Trojan vs Duracell Golf Cart Batteries Reviews: Any Good?

Duracell is a 100-year-old company that has been making batteries during that whole time. Then it is the first company that had a battery make it to the moon. That took place in 1969. Trojan is almost as old and developed the first deep cycle battery, so this may be a toss-up.

Both are good companies, and their longevity, as well as their track record, proves it. Both have made fine advances in the battery industry, making achievements along the way. The difference may come down to the warranties. Duracell is a 12 month, while Trojan has a 24-month warranty.

To learn more about these two battery companies and which one is better, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about in order to find the best battery for your golf cart needs. A few minutes of your time will help you get on the right track.

Who Makes Duracell Golf Cart Batteries?

Duracell is the company that makes the golf cart batteries that bear its name. This company started out as the P.R. Mallory Company, but at some point in time, it changed its name to Duracell.

The question of who makes it has a long trail as the company has been bought and sold many times since the 1970s. In the 60s, the P.R. Mallory Company changed its name to Duracell, and the company flourished.

In 2016, Berkshire Hathaway bought Duracell, and the company has remained under its ownership ever since. The company employees over 3,300 people around the world, and it has regional offices in Asia, America, and EMEA.

Over the years, this company has created a lot of firsts as they were the original company that invented and produced the AA and AAA alkaline batteries. They continue to be on the front lines of battery production and improvements.

Where are Duracell Golf Cart Batteries Made?


The Duracell website does not make any mention of where their manufacturing plants are located. The best information we could find so far is from 6 years ago. That means that the plants we will list here may have been shut down, and operations have changed, or they may not.

There are three current American locations in Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. Plus, there is supposed to be a plant in Belgium and one in China. There may be a plant in Japan as well, but they may not be producing golf cart batteries.

In the manufacturing business, these contracts can expire, and a new, more cost-effective one be engaged with a company that works a bit cheaper. It is hard to stay up on this end of the business as changes can be frequent or not.

In the end, it will be up to Berkshire Hathaway, where those batteries are made. But chances are they may be produced in China over the other plants. Then there may be a contract between East Penn and Duracell, as some people have said that is where some of the golf batteries originate.

How Long do Duracell Golf Cart Batteries Last?

There is no real exact year measurement that can be applied. The batteries can be made to last up to 10 years under ideal conditions. However, very few golf cart owners use their batteries in ideal conditions or maintain them under the same atmosphere.

With that said, these batteries can last anywhere between 3 and 10 years. The company may advertise them to be 10-year batteries, but that does not mean they will last that long. That is the potential lifespan of the batteries, and each owner’s treatment will make the difference.

If you overcharge the unit, then that cuts the lifetime of the battery, as does undercharging. Then the added features, for example, headlights, a horn, fog lights, upgraded motor, and speed, all play a role in shortening that lifespan.

Those golf carts with fewer features help the battery last a long time, while the more features you have will not guarantee you won’t be buying a new battery in 5 years. The weather may also influence how long the battery will last, so it is impossible to say exactly how long yours will.

Duracell Golf Cart Batteries Reviews


Some people say that the Trojan is the better battery and the Duracell is the better deal. That tells you that they think Trojan is making a better product than Duracell, but that is only their opinion.

Others state that the Duracell has enhanced durability, less need for recharging and watering, and has terminal corrosion protections in place. Then some do not like the fact that the Duracell golf cart battery is only available in 6 and 8-volt options.

Not everyone has a good experience with this brand. One reviewer did not even put Duracell on their top 7 list of best golf batteries. Others praise it, so this will be up to your judgment of how good you feel Duracell batteries are.

With the many purchases over the years, the company could have lost a step or two in its production and quality standards. In the end, you should go with the brand you prefer. Duracell is a lot cheaper than Trojan batteries, and they may be a good deal for a top-quality battery.

Duracell GC2 Battery Specs

The battery measures approx. 10 by 7 by 10 inches in size and comes with a 12-month warranty. Its 20 HR cap is 235, while the 5 HR cap is 188. These figures are for the HPCGX version of the GC2 battery. Other versions have different numbers next to their name.

The amp rate gives you 395 minutes or 6 1/2 hours of run time if you only run it at 25 amps. If you move up to 75 amps, you are given only 105 minutes or just over 1 hour of power.

The batteries only come in the 6, and 8-volt options, and the 6 volt has 3 electrolyte wells while the 8 volt has 4. There is supposed to be a Hermetic cover placed over the terminals to protect against any corrosion.

Inside those electrolyte wells, there is a special alloy used and a separator to help cut down on water consumption. With a simple twist and release vent cap system, refilling the battery with water is very quick and simple to do.

Are Duracell Golf Cart Batteries Any Good?


This is a rather subjective question as the final judgment depends on the experiences of those using this battery. We have not read anywhere that states these batteries are complete junk. They may not make one top 7 list, but that does not mean the battery is bad. It just means the competition is tough to beat.

One owner has reported that they have had no issues over the past two years they owned the batteries. Then someone recommended that buying a good battery monitor helps this brand stay in top shape for a long time.

Given the specs above, it is safe to say that Duracell does make good batteries. The people that have reported on their worthiness have not been very negative about them even if they use a different brand.

For the price, you are paying, and it is lower than Trojan and other brands, you are getting a good battery that will last if you treat it right. Sometimes you can buy a Duracell golf cart battery for under $100 and as much as $30 less than a Trojan.

Price does not always indicate quality. Having a good deal will help you pay for more rounds of golf and use that battery more.

Which Battery is Better, Interstate or Duracell?

This will depend on the features that you place the most importance on. The Interstate batteries come with a light indicator, letting you know how much power is left inside the battery. Duracell’s do not have this aid to make your life easier.

However, the Duracell batteries recharge faster than Interstate, and that may be due to their lower capacity. Then Duracell has been getting the reputation that the quality of their product is not consistent. Interstate seems not to have this problem, and their batteries all seem to be of the same quality.

Then there may be trouble with the warranty period with Interstate. One reviewer reported that the warranty period is only verbal, and there does not seem to be any real length to it if you get it in writing.

Duracell batteries come with at least a 1-year warranty, and it is in writing. But then some people buy the Interstate battery simply because they have a Costco card and not a Sam’s Club. Interstate seems to be the battery of choice for Costco, while Duracell is for Sam’s Club.

Trojan T-105 vs Duracell


When it comes to comparisons, you need to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. It is unfair to do it any other way. With that said, this may be a close match-up, but the Trojan model will lose out where it counts the most- at the cash register.

Duracells are not as expensive as the Trojan battery. This may be good news for those on a budget, but not so good news for those who like performance over costs. The Trojan has fast charge time, increased power, and enhanced durability. The same goes for Duracell batteries.

The negatives against the Trojan is that you may experience some gassing when it is in use. Then their 12-volt version does not fit in all golf carts. It is too big for them, and that can cause you some inconvenience.

The 6 and 8-volt Duracells are sure to fit in all golf carts, making powering them better. While the Duracells do have some acid in them, requiring them t remain upright at all times, the Trojans do not have that problem. But they do need constant refilling with water.

The last item that may tip the scales in favor of Duracell is that Trojan seems to have a slight problem with its customer service. It is not as good as Duracell’s.

Duracell Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

It is said that this company has made their batteries to be low maintenance. That means you do not have to refill the cells with water very often. The electrolytes used by this company are supposed to be ultra-pure in order to optimize water utilization better.

With the special alloy used by Duracell and the new separator materials, you do not use as much water as their older batteries may have used. The drawback to these batteries is that you can only use distilled water to fill the wells, and the charge may not last as long as other battery brands.

But the low cost of the batteries overshadows these drawbacks, and you still get a good battery for your golf outings. This is not to say that every Duracell golf cart battery is perfect. You may have had more trouble than they are worth.

This may be the case since Duracell’s reputation has not been as stellar as it once was. There are many complaints about this lack of consistency, and you may end up with a battery that needs lots of maintenance.

Nothing will be perfect, and this reputation proves it. You may get better consistency from other battery brands.

Duracell Golf Cart Battery Warranty


In one review, the reviewer clearly stated that the golf cart battery was protected by a one-year warranty only. We have seen other sources that say different Duracell batteries come with longer warranties. This may be possible when you buy the right Duracell battery.

However, on the Duracell warranty page, the company says there is a 2 to 5-year limited warranty protection. Also, the warranties are not transferable, so it becomes void once you sell your golf cart within the stated warranty period.

The company does put out a warning about re-sellers on Amazon. Most of them are not authorized dealers, so you are taking your chances when you buy from them. Do not expect the warranty to be valid when you do.

If you are not sure about a dealer you find on Amazon, the company says to contact them as soon as possible before making your purchase. Read the full page at that link to get all the warnings and information about warranties as well as unauthorized sellers.

Take the proper steps to protect yourself.

Golf Cart Batteries for Solar

If you will power a solar system, then the minimum voltage you would need would be a 6-volt battery. This will cover most household solar needs. If you need 12-volt power, then you will have to buy a second battery.

Since golf cart batteries can last for 5 years or more, they are excellent batteries to hook up to your solar power system if they are well maintained. One other reason they are suitable for solar is that they are a deep cycle model. This means they give out lower power over a longer period.

Make sure to maintain them well, keep them well-watered, and use distilled water only. It doesn’t matter the brand that you use here. Most golf cart batteries are well suited for this task.

If you need more voltage, just buy more batteries. A 24-volt system would require 4 -6 volt batteries or 3 -8 volt ones.

Where to Buy Duracell Golf Cart Batteries


This is not going to be a too difficult task to do. Some fairly well-known outlets carry this brand of golf cart batteries. To start, if you have a Sam’s Club membership card, you can find them at that outlet.

Amazon has some advertised but make sure you are buying from an authorized dealer, though, as you may be buying something off the black or gray markets that are not true Duracell batteries.

Then there are Advanced Auto Parts stores. They advertise that they have these batteries in stock. Or contact Duracell directly at their website to see who is authorized in your area to sell legitimate golf cart batteries.

Some Final Words

Duracell has been around a long time, and they know a thing or two about batteries. Check them out and compare. You may not get a better deal for the price. In this case, price is not always an indicator for cheaply produced products.

The key would be to make sure you get the battery that fits your needs.

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