When you have a solid floor underneath you, it is possible to live normally and without worry. However, those floors can get damaged, making RV or

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How to Jack Up a Travel Trailer: Can You Jack Up By the Axle?

This can be a confusing issue as everyone has their own opinion on how to get those tasks done. They also have their own way of doing things. Then the manufacturers don't help when they too ignore the

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Finding RV Tire Installation Near Me (Does Walmart install It?)

You know what tire brands to buy. Now you need to know where to get them installed and put on your RV. While this may seem a daunting task, it is as easy as buying the right tire brands. The key will be

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The Dometic 300 Toilet Recall (Smell Problems Solved)

When there is an odor, there is a problem, especially when that odor comes from your bathroom commode. This seems to be one of the weaknesses of technology. While technology can create nice upgrades, they

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Finding an RV Entertainment System With Blu-Ray

Life can get boring even when you are on the road in an RV. As exciting it is to see new places and meet new people, RV life still needs a break from the same old thing. Finding the right RV entertainment

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Blown 30 Amp Fuse: Why Does My 30 Amp Fuse Keep Blowing?

It's not because they are angry. Blowing as fuse in slang means a person is very upset at what you or someone else has done. When it comes to electricity, blowing a fuse means the fuse box is upset at

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How Good Are Castle Rock Trailer Tires? (Problems And Review)

If they are made to American specs or even European ones, chances are any tire brand will be a good tire. This is not to say they will be perfect or you won’t have a problem or two with them. But they

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5 RV Jackknife Sofa Replacement Ideas (Replacing RV Sofa)

An RV is just like a home. If you own it long enough, you may decide to replace the furniture with something more modern and comfortable. Replacing furniture in a home is easy as that task doesn't have

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12 RV Management Companies: Best RV Rental Management Program

Why bear the burden alone? Buying an RV can be fairly expensive. It gets more expensive if you have to pay the complete purchase price yourself. But why do that if you are not going to be a full-timer?

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Are Aldi Generators Any Good? (Workzone Problems and Review)

If the price is right, that seems to be the bottom-line factor for most people when it comes to generators. If they can get a deal, then it is a good generator. If they don’t, well... There is more to

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Reflective Insulation For Windows: Will Reflectix Damage RV?

It depends on whom you believe. Whenever it comes to any products, there will be people for it or against it. Both sides may have legitimate arguments or they are merely repeating obscure facts in hopes

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30 Lb Propane Tank Exchange: Can You Exchange a 30lb Tank?

When it comes to RV life, there are two important items you will always need. One is electricity and the other is propane. It's easy to get electricity, all you have to do is plug into the nearest outlet.

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Finding an RV Bunk Mattress Cut Corner (Cut Corner RV Sheets)

RVs are not like traditional homes. The furniture that goes inside of these rigs is not made like the furniture for a traditional home. This includes the beds. Some RV beds come with a 45 degree cut at

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When to Winterize RV: At What Temp Should You Winterize an RV?

RVs are like traditional homes. While there may be less maintenance and upkeep to do, there is always work to be done to keep your RV in top shape. One of those duties includes winterizing your RV before

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What Happens When Grey Water Tank Is Full? (Overflow Damage)

Full is full. When the idiot light comes on, you should pay attention to it. Those lights are there to tell you that you should empty your gray water tank. If you don’t and your shower pan is not that

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RV High Wind Tie-Downs: How Do I Secure My RV in High Winds?

It is a common-sense idea but not everyone is on board with it. Making sure your trailer or RV does not move during a storm seems logical. But is it practical to tie it down? You may be setting yourself

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RV Slide Out Relay Location: Override a Slide Out Mechanism

When it comes to special features, you never know what RV makers will come up with. Some designs are for safety reasons while others just do not make any sense. Operating your slides may be a combination

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Where Are Timken Bearings Made? (Are Timken Bearings Good?)

Follow the money. That is a good guideline when it comes to products you buy. Businesses are in business to make money and they will look for any angle or loophole that ensures they will make a profit.

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RV Water Tank Drain Valve: How to Drain RV Fresh Water Tank

RVs tend to provide their owners with a lot of freedom. You can go just about anywhere you want, when you want. However, RVs don't get you freedom from responsibilities. That means you'll always have something

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On-demand Water Heater For RV: Are Tankless Heaters Worth It?

One of the advantages today’s RV owners have over their older counterparts is technology. There have been so many technological advances that modern RVers can cut costs and not have to be saddled with

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How to Get Furniture Through an RV Door (Will a Couch Fit?)

It is a tight fit. Moving day or even adding a piece of furniture to one’s home can often be trying. No one measured the openings until they brought that item home. It is going to be a tight fit if it

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Running LED TV on Inverter: What Power Inverter Do I Need?

Not everything runs on DC power. When you have those products that don’t, you will need an inverter to help change the power from DC to AC. The issue with buying an inverter is getting the right size.

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Ford 6.2 vs 7.3: Are Ford 6.2 and 7.3 Good Engines?

Getting over those hills. That is the main concern of many RVers. They need the power to get over those mountains, steep inclines, and other hills. Finding the right engine is key and it can either be

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Dometic Awning Motor: Where to Buy and How to Replace a Motor

Motors make life easier. That was the idea behind the horseless carriage when it was invented. The simple design helped many people move around faster and easier than by going on horseback or hitching

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What Are Thermopane Windows? (Is Thermopane Glass Worth It?)

Windows are for more than providing a view. They are a first-line defense against the cold and wind. However, not all windows are up to the challenge and let out more heat than is necessary. When that

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Electric Trailer Brakes Not Working (Fixing Common Problems)

The way they design RVs these days, nothing is easy. You won’t find this out until you have a small little problem that takes less than 5 minutes to fix but takes you 5 hours to find it. This can happen

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Golf Cart in Truck Bed Towing Camper: How to Haul a Golf Cart

Can’t go anywhere to escape golf. That may be the thinking of many golf widows who hope to see their husbands more often once they go on vacation. However, if the husband is smart, he may figure out

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RV AC Duct Flow: How To Clean, Repair, And Boost AC Duct

When it gets hot out, you want the best AC coverage you can get. Most RVs are well equipped with good AC systems and ducts that make sure you keep your cool when the weather outside is not keeping its

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RV DSI Fault on Water Heater: What Is a DSI Fault? (Fixed)

Hot water is essential. But sometimes the hot water heater doesn't agree with that statement. It tends to be a little ornery at times and decides to act up on you. When it does, you will get a code telling

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The Fullway Termination Valve: What Is And Where Is It?

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. All this old saying tells us is that the name on the device can change and you still get the same function. However, you may not want to smell the odor

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RV No Power From Battery: Why Does My RV Have No Power?

It is not a nice feeling when you are boondocking and find out you have no battery power. Having no power can ruin your evening as you spend the time searching for the answer instead of relaxing from a

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DIY RV Skirting Ideas: Does RV Skirting Work? (Helpful Guide)

Having a permanent location means that you have far more design options to use on your RV. Once it is stationary, you can dress it up any way you want. However, you should make sure that the smaller varmints

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RV Electric Water Heater Switch: How Do I Turn It On?

When you join the RV community, one of the first things you learn is that not all RVs are made the same. You may have similar features, but the parts are found in different locations, different numbers,

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Why Do I Have 2 Grey Water Tanks? (How to Connect-Equalize)

No matter how you slice it, having 2 gray water tanks is better than just having one. There may be some extra work involved in emptying them but that is a minor issue that does not overshadow the convenience.Why

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Dometic Thermostat Replacement: Can I Replace My RV Thermostat?

The problem with the digital age is that when digital products go awry, then it is difficult to get them repaired or it is expensive to do so. The replacement may seem like a great option but either that

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Where Can I Boondock? 6 Options for Boondocking in San Diego

Finding a place to sleep is very difficult if you are on the road in an RV. Especially if you are driving a larger Class C or Class A rig. Cities just do not want those RVs taking up space on their streets.

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I 75 Rest Areas In Florida

I 75 Rest Areas Florida (Maps, Reviews and Where to Rest)

Interstates are long highways. For example, I 75 runs from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan down to Hialeah, Florida. That length covers 6 states. Fortunately, all these states provide rest areas so you can

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Tag Axle RV: What Is a Tag Axle? (Pros and Cons Explained)

These types of axles appeared first on semi-trucks. They are flexible in that they can be raised when the truck driver did not need to use them. By keeping them raised, they save don wear and tear and

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Mice in RV Underbelly or Ceiling: 7 Ways to Get Rid of Mice

Unwanted guests certainly can be a pain as they eat you out of house and home. Plus, they leave behind little unwanted gifts that you have to take time to clean up. If you don’t your RV gets less healthy

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Dometic RV Furnace Troubleshooting: (Fixing Heater Problems)

Not all RV vacations are taken in nice, warm locations where it doesn’t get cooler than 72 degrees F. There are many RVers that like cooler weather and enjoy turning their furnace on at night to remain

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Where Is The Water Pump Located In RV? (Motorhome – Trailer)

Class A RVs are not that small but when compared to a house, it offers less room for you as well as all the equipment needed to power the amenities. That means that RV builders need to be creative when

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Are Rainier Tires Any Good? (Rainier Trailer Tire Review)

Like most products, you can either get lucky or get a lemon that causes you nothing but problems. It is hard to judge as even reputable companies can produce some bad quality products at any given time.

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50 Amp RV Voltage: Is My 50 Amp RV Service 220v or 110?

Electrical plugs can be confusing. The reason for that is that different amperage plugs, even though carrying the same amount of amps, can be designed differently. The key to using 50 amp outlets is to

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Monobeam vs Twin I-Beam: What Is Monobeam Suspension?

In their effort to provide you with the most comfortable ride possible without losing control over your vehicle, vehicle manufacturers create different suspension systems. These suspension systems may

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I 95 Rest Areas Florida (Maps, Reviews and Where to Rest)

The sunshine. That is why you go to Florida in the first place. It is one of the best states to go to when it comes to seeing the sun and feeling its warm rays on your body. Whether you are coming for

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Best CA Rest Area: Can You Sleep at Rest Stops in California?

They are convenient. That is the main reason why many people choose to pull off the highway and sleep at a rest stop. Plus, they have handy washrooms, a little nature, and even some vending machines for

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Sleeping at Rest Areas: Can RVs Park Overnight at Rest Stops?

It was 1956 when the first rest safety areas were opened in America. They were not elaborate, well lit, and were often the focal point of many horror movies that produced a lot of nightmares. The good

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Best TN Rest Areas: Can You Sleep at Rest Stops in Tennessee?

Even though it is exciting to travel and see new places, meet new people and experience different cultural practices, you need your rest to stay healthy. However, sleeping at rest stops is not exactly

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Find Rental Trucks For Towing Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel

Not everyone has one. There will be times when you run across people who have a towable RV yet do not own a vehicle to tow it. It happens more often than not. Or their tow vehicle has broken down and need

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Best VA Rest Areas: Can You Sleep at Rest Stops in Virginia?

Everything depends on the state. Since America is a republic, the different states have a limited amount of sovereignty. That means the state government gets to decide the rules for their territory and

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I-70 I25 Rest Area: Can You Sleep at Rest Stops in Colorado?

On my way back home... Or if you prefer another hit song, on the road again. Both songs tell their listeners that people are traveling. However, they do not let you know if it is okay to sleep at different

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What Does The Stop Engine Light Mean? (Ford, Cummins, Etc…)

RVs, like cars, have lights. Not just headlights, parking lights, and interior lights but those lights that warn you of possible problems. The stop engine light is not one that should be ignored unless

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Top Idaho Rest Areas: Can You Sleep at a Rest Stop in Idaho?

Traveling can be fun. It can also be tiring especially when you need to cover long distances. That is why the rest stop network was created. These little areas provide you with the opportunity to stop,

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What Is The E7 Code On a Dometic Thermostat? Fixing E7 Error

Error codes can cause you some grief, especially when you either do not understand them or know how to fix the problem. Almost every modern piece of electronic equipment now has error codes that need to

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Parking Lot at Night: What Stores Allow Overnight RV Parking?

Saving money and time... Hotels and motel costs can add up if you are on the road. That is one reason why many people avoid them and sleep in their vehicles. But finding the right spots to sleep in at

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HWH Leveling Jacks Rebuild: How to Repair HWH Leveling Jacks

Always take advantage of the valid warranty to make sure you never have to pay for repairs, in most cases. That way you don't have to worry about finding a place to rebuild your RV equipment. If your warranty

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5 RV Fuel Pump Problems: How To Test and Fix an RV Fuel Pump

If it is mechanical, it may break down on you. You can count on it happening at some point in time. Hopefully when you have a lot of money available to fix the problem. Fuel pumps are just one of many

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Free Battery Check and Charge: Does AutoZone Test Batteries?

One way to protect your family is to make sure your car battery is fully charged and in top working order. There is not much effort or investment in doing this as you can get your battery checked in a

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Chevy Express 3500 Towing Capacity: How Much Can a Van Pull?

When you like to travel, using a towable RV is one of the best options to see the country. They are cheaper to buy, can fit in many places Class A RVs can’t, and provide you with a level of luxury you

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AutoZone Battery Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Old Batteries?

When you store them in your garage, old batteries take up a lot of needed space. Plus, they also pose a little bit of a health risk as old batteries can get damaged and leak. The best thing to do when

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Does NAPA Take Used Oil? (Gas, Filters, or Antifreeze)

In the recycling era, it's always good to know that many auto parts stores help make it easy to recycle your used oil. Since they are in the business, they know the right people to take your used oil to.

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Advance Auto Oil Recycling: Does Advance Auto Take Used Oil?

Recycling is big. There are recycling centers for almost any plastic, battery, fluid, and other products that you can think of. It is a good idea to support these efforts as you are taking care of the

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Can You Use RV Water Heater Gas and Electric at Same Time?

When you are in a hurry hot showers are not something you need to wait for anymore. Not when you are in a hurry at least. If you have the right equipment you should be able to warm up your shower water

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Transmission Fluid Temperature: Why is My Transmission Hot?

If the coolant wasn’t enough to worry about. Besides watching the engine temperature, you need to watch the transmission and keep it from overheating. There is always something to worry about when you

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Motorhome Won’t Start: No Power To Ignition Switch (Guide)

It can be a scary feeling. After packing up after a nice night boondocking and buckling in, you are ready to hit the road again. Yet, when you turn the key and nothing happens, all the good nature just

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AutoZone Oil Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Used Oil? (Fluids)

Hazardous materials create problems not only for the environment and wildlife but also for consumers who need to dispose of their old oil, etc. Finding recycling centers can be difficult when you live

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Are Cummins Engines Reliable? (9 Cummins RV Engine Problems)

When you specialize you can become a master of your chosen field. Being a jack of all trades may bring versatility but it does not bring mastery of all trades. Cummins specializes in diesel engines and

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J-B Weld Aluminum Guide: Does JB Weld Work on Aluminum?

The list of items that JB weld doesn’t work on is a lot shorter than the items it does. Once perusing that list, you will find that this product is just short of being a miracle worker. It handles a

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Polishing Aluminum With WD40: Can You Use WD40 on Aluminum?

People try any solution in a bid to save money, there are RV owners who will try using different brand products even though the product is not made for the task at hand. Sometimes you just have to break

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Permanent RV Setup: Setting Up a Travel Trailer Permanently

RVs can be like homes. Just take the wheels off and it is not going anywhere, just like a home doesn't go anywhere. The good thing about ‘permanently’ setting up a travel trailer is that after a few

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Dometic Fridge Not Working on Gas (Refrigerator Not Cooling)

When you are camping or boondocking or even just living in your RV for a weekend, you need your fridge to work at top levels all the time. Food is not cheap anymore and having it get spoiled by a malfunctioning

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Is The 8.3 Cummins a Good Engine? (Review, Oil Capacity, HPs)

The thing about motors is that when under heavy loads and lots of stress they tend to break down. Advancing technology has given motor makers advanced tools to overcome those problems and keep their motors

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Norcold Codes: How to Fix Norcold RV Refrigerator No FL Code

One of the drawbacks of technological upgrades is that you have to keep learning. With Norcold fridges and other mechanical items, you need to learn what error codes mean as well as how to solve those

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Norcold and Dometic RV Refrigerator Reset (How to Guide)

Whether it is a power surge or some other issue, there will be times that your RV’s fridge will need resetting. It doesn’t matter the brand, it will happen at some point in time. Knowing how to reset

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RV Engine Swap: How Much To Replace RV Engine (Helpful Tips)

The heart of the RV is the engine. Without it, you do no move and nothing else will work. That is why you need to take care of how you treat the motor in your RV. The better the treatment the longer it

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Who Makes Winnebago Engines? (What Engine Is In a Winnebago)

The brand doesn't say it all. In today’s world, the brand name on the product doesn't always say who made the individual components. While you may think you are getting an engine made by Winnebago, the

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Ford V10 Oil Capacity: How Much Oil Does a Ford V10 Take?

Engines perform better when they are given the right amount of oil. They also last a lot longer as all the parts receive the right amount of lubrication. When you want to have great performance make sure

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Forest River RV Reviews: Are Forest River RVs Any Good?

When it comes to any review, you need to take the positive and the negative with a grain of salt. Not every reviewer will tell the truth and depending on their motivation and their experience, you are

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RV Engines List: (What is The Best Engine for a Motorhome?)

All brands produce good engines. Not every model is great and not every model will work for a motorhome but all engine builders do have top motors that will work in motorhomes and RVs. You just have to

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Is Ford 460 a Good Engine? (Years, Value, Mpg, Weigh, Oil)

The RV is as good as its engine. That goes without saying. If you have a lesser engine in your RV the performance you get will not be as good as it could be. You want an engine that can move the weight

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Does Walmart Take Used Oil? (Used Motor Oil Disposal Recycle)

Don’t listen to the rumors. When you hear someone say that Walmart recycles old oil, it does not mean that they reuse the old oil in other people’s cars. That is a myth of gigantic proportions. What

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Is The Maxxforce 7 Diesel Engine a Piece of Junk? (Problems)

Not everything engineers make is golden or will pass the consumer test. What some people think is a good idea or a great upgrade, just doesn’t work out that way. All you have to do is look at Microsoft

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The Dodge F40 Sportsman RV (Finding Dodge F40 Parts)

There was a time when the Dodge or Chrysler motor company made RVs. This was done over 40 years ago and some of these units are still on the road today. When looking at the pillar plate, you may be confused

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Fixing Onan Generator Fault Code 33 (What Does It Mean?)

Blink and pause. It is a simple way to communicate with the owner of the generator. But the message will not be received if the owner does not understand the blink and pause system. Also, the message won’t

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Green Engine Light on Freightliner (What Does That Mean?)

Symbols are shorthand for many warnings and instructions. Modern vehicles come with so many symbols that a driver needs a college course to learn what they all mean. Rigs are no different and when the

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Atwood Water Heater Will Not Stay Lit or Won’t Light (Fix It)

Being in hot water is only good if you are taking a bath or a shower. Also, hot water is good for cooking and making your favorite beverage. Other than that being in hot water is not a good thing. Having

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