EverStart Plus vs Maxx: Is EverStart a Good Battery?

You may see a lot of battery brands on sale at your favorite retail outlet but did you know there are only about 3 battery manufacturers in America making almost all of them? That is the way it is these days. Finding a good battery won’t take long no matter the brand.

Is EverStart a good battery? EverStart is a very good brand to buy. It is made by Johnson Controls specifically for Walmart stores. Johnson Controls is one of the three top battery makers in the nation. Plus, the batteries should last between 3 to 5 years.

To learn more about EverStart batteries just continue to read our article. The information it contains will help you make a very smart battery purchase. Sometimes, there are good things to be found at Walmart.

Are EverStart Batteries Any Good?


If you set aside the few negative reviews that describe individual problems with the brand, then you have a pretty good economy battery on your hands. Since these batteries are specifically made for Walmart do not expect the quality to be there.

Similar batteries made for other companies will be made according to the brand’s specs and Walmart’s main spec is low pricing. That means you may get a better battery at another outlet, but you are going to pay for that upgrade in quality.

With that said, though, the EverStart series of batteries are said to last between 3 to 5 years and possibly longer. The longevity you get will depend on how you treat your battery and so on. Plus, with the Walmart warranty, you are not losing any money if the battery fails before the expiration of the warranty.

What Company Makes EverStart Batteries?

The EverStart battery brand is sold by Walmart. However, Walmart is a retailer, not a manufacturer thus it doesn't make its own batteries. It gets Johnson Controls to make their brand of battery which is not a bad thing.

Johnson Controls is supposed to be one of the best battery manufacturers in the nation and is one of the three main battery makers in the country. The company started in 1885 in Milwaukee, WI, and in the past 140 years approx., it has expanded around the world and employs over 170,000 people.

Its annual revenue totals are roughly 42 billion dollars, with most of that money coming through car battery sales. Their other products include vehicle electronics and interior systems.

The original name for Johnson Controls was Johnson Electric Service Company which was changed some years later as the company expanded its operations.

Where are EverStart Batteries Made?


For the most part, Johnson Controls makes its batteries in America. They have a strong American presence but that country is not the only nation where this company produces its batteries.

The other countries where this company manufactures the majority of its batteries are Canada and South Korea. Those are the other two that are named but Johnson Controls are supposed to have manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Most likely, if you buy in America, the battery should be made in America but check the stickers to make sure. Sometimes the components are made elsewhere and then shipped to the American plants for final assembly.

Every EverStart battery is sent to Walmart stores around the world. That brand of battery is made exclusively for that giant retailer. You may find Walmart selling another brand of battery or two but EverStart is one of their main battery options.

Can you Buy EverStart Batteries?

If you are an individual in need of a battery then the answer is yes you can. This battery is not shipped to wholesalers who then sell to dealers or auto parts stores. It is made solely for sale in Walmart stores and you should not see them in any other retailer or on their shelves.

In other words, you can buy an EverStart battery if you like going into Walmart stores and doing your shopping there. The different battery series are reasonably priced keeping in line with Walmart’s policy of having the cheapest prices around.

That pricing policy makes sure you can afford a new battery when your current one expires. With their generous warranty program, you can get a replacement battery for free even if the warranty expiration date is only a couple of months away.

Who Sells EverStart Batteries?


By now you should be aware that Walmart is the only retailer that sells this brand of battery. Johnson Controls makes good batteries and then relabels them to fit the needs of their clients.

For example, you may find a similar battery under a different brand name. The reason for that similarity is that Johnson Controls makes batteries for different retailers, auto parts stores, and other outlets.

They do not change the battery or its components, they just change the brand name label. This is standard practice in the manufacturing business. Companies have found out that it is cheaper and more effective to have one company make the products and relabel them than it is to make their own.

How Much is an EverStart Car Battery?

In checking Walmart’s battery page, the price you pay will depend on the battery series and group size. For example, the EverStart Maxx group sizes 24F and 78N are priced at $88 but the EverStart Maxx group size H6 is priced at $119.76

If you want to go a little cheaper, then the EverStart Value series starts at $54.88. The marine and RV 29DC is priced at $89.97 while two of the EverStart Plus series start at $79.87 and $99.84.

Just so you know, that web page is filled with over 30 different types of EverStart batteries. It would take a few minutes of your time to view each one and see which Group Size would meet your needs.

EverStart batteries are made for just about every electrical application you may have including sports, lawn and garden, lead, and AGM style of batteries. That means that Walmart has you covered with their wide selection.

Are EverStart Batteries Maintenance-free?

Are-EverStart-Batteries Maintenance-free

In the world of batteries, this brand is considered to be either low maintenance or maintenance-free. It will depend on how you use the battery and if it is defective or not.

The biggest maintenance task you would have to perform in the majority of situations is simply replacing the water, returning it to normal levels. other than that, you should not have to do any maintenance work like replacing any acid, or other components.

These batteries are designed to last 3 to 5 years and their components should last that long. That is without you having to do a lot of work on the battery during that period. You should be able to get in your car, turn the key and have the engine fire up.

That is the ideal and normal situation for most people. However, if you leave the lights on, have a short, or there is a malfunction somewhere, do not expect the battery to perform as expected.

How does EverStart Battery Warranty Work?

It is a very simple warranty policy. If the battery malfunctions or is defective through no action on your part, you get up to 3 years to return the battery and get a replacement.

However, you do not get an additional 3 year years of coverage. The warranty will be prorated. What that means is that if you return the battery at 2 years 6 months, you should only get a 6-month warranty.

Some people have said that the warranty will be for 5 years but the majority of EverStart batteries are only given 2 and 3-year warranties. Also, you should be aware that while the replacement is free, you may still have to pay state and federal taxes on the exchange.

There may also be a core battery charge but that is only applied when you make a new purchase and do not bring in your old battery. Walmart is generous here as they will allow you to bring in your old battery at a later date and refund that core charge.

How Long does an EverStart Battery Last?


The longevity of the battery will depend on how you treat it. Generally, the battery is designed to last between 3 and 5 years. You get a 3-year warranty for most group sizes so no matter what happens, you know you are covered for defects and other problems during that term.

To help the battery last longer, the following tips should give you a hand:

1. keep the charge level as high as possible

2. Clean the surface regularly and do not forget to refill the water level if you can

(sealed batteries do not give you this option)

3. Watch the alternating voltage levels coming from your car. This could damage your battery if you are not careful

4. Keep the battery away from extreme temperatures. This is not always easy to do if you have to drive during those peak months where temperatures get extremely high or equally low.

EverStart Plus vs Maxx

Both batteries are made by Johnson Controls but they do have their differences. It also depends on the group size and other factors as to how much power they have and so on.

For example, the EverStart Plus Group Size 35 comes with 525 CCA, a 2-year warranty, and reliable starting power. It also works in a variety of vehicles. In comparison to the EverStart Maxx Group Size, this model has 600 CCA, a 3-year warranty, and maximum starting power.

Both are good batteries but the Maxx series is probably more powerful and protected longer than the Plus series. But that may not always be the case as some Maxx batteries have only 500 CCA while a Plus model has over 600.

The power and starting capability will depend on the group size of the battery. Cost-wise, the Plus series looks to be the cheaper of the two series. So it will depend on how much you want to pay.

EverStart vs Duralast


This is one of those comparisons where the two opponents being compared are made by the same company. Johnson Controls makes both the EverStart and the Duralast brands and both battery brands will receive Johnson Controls' top standards.

In terms of specs, the Duralast is more powerful as it is rated at 700 CCA compared to a 600 CCA in some EverStart battery models. Plus, the Duralast may have 120 minutes of reserve power compared to 80 minutes for its competitor.

Then the Duralast usually has a longer warranty period. The length of the difference is generally 1 year. The size of the batteries in the same group size is the same but the Duralast is usually heavier which is a sign of a top-quality battery.

The final category which is also the most influential is cost. Since the Duralast is a superior battery it will cost you a lot more. Sometimes up to $100 more.

EverStart vs Duracell Car Battery

Duracell is owned and operated by Berkshire Hathaway, but whether it still makes its own batteries remains to be seen. Whether this brand is better than EverStart depends on the level of battery and group size you will buy.

However, Duracell is not making great car batteries at this time as there are problems with the warranty coverage, longevity of the battery (usually has a short lifespan), and failure to work properly.

Those problems depend on which type of battery you buy from Duracell. One of the positive aspects of this brand is that it does handle weather changes very well. The undermining factor is the short lifespan listed for most of its car battery models.

Duracell probably makes outstanding smaller batteries for radios, and other electronic devices but EverStart is the superior brand in this comparison.

EverStart vs Interstate


Even those these brands are also made by different companies, they have similar specs if you compare the same group size. For example, the group size 65 has the interstate model at 770 CCA while the EverStart is rated at 750.

The reserve capacity also goes to the Interstate model but also not by much. The Interstate has a reserve of 130 minutes while the EverStart has 100 minutes. The warranty coverage is also 1 year more than the EverStart model as you get two years for the Interstate and only 1 for the EverStart.

In size and weight, the Interstate option is larger and heavier than the EverStart. The weight difference is also slight beating its opponent by about 5 pounds. Cost-wise, the two batteries are also comparable and your price will depend on where you buy the batteries at.

EverStart vs Autocraft

The Autocraft battery was made exclusively for Advanced Auto Parts stores. Just like EverStart, Advance wanted their own battery brand and they contracted with Johnson Controls to make their battery.

The bad news is that Advanced has discontinued this line of batteries and that took place in 2020. All but one of the battery options sold under this brand name were flooded lead celled types.

They did come with some great cranking power and the main concern was that the battery was too expensive for the quality. The gold version seems to have come with 710 CCA with a 120-minute reserve capacity.

Another complaint filed against this brand was the low-quality warranty. It seems it was not very good. With these facts in mind, the high CCA and reserve power do not make up for the many problems that come with buying this brand of battery. There was a 3-year replacement guarantee.

EverStart vs Champion battery


This is another brand that contracts with Johnson Controls to make their type of battery. The quality of the battery is suspect as there are complaints about corroding terminals, etc.

The prices between the two brands are comparable and some group sizes not found in the EverStart family will be present in the Pep Boys version. Also, the Champion brand does come with a 4-year warranty which is fairly attractive to many battery buyers.

The reputation of the Champion brand is not that high and some people think the battery is made in Johnson’s Mexico plant under less strict quality control rules. The CCA is in the 700 range and the reserve capacity reaches 120 which is comparable to many EverStart batteries.

Some Final Words

Even if you do not like Walmart, their EverStart batteries seem to be a good product to use in your car. Their generous return policy and lower price certainly make up for the lower warranty term.

Plus, the battery is made by one of the top battery makers in the world. You could do a lot worse.

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