Where to Get Free Milk Crates (5 Places Worth Trying)

Everyone wants something for nothing. While it is nice to get something for nothing from time to time, it is not a good way to run a business. If everything was free, no one would have money to pay their employees. Even something as trivial as a milk crate can be costly to manufacture and be a heavy expense on a business.

You may be in for a surprise. The milk crates on supermarket loading docks are not there for the taking. They are not unwanted nor are they free. But there are at least 5 places where you can go to get free milk crates but only if the places give permission.

To learn more about this topic and avoid the possible $300 fine just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know before you start loading your trunk or pick-up truck when no one is looking. Take a few minutes to protect yourself and your family.

Where Can I Get Milk Crates Free?

Generally, there are no places you can get free milk crates without talking to the store or business owner, or manager. Every store, etc., that uses milk crates must make an account of these items to the many dairies that supply them.

The penalty for taking them without permission can be $300 or 30 days in jail. Of course, different states have different laws and fines. With this said you can still get free milk crates but you have to ask the people at the following outlets:

  • Grocery stores
  • Dairies
  • Food service companies and restaurants
  • Manufacturing plants and industrial businesses
  • Classified ads, friends or family

There is a company called Freecycle that seems to offer milk crates for free. You would have to look them up and see what they have to offer as it seems to be a company or website that lists different groups offering free items.

Unwanted Used Milk Crates for Free


If they are unwanted, you may have more options than the few we just listed. However, the rules still apply whether they are unwanted or not. You cannot simply go up to the store’s rear entrance and start packing your trunk or pick-up truck bed.

Even if they are unwanted, taking them without permission is still considered theft and you can get into a lot of trouble. The only way to get these milk crates for free is to go in the front door and speak to the person in charge.

If they do not want them, then chances are you can get them for free or at a nominal price. Do not get upset if the store owner asks for a small fee because they have to pay for the milk crates if anything happens to them.

The good news is that it is not illegal to own milk crates. You can have as many as you want on your property as long as you come by them in a legal manner. Just be nice, polite, and ask. All the owners can say is no as they may have already promised the crates to someone else.

Free Milk Crates Walmart


There is some good news and some bad news. If there are free milk crates at this box store, they will not be inside the retail outlet. They will be out back by the loading docks and stacked up neatly.

However, those crates may not be for free and you certainly cannot just drive up and take them. You would need to ask the people at Walmart if there are some unwanted crates available.

The good news is that the store has a variety of milk crates on sale inside the retail section. They come in different designs, sizes, colors, and prices. There are some on sale that will make you feel you got them for free, they are that cheap, and others that will make you feel like you have been robbed, they are that expensive.

However, you have a large selection to choose from and you should be able to go home satisfied that you found the right one at the right price. If you do not like Walmart, there is always Amazon. They have a nice selection to choose from as well.

Prices at Amazon seem to be a little bit higher than the ones found on Walmart’s website.

How to Get Rid of Milk Crates


This will be easier than finding a free milk crate in your neighborhood. You would become one of the 5 free milk crate options once you mention you want to get rid of yours.

One of the 5 best options is family and friends, so if you tell your friends or family members chances are you will have a lot of phone calls or a line of people from your door to the street looking for them. They will still be there after you get rid of them all.

Seriously, you can donate them to thrift stores, give them to friends, family members or run a classified ad. You can also put them up for sale cheap at a garage sale. There is no shortage of ways to get rid of these crates. As a last gasp desperation effort, you can always send them to the recycling center.

People are always looking for free milk crates, so you can help them out by getting the word to your neighbors and the newspapers.

Some Final Words

Milk crates come in handy and are good storage bins for RVs and trailers. The only problem is that most of the time they are not free. But if you follow the instructions above, you should be able to find some unwanted crates for free.

Just make sure to ask so that you do not get yourself in trouble. 90 days in jail is not fun.

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