EGC2 vs GC2: What Is The Difference Between EGC2 and GC2?

The more things change. The more they stay the same. For most people, a battery is a battery no matter how many letters are placed on the label. For others, all that matters is the price, not the lettering. You can get some good deals if you look hard enough.

What is the difference between EGC2 and GC2? The biggest difference will be the price. The GC2 is usually priced lower than the EGC2. Then the GC2 has 215ah and the EGC2 has about 230 ah. The starting power may be a bit different.

To learn more about the differences between these two batteries just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to make sure you get the right battery for your golf cart Both are batteries made for golf carts.

EGC2 vs GC2 Comparison Chart

Category GC2 EGC2
20 Amp hours 225 230
5 Amp Hours 157 174
Reserve Capacity 447 448
Volts 6 6
Deep Cycle Yes Yes
Top Post Yes Yes
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Extreme Cycle Yes No
Weight 60.5 pounds 64 pounds

What Does GC2 Mean on a Battery?


The letters GC simply stand for golf cart. Some people use the words golf car even though the cart is not a car. these are 6-volt batteries. The 2 in the GC2 could stand for just about anything. It is a number that may only be explained by the manufacturer.

These are batteries built for specific electric motors that do not need a lot of power. If the GC2 is a deep cycle battery, you should not have any trouble starting your golf cart. These batteries have built-in protections using heavier plates.

They are made for long slow discharges and often are found in a marine craft for trolling, etc.

What is the difference between EGC2 and GC2?

The biggest differences will be in amp-hours. The EGC2 will have longer amp hours as well as longer reserve capacity. Although that difference between the reserve capacities is very slight.

Then the EGC2 weighs more than the GC2 which provides it with the extra power. The heavier the battery the more power you get. Plus, you get better reserve power when you need a good boost.

Then because the EGC2 is heavier, has more power and so on, it will cost more than the GC2. The price difference will depend on where you shop. Each retailer has its own price, discounts, and sales, and shopping around is the best thing to do in this situation.

Duracell EGC2 vs GC2


The difference between these two batteries is minimal. They will be the same as all other battery brands selling these two types of units. The only difference is going to be the name on the label.

With most batteries in America, they are made by one of 6 battery-making companies. All that is changed is the brand label but when you buy one type of battery under one brand name, you are getting the same battery that is listed under another brand name.

Duracells will have the same difference in amp-hours, weight, and reserve capacities as listed above in the comparison chart. because the plates are longer in the EGC2 you get additional starting power.

Energizer EGC2 Battery

There is not much difference in this brand of EGC2 battery. The key to finding the right battery for your golf cart is to look at the other words or letters on the label. For the Energizer ZEGC2, you want to see the words group 27 or something like 27DP.

The DP stands for dual purpose but if you need a true deep cycle battery, the Energizer should say 27DC. The power in the EGC2 should be equivalent to any other EGC2 battery you find under other brands.

The EGC2 doesn't tell you much about the performance of the battery. That will come through those other numbers and letters. Then the price will indicate longevity. The Energizer is cheaper than say the Trojan but it won’t last as long.

This will hold true even when you are comparing batteries under the same brand name. The lower the price, the lower the lifespan.

Duracell EGC2 Battery Specs


The amp-hour rate (20) is listed as 230 while the amp-hour (5) is listed at 174. Then the amp-hour (6) is given at 178. Then the minutes at the 25 amp mark are listed at 448 while the 75 amp mark is listed as 120.

Those are the basic specs. When we looked at the overall spec sheets for Duracell batteries, no EGC2 options were listed. These sheets were very detailed and included 12, 8, and 6-volt batteries.

There are some GC batteries listed but not the ones with a 2 on the label. You can double-check those lists at this link. All Duracell batteries are made by East Penn Manufacturing company and their datasheets say that the information can change at any time.

Duracell GC2 Amp Hour Rating

The number in the GC2 tells you that you are going to get more power from the battery than if you bought a plain old GC battery. The amp hours are 225 at 20 and it will be hard to improve on that performance.

For the 5 amp hours, you will get about 157 which is not very much. The reserve capacity will be at about 447 but there may be some different totals depending upon the group the battery falls under.

That is the important piece of information. Batteries come in different group sizes and they all seem to have their own set of specs. Then you have to be careful as the batteries are not tested at the same level. Most GC2 batteries are tested at the 75 amp level to measure reserve capacity.

All other models may only be tested at the 25 amp level.

Duracell EGC2 vs GC2 Dimensions


One version of the GC2 measures in at 10 1/4 by 7 by 9 1/2 inches approx. and it weighs just over 60 pounds. The EGC2 will be a bit taller and you may have trouble fitting it into the battery slot on your golf cart.

Some golf cart owners have compared sizes and found that their battery slots do not accommodate the EGC2 batteries very well. Putting 4 together is next to impossible on some models.

Some EGC2 batteries can reach almost 11 inches in height which makes them about 1 1/2 inches taller than a regular GC2 battery. Measure your current batteries to make sure you can find the right size when you need to replace them.

Sams Club GC2 Battery

There is one listed at this Sam’s Club link but it does not advertise the price. Plus, the spec sheet is not very thorough so you may have to talk to the people at the store to get your questions answered.

There is a 1-year warranty that allows you to return your battery if anything is defective. The price for this battery has been reported at under $100 but that was quoted several years ago.

Also, this battery is supposed to give you top deep cycle performance. All the terminals are placed at the top of the battery for your convenience. Plus, it can be used for applications other than in your golf cart.

Just remember that a core charge will probably apply but usually, you can bring in any old battery to avoid that charge.

Who Makes Duracell GC2 Batteries?


There are very few battery makers left in America. The last count was about 6 but that may have changed since then. The maker of the Duracell brand is East Penn. While this company does not own Duracell, they have entered into a long-term contract to make their batteries.

Berkshire Hathaway bought the company from Procter & Gamble in 2014 but the deal wasn’t completed until 2016. it is interesting to note that the brand name Duracell did not appear until 1964 but the brand of battery they sold was called Mallory up until 1980.

The company actually got started in the mid-1920s but due to different challenges, those changes were not made sooner. Before Procter & Gamble owned the company, Duracell was owned by Gillette of shaving fame.

Some Final Words

The type of battery you buy does make a difference. The keys are to watch out for the group number and the different letters that are placed on the labels. Most batteries are the same though despite having a different brand name attached to the product.

The differences you will find will be minimal since all the batteries are made under a contract and not made by individual companies. The heavier the battery, the better performance you should get even if you are paying a little bit more in price.

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