Finding a Fiberglass Cargo Trailer (Manufacturers List & DIY)

One thing you don't want behind your tow vehicle is more weight that it can handle. One way to avoid that problem is to find a nice fiberglass trailer that is strong and durable. With the right search, you should not have too much problem achieving that goal.

This should not be a difficult task. Many manufacturers produce and sell top-quality fiberglass trailers. If you can’t find one at the price you want near you, you can always build your own. These trailers are not hard to make.

To learn more about fiberglass trailers and where to find them just continue to read our article. It has the information that will put you on the right track and get you closer to finding the trailer that is perfect for your situation.

Fiberglass Cargo Trailer Manufacturers List


One of the things you have to watch out for when you begin your search is to watch out. Even when you put fiberglass cargo trailers in your search box, you will get a lot of websites advertising or talking about fiberglass travel trailers.

You will have to spend some time sorting through the results to get to those websites making and selling fiberglass cargo trailers. The following list is made up of both manufacturers and dealers since not all manufacturers deal with the public.

1. The Trailer Showroom - website

This company carries a wide selection of trailers. They come in all shapes and sizes and they do have fiberglass enclosed models for you to look at. They also allow you to customize or choose the standard package to fit your needs. The best part is that their trailers are made in America

2. Shuttle Trailers - website

Big red, bold letters let you know that this company’s trailers are made with genuine fiberglass. Then they have different sizes of trailers with at least one of those sizes meeting your requirements. On top of that, you can pay for special options to make sure you have the trailer you want.

3. The Trailer Superstore - website

This would be one of the dealers we told you about. Their selection is vast and they have many styles to choose from. They also work with a lot of brands so if you do not see something you want on their lot, they may be able to find the right manufacturer that has one. All it takes is contacting them to see if their stock fits your needs.

4. Review Motors- website

This outfit specializes in motorcycle trailers that are made from fiberglass. You can haul your toys anywhere you go with one of their trailer options. They have some unique enclosed designs that protect your motorcycle or other items as you drive down the road. You are not limited to put motorcycles inside.

5. Trailers USA - website

This is another dealer that also works with a lot of top cargo trailer brands. Sometimes all you can do is talk to a dealer before finding what you want. Not all of the 12 brands on that webs page will make fiberglass trailers but there should be enough of a selection to get what you want.

Fiberglass Luggage Trailer


Some good and top brands focus on making this type of trailer for those people with fewer needs. Plus, these companies have come up with some very interesting designs for this type of trailer. Here are three manufacturers that we have found so far:

1. Champion - website

The price may be right with this company as you can find a nice luggage trailer for around $2000. Their unique design provides plenty of space for your luggage and it seems they can paint those trailers to match your car’s color.

In addition to that feature, these trailers are said to be able to carry up to 600 pounds. Safety chains and harnesses are included in your purchase. You can see on their landing page all the manufacturing that goes into these trailers. you know they are well built.

2. Sherpa Leisure - website

The aerodynamic design provides you with plenty of cargo space and that is not all. The large door opens up wide so you can put your luggage in or take it out without straining yourself.

On top of the large compartment for big suitcases, there is a smaller compartment at the front of the trailer for smaller bags or more fragile objects. its overall weight is only about 500 pounds but it can carry over 1000. This trailer has a unique look that will fit with the vehicle you are using to tow it.

3. Small car trailer - website

While this option may not be fiberglass, it is still a good luggage trailer for those people who do not have room in their car. Priced under $2000 you can also use your motorcycle to haul this trailer from place to place.

The trailer is either 4 or 5 feet long with the smaller one cheaper than the larger one. The maximum weight may be only 600 pounds as you only get 16 cubic feet of storage space inside.

It is perfect for small or sports cars as the trailer only weighs 175 pounds when empty.

Finding a Fiberglass Enclosed Trailer For Sale


The cheapest and best way to look for a fiberglass trailer for sale will be through classified ads. if you already get the local paper you can peruse the classified section and see what has been listed.

Or you can pick up any number of free local classified ads newspapers and see if anyone wants to sell their trailer. Sometimes dealers and manufacturers place an ad in these local papers to boost sales.

If you prefer using your computer, you can spend a lot of time looking through Craigslist. Someone in the nation may have a fiberglass trailer they want to get rid of and have listed it there for wider exposure.

If they still exist, the yellow pages will have many ads for local businesses that make and sell fiberglass trailers. There may be an online version of this once great resource. it is hard to say at this time.

While you are still on the computer, you can just type in the words fiberglass trailers for sale and see what search engine results come up. There are a lot of manufacturers and dealers who have websites advertising their products.

Contacting them is easy as many will have a contact page or an e-mail address you can use to ask your questions. You may be able to find someone close to you or on your travel route and can stop in and see what products and terms they have to offer.

These are the best options you can try. of course, you can try any RV discussion forum that has a classified ads section. But the listings there may be old, out-of-date, or very slim selections.

How To Enclose a Utility Trailer With Fiberglass


There is a possibility that you can do this using a kit. There are kits available that help making the project a little easier and more enjoyable. However, if you want to completely do it yourself, here is one option.

The drawback is that fiberglass is not the only construction material being used in this build. The first step is to find the utility trailer size that you want. Once you have that you can get your construction materials.

The next step is building the enclosed portion out of 3/4” plywood. The floor, walls, and ceiling would all be made of plywood and these boards are nailed or screwed into 2 by 2s. There would be 2 by 2 cross pieces to hold the walls upright.

Once you get the walls in place, you cut out your doorway. You can make this any size you want as long as the integrity of the wall is not ruined. After getting your door cut out and secured in place, you cover the plywood with maintenance-free fiberglass.

Glues and screws would be the ideal components to use to secure the fiberglass to the wood. Don’t forget to seal any cracks, joints, and exposed hardware.

Some Final Words

Finding a fiberglass cargo trailer is not that hard. There are plenty of manufacturers and dealers who will be glad to talk to you about their products and how they can fit the trailer to your hauling needs.

How expensive this option would be will depend on a lot of factors. Fiberglass trailers are easier to tow as they are a lot lighter than those trailers made from other construction materials.

If you can’t find what you want at the size you need, you can always build your own. All you would need to find is a supplier of fiberglass panels.

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