The 1998-2000 Coachmen Starflyte Review (Floorplan)

Old is not always bad. While technology always seems to be improving on RV designs and components, sometimes older RVs have the quality, the craftsmanship, and the style. Buying new gets you the upgrades but buying old can get you durability, sturdiness, and top construction.

This version of the Class C RV does come with a lot of good reviews and good points. Thicker fiberglass siding, real wood cabinets, and larger holding tanks are just a few of the components that helped give this vehicle a good rep. The downside was the cramped bathroom.

To learn more about the Coachman Starflyte RV just continue to read our article. Old is not dead. These older RVs can still perform up to and sometimes better than the newer models. You just have to test drive them to see the difference.

1998 Coachmen Starflyte Reviews


It is impossible to find everyone saying good things about this model of RV. If you do, that would be your first red flag and you should become warier about the quality of the product.

However, the reviews have been more on the positive side for this model year. many owners have been impressed by the way it drives, the quality of construction. Other owners liked the fact that it came on either Ford or a Chevy chassis and the former brought the Ford V10 motor with it.

The drawbacks or negative reviews of this RV dealt with the receiver hitch as it was not able to tow a lot of heavyweights. Then the lack of a shower and a small bathroom were also part of the complaints that were registered.

Other people have praised the Starfllytes driving ability and have said with good maintenance you really can’t beat this Class of RV. The fuel mileage was rated excellent as once one model had a few parts replaced, it got 12 1/2 mpg.

Part of the negative reviews was how the manufacturer handled the marketing. It was not done very well and the Starflyte name was used on different vehicles. That confused many possible buyers as they were not sure what vehicle was being referred to.

The final positive review has to do with the space. Many people liked the roominess of this particular model. It is only a couple of feet longer than the Class B RV but it feels like there is a lot more room inside.

Who Makes Coachmen Starflyte?


It seems that Dynamax RV was the company behind the Starflyte Class C motorhome. It is not sure if that company was an independent company at the time or if it was a division of Forest River RV manufacturing company.

Today, Dynamax is a division of Forest River and the company has moved into the luxury level of RVs. Its modern class C vehicles are very expensive and look nothing like the old Class C models they produced 20+ years ago.

Even with the change of ownership, the company still pays attention to detail. They make sure their RVs are well constructed using the best components and so on. This is evident by the top-quality cabinets the 1998 to 2000 Starflyte RV had inside of them.

Their state-of-the-art facilities help the company continue to produce quality RVs that will be worth the money you will pay for them. The cheapest model is the Isata 3 which runs about $170,000. It is the one new model that looks similar to the old Coachman Starflyte.

1998 Coachmen Starflyte Floorplan


The floor plan was fairly basic for most of these models. The unfortunate placement of the toilet and bathroom had that room right next to the master bed. The bathroom was a bit cramped as it had little maneuvering room once you were inside.

A sliding door gave you a little privacy when someone wanted to use the sink at the same time. The kitchenette was also a bit compact as there was one cabinet holding the cooker, fridge, and utensil drawers. The microwave was about the storage closet across from the kitchenette.

There seems to have been a lot of storage inside. Most of the cabinets were up above next to the ceiling. This freed up a lot of floor space. The 21-foot option only provided 2 extra feet of length but that 2 extra feet help free up more space and make the floor plan seem bigger than it really was.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer could not find a new location for the toilet as it sits next to the master bed in this version as well.

Finding a Coachmen Starflyte for Sale on Craigslist


This is possible to do but the search may get a bit tedious. Craigslist seems to advertise city by city and state by state and you would have to make all your parameters known before clicking that search button.

Plus, using Craigslist can get frustrating as you have to be very specific in the region and city you want to look at. The home page has different cities listed by their state but you cannot make a general state search. it is city by city and if you do not have the time you might give up.

Then to get to any search parameters, you need to click on a specific city to get started. This is not the best way to look for a good used RV and there are better ways to conduct your search.

Instead of using Craigslist, it might be better to put the terms 1998 Coachman Starflyte into your browser’s search box and conduct your search that way.

While Craigslist serves a purpose, it is not the most reliable or convenient way to search for an RV. Then talking to a dealer will provide you with faster and better leads. Craigslist is okay to use but it is not the best option you have available.

2000 Coachmen Starflyte


This was an end to an era. it turns out that Coachman was the original maker of this Class B or C RV and produced the vehicle between 1997 to 2000. At the end of that last year, Coachman sold the molds and the plans to Dynamax.

This is important as the Coachman version was built on a Ford chassis and came with a top-quality Ford motor. The 2000 may have had the Triton 5.4 L V8 or that engine may have only been used in the 1998 model.

Inside you could sleep only 3 people, and there was a wet bath next to the master bed. A 2 burner cooker helped you prepare the meals while the built-in air conditioner kept everyone cool.

Another difference between the two manufacturers is that Coachman made their RV a Class B while Dynamax made theirs in two classes. Both the C and the B which may confuse some people.

The best thing about this model was the fuel mileage. Some people have stated getting up to 18 mpg while others report as low as 10 mpg. The results you get will vary. Another good feature was the tow rating. It could handle towing another vehicle up to about 5,000 pounds.

The Starflyte Pros and Cons


This list really depends on who you talk to. Some people are impressed by this rig while others can’t seem to get away from it fast enough. Your experience will depend on the type of model you bought and how it was maintained.


  • Fixes up nice- replace a few parts and it drives like a dream.
  • Possibility of high gas mileage- depends on the motor under the hood.
  • Good interior components- in some model the cabinets and other components were top-notch.
  • Good floor plans- even with the bad location for the toilet, it still had a very organized floor plan that made RV living simple and easy.
  • Lots of storage space.


  • Leaks everywhere- some people have reported water leaking from the sower, holding tanks, and windows.
  • Lack everywhere- some people have reported water leaking from the shower, holding tanks, and windows.
  • Bad electrical wiring- it seems many of the electrical devices did not work in some models. This included their slide- outs and stabilizers.

Some Final Words

Seeing is believing. You should check out the 1998 to 2000 Coachman Starflyte RV yourself and make your own decision. Not everyone has had a good experience but those bad ones do not take away from all the good aspects that come with this RV Class.

If you want a Coachman then you have to buy a model built before 2001. Anything more recent is a Dynamax RV.

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