Real Street Address: Can You Use a UPS Box as a Legal Address?

With the number of con artists and other nefarious characters out there hiding your real home street address becomes a necessity. It is also not that difficult to do. All you have to do is apply for one of the many post office boxes offered by the USPS or other companies

Can you use a UPS box as a legal address? It seems that it is legal to do so. Many people are expressing their ability to get driver’s licenses and other key documents in their UPS address. One of the places that may not accept the UPS address may be a bank but that is up to individual policies, not laws.

To learn more about this issue just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about if you want to add a layer of protection to your lifestyle. One word of caution, check with a lawyer to find out if any state or federal laws are prohibiting this address use.

UPS Real Street Address PO Box


Those UPS stores that offer their post office box service provide you with a real street address. It is not simply listed as p.o. box, state, and zip code. You will have an actual street address including the box number.

There is a catch to obtaining one of these. You should have proper i.d. and a legitimate street address in the state you want to open up a UPS p.o. box address. Since there is no such thing as a free lunch, you can expect to pay a fee for UPS’ services.

Those fees probably have changed over the years but they can be around $54 for 3 months, $78 for 6 months, and $144 for one year. You would have to check your local UPS office to see what their current rates are.

Also, bigger cities with more demand may have higher rates than those offices in smaller cities with less demand.

Is a UPS Box Considered a Physical Address?

If it was just the box number, then no, it probably would not be considered a physical address. That box number would just be considered a mail drop and you may not be able to use it on any legal documents.

However, since UPS provides a legal and actual street address along with the box number, then it is usually considered a physical address. This status would also depend on any laws regulating these mail services as well as company policies.

Some companies have policies that disallow any box number from being used when signing up for different services. One bank is known to have the software to identify the exact location of any address.

When they find out that your address is a commercial property they cancel your application for any financial service they provide. You would have to read the fine print on any application form you are filling out to see if your UPS address will be accepted or not.

Each company has its own policies on this issue.

UPS Store Address For Driver's License


This is a tricky issue as it can be murky waters due to the different regulations each state has. Some people have used their UPS PO box address as their permanent resident address and seem to not have any trouble. At least none has made the news.

Before we give you the best answer to this question, we will tell you to check with your state to see if it is okay or not to use this address option. If you have the state’s permission, then you should be fine.

With that said though, most states require that to have a driver’s license and an address on it, you need to maintain a physical presence at that location. If you do not maintain a physical presence at the store, then you are not allowed to use it as your driver’s license address.

However, as you have just read, many people seem to be able to get away with using a UPS PO box address for their driver’s licenses and other official documents.

Can You Use a UPS Store as a Home Address?

This too can be a tricky issue as some people have done this and have not had any problems. But that lack of difficulty doesn't mean that it is legal or right. A lot depends on the agencies involved and who require a home address for their records.

Generally, the answer is usually ‘no’ for most government agencies and financial institutions. One reason for this is that their applications require some sort of proof of local residency. That proof is usually a lease or utility bill or both.

Then different financial agencies may allow it, some that don’t, and still, others that will offer you reduced services if you do use the UPS address as your home address.

You will have to go company by company and agency by agency to find out what they will or will not accept as your home address. State laws play a big role in this issue and you should be aware of what your state says to make sure you can use this option.

Can I Use a UPS Box For a Business Address?


UPS doesn't have a problem with this. They want your business and made it very easy for you to get one of their mailboxes for your business. They also accept any delivery for you no matter the company or person making the delivery.

The good news is that a business address has different rules than a residential address. Business addresses can be PO Box numbers even at your post office. The one legality you will encounter is if you are using that address as an address for your registered agent.

If so, then you can’t use it. If it is your actual business address then it seems that it is legal to do so. But again, check with a lawyer or the office of the secretary of state for your home state to get all the information you need.

That office would be the last word on this issue and you should get their information before making any decisions or taking any action. Do not just take someone’s word for it either in person or on the internet.

How To Get a UPS Address


This is not a difficult process to do. The first step is to contact the UPS office that is closest to your location or region you want to have an address. Also, you will be asked to pick a box size and you may be limited on that selection due to availability.

After doing those two things, you will need 2 pieces of i.d., one has to be photo i.d. The exact process is up to the individual The UPS store. The reason that is so is that each store is individually owned and operated.

Policies will vary, as well the availability of box sizes, number of boxes, and prices. What this means is that your agreement is between that specific UPS store and not UPS in general.

If you have more questions you need answered before making this decision, just click here. That link will take you to the FAQ page of The UPS Store. Keep in mind, the answers refer you back to the local store.

How To Write a UPS Box Address (UPS Box Address Example)


This example comes from that link and shows you how to write your new address when you need to use it for different purposes:

Joe Smith


12345 Somewhere Street

Some City, Some State ZIP

The letters PMB stand for a private mailbox or in some cases, as you can see on the address example, just the # sign will be used. Which one you use will be up to the individual UPS store owner.

The convenience you get with this address option is quite good. You can receive mail from any carrier you want to use and then the store will contact you through text messaging that you received mail.

Also, you can get a mail forwarding service as well as let other people pick up your mail.

Some Final Words

It must be said that when you are dealing with legal documents that you get good legal advice. Do not take any internet user’s word for any legal matter even if they identify as a lawyer. They may not be.

Double-check any legal use of the UPS store address with a lawyer to avoid getting yourself in trouble. Just because other people get away with it doesn’t mean you will. Always cover your rear end and be safe.

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