Finding a Fiber Stream Camper For Sale (1978 – 1985 Prices)

You may not have seen one. One owner has reported that over the years since they bought their used Fiber Stream trailer, they have not seen another one in person. There is a good reason for that. The Fiber Stream company only lasted 11 years and did not have a large production crew.

Craigslist may be the best place to go to find one of these unique trailers for sale. Or you can join the Fiberglass RV discussion board and talk to other Fiber Stream owners. There were not many made in its 11-year run, so you may have a little problem tracking a used one down.

To learn more about the Fiber Stream company and trailer, just continue to read our article. It gives you as much information as possible on this uniquely designed RV. The advertising said it was designed by a woman for women.

The Fiber Stream Camper


There is very little information about this company on the internet. The most we have been able to find out is that this company lasted for only 11 years and it was originally headquartered in San Diego. That was between 1975 to 77 before moving to Mira Loma.

The company didn’t stay there for very long, 1978 to 80 before moving to Fontana, where it stayed the longest, 1981 to 86. The company made only one model in all of that time, a rounded corner 16-foot trailer that was made for women to be more comfortable inside.

The biggest concern you will have is confusing this old company with all the new Fiber Stream companies that deal with internet, wifi, and other modern technological services. There is little word on the internet and even Wikipedia does not have a web page talking about it. (we checked).

The company started with a husband and wife team and one other employee so the odds of there being a lot of these trailers on the market and in good condition is a long shot.

16ft Fiber Stream Camper


This is the only model the Fiber Stream trailer was produced. It consisted of a one-piece fiberglass body set on a dual axle. It was the only 16-foot trailer made with a one-piece one-body style at the time.

Inside was a U-shaped dinette table that would convert into a king-size bed. Just be careful as the window next to the bed tended to leak when it got older. Also, included was a bathroom, separate shower, a closet, range, fridge, and dual sinks.

There were two 27 by 75-inch bunks on either side of the dinette helping you get that king-size bed. The rounded corners helped make the trailer more aerodynamic and cutting down on your fuel costs.

The VIN was found on two stickers with one located on the driver’s side water spouts. The other was located about 3 feet up from the bottom near the door. However, these stickers do not last very long and it may be difficult to read them today.

Finding a Fiber Stream Camper for Sale


Normally we would direct you to one of the many used RV businesses that sell all sorts of trailers. But no one knows how many of these trailers were made and your search at these locations may be futile.

If you do get lucky, you may only find 1 on the lot as 3 people working over 11 years cannot make a lot of trailers. No one knows how many were made during the company’s run.

The best place to look for a Fiber Stream RV is on Craigslist. In our searches, there were not too many options that came up.

The other real possibility is Fiberglass RV website. There is a whole section devoted to this trailer. Some topics talk about renovating the trailer while others talk about having their model for sale.

Signing up there will get you more leads. There are currently 4 pages of topics for you to browse.

1978 Fiber Stream Travel Trailer


If you are looking for a price on this model, you will get what you pay for. One model, in very good condition sold for almost $9000. However, other models have been seen in the low $2000 and high $1000 range. One was selling for almost $10,000.

But, all the listings that we could find came from the Fiberglass RV website. Not only in their discussion area but also their classified section. That is the place to go if you want to restore an older RV for little money.

If you want any information on this company’s RVs, you have to go to that website. There is very little information available elsewhere and if you find it, the different websites all have the same content.

1985 Fiber Stream Trailer


The same information is going to apply to this model. They may be more expensive than the 1978 run but it is the exact same trailer. We found no mention of any upgrades, any design changes nor a change in the length of the trailer.

One model, in very nice shape, sold for $4000 but your cost will depend solely upon the owner and how easy they are in negotiations.

Some people will say there is a 13 foot and a 14-foot option but not according to our research. the company only produced a 16-foot model. That means that the people listing their trailers may have measured wrong.

Some Final Words

Not too many people have heard of this company before. The owners we read made it seem like they enjoyed the RV and that it was built very well. As these trailers age, they do need a lot of repair work but for the most part, they are perfect for those couples who are on their own and only want a simple life.

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