Finding RV Tire Installation Near Me (Does Walmart install It?)

You know what tire brands to buy. Now you need to know where to get them installed and put on your RV. While this may seem a daunting task, it is as easy as buying the right tire brands. The key will be if the tire company knows how to properly jack up a travel trailer or RV.

Does Walmart install RV tires? Yes, Walmart will install the tires you purchased from them on your RV. Depending on the ever-changing store policies, you may be able to buy your own and then bring them to Walmart to have them installed.

This will cut your expenses and your search down.

To learn more about finding the right tire installation service, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about in order to make tire changes more convenient and easier to do.

How to Find RV Tire Installation Near Me


There is no such thing as a stupid question regarding RVs, travel trailers, and pop-ups. Some people are on their first RV, no matter the class, and they need to know the answers to their questions even if you have answered the question a dozen times already.

Finding a place to change your old tires for your new ones is not going to be that hard. Any local, regional or national tire chain can and will do it for you. They will charge you a fee for their labor unless you buy your tires from them. That is understandable.

Discount Tire is one example, and the only thing you have to worry about is if they know how to jack up your RV correctly or not. Because RVs and travel trailers are oversized, do not expect them to put them on their lifts.

Also, make sure you have the correct tires when you order or buy them at the tire shop. For travel trailers and other trailers, the tires need to say ST on them. Once you get your tires, take some time to filter out the many tire place options in your city.

Does Walmart Install RV Tires?


Yes, Walmart installs RV tires, but you have to talk to the tire outlet at those centers that sell tires. The Walmart store policies can change on you, and there was a time where you could buy your own tires, and they would gladly replace them on your RV for you.

However, there are a couple or several issues that may have you reconsider using Walmart as your tire-changing source. Or even the place to buy your RV tires. These are on top of the store policy issue.

One, quality service varies between stores. While you may get great tire changing service and a very friendly manager at one location, do not count on being treated the same at other Walmart outlets.

Then, if you buy your tires at Walmart, the tire quality may not be that good. You should check the tire or printed information first and see if they say ‘made for Walmart’ on them. If they do, try to buy a better brand of tire than the Walmart specials.

Use your judgment when it comes to Walmart. Their prices are an example of ‘you get what you pay for’.

Does Discount Tire Sell RV Tires?


This company is in the tire business, so it stands to reason that they will have the right ones for your trailer or RV. One drawback will be that the cost of those trailer tires will be a lot more expensive than for a regular car.

There is another drawback to using Discount Tire as your place to go for tire installation. Some outlets are less than ethical, according to the reports we have read, and will charge you for work they do not do.

Some owners had found a tire balancing charge on their bill when no tire balancing was done. However, when it was called to their attention, the manager made amends and balanced the tires.

The moral of these stories is that even with tire specialists and national chains, you have to watch the local outlets. Mistakes do happen, and some over-enthusiastic tire sales associate may try to convince you to buy four new tires even though your old ones only had a few thousand miles on them.

Just do not go blindly into a store and think you are going to be treated right. Check your receipts before you leave and make sure you got what you paid for.

How Much Does it Cost to Install RV Tires?


This will depend. Some outlets would install the tires for free if they sold you the tires. But this business model may be changing as those same outlets may charge you a small fee for the service. The actual cost is up to each independent outlet.

However, the cost for installing tires varies between RV classes. Class A, B, and C costs range between $200 and $350+ each, depending on the class. The Class A tires will be the more expensive ones to install.

For trailer tires, you are looking at paying around $100 to $200 each but again, the cost will depend on the size of the trailer and the attitude of the tire shop. One owner found that moving the tires from the old wheels to his new ones cost him only $60.

No word if that was each or for all tires. This fee wheel changes if you buy your wheels at the shop doing the switching. No one price fits every RV since all tire shops differ and look at the work involved differently.

Sometimes a national chain is not the best place to go, even if it is familiar. Look around as some local shops may do a better job at a lower price.

Motorhome Tires Installed


For those people who do not know where to go to get new tires or have them installed, there may be some help available on the internet for them. This link will take you to a website that helps you find the installer nearest you. They also will help you buy new tires as well.

You could go through the many RV accessory dealers, etc., but the rumor has it, you will pay a lot more for tire installation at those locations than anywhere else. Also, you should be aware that tires for trailers are a lot smaller than the tires needed for your drivable RV or motorhome.

That is something you have to take into consideration. But the good news is that many tire outlets will service your motorhome anywhere in the country. A good internet search will lead you to many reputable ones, and you should have a little peace of mind once the task is done.

When you are not sure about tires and tire replacement on your motorhome, here are four guidelines to help you:

  • Talk to a professional tire outlet first. They have the knowledge you need to learn in order to get the right tires for your motorhome.
  • Age matters - if your tires have been on your motorhome for a long time, even if it sits, you should replace them.
  • Size matters as well - make sure to get the right size tire on your motorhome. Those letters and numbers on the side of your tire are important.
  • Do comparison shopping - make sure you look around first to get the best tires and the best tire price, including installation.

Dually/RV Tire Install Package


There is a lot of good news today when it comes to tires. There are many tire outlets, including Sam’s Club, that sell tires in packages for dually RVs. the key to finding the best package for you is to use your computer, type in the subtitle from here and then go through the different results.

The installation cost at Sam’s Club is said to be $20 per tire, and that price is for duallys and motor homes. Check with other national chains and see their costs as there are a few offering excellent packages.

There may be some offers on air pressure checks on duallys included. At least one tire outlet mentioned this deal as well. Do some comparison shopping to see which package will fit your budget the best.

Some Final Words

When finding a tire outlet to change and install your RV tires, you are in luck. Just about any one of them will do the job for you at the right price. You just have to find one you can trust that jacks up the RV correctly and charges the best price. Once the task is over, you can enjoy your trip.

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