Finding the Egg Camper For Sale (Price, Weight, Review)

If you want to make a statement, you can always go with the Egg Camper. These little trailers are ideal for young couples who only want the basics. Plus, they are easy to tow. Their lightweight makes sure you can tow them with just about any car you own.

The production of the Egg Camper has started up again. There was a lapse in production but it does mean you can find new trailers for sale near you. Used can go for prices between $14,000 and $17,000. They are rare and hard to find.

To learn more about these little campers just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about. You never know when small may be better for your RV lifestyle. They are made of fiberglass so their weight is not very heavy.

What Is An Egg Camper?


This is a trailer that is made from fiberglass. That construction material keeps the weight off without sacrificing any security or protection from the weather. these trailers were designed in the UK and should be in America right now.

However, the new price tag for these egg-shaped trailers is a bit steep coming in at $33,000. Inside, you will find the basics of camp living. There is a toilet, cupboard space, a dinette for two, a small kitchenette, and a fairly nice bed.

The unique feature of these little trailers was that the whole back end could lift exposing the inside to the outdoors. The overall length was around 15 to 15 feet with many coming in at 17 feet.

The three windows let in a lot of light so you should not feel cramped or stuffed into a small living area. The dry weight of this trailer is supposed to be near 2000 pounds making it an easy to tow trailer. Most small cars should be able to handle the weight without struggling up any hills.

Our Eggcamper Review

They are certainly a unique trailer to own. You will not find any frills inside as the foam mattress is just that a piece of foam with no special attributes. The overall design is very compact, with all items built-in within easy reach.

If you just want the basics and an easy to tow trailer, then consider this model. If you want frills and luxury, you should look elsewhere. The egg shape doesn't diminish the living space.

The awning, which is a custom feature, adds to your living space and lets you enjoy the night air. With all that said, the price tag may be a bit on the high side for what you get. You can get a nice travel trailer, sleep more people and have better living space for the same amount of money. That is the biggest problem with these trailers. Their production costs are high so their retail price is high.

How Much Does An Egg Camper Weigh?


The trailer is made from fiberglass. This helps to keep the weight off and makes these little trailers easier to tow. It is hard to tell if the interior components are molded out of the same fiberglass or not. If so that would keep the weight down as well.

The listed weight is about 2000 pounds and you can expect a tongue weight to be roughly 230 pounds. it is the tongue weight where you will have the most problem with smaller vehicles. Not the overall weight.

Check your car’s owner’s manual as those usually tell you the maximum amount of tongue weight your car can hold. Its GVWR is said to be about 2500 pounds but double-check that figure as it is only an estimate.

Unfortunately, their website does not contain a lot of information. we linked to it above and so far we have only seen 2 web pages on that site. Their home page and their contact page.

if you have additional questions you need answers to, we suggest you use that contact page and ask the company directly.

Egg Camper Floor Plan

We have only seen pictures of the used models from 2010 and earlier. The floor plans are fairly straightforward with the bed in the rear, the dinette, and kitchenette in the middle, then the entry door, and finally the toilet is in the front.


The newer models that were supposed to come out last year do not seem to have the bathroom in the front as there is a large picture window there. the entry door is placed at the rear of the trailer where the bed used to go.

There may be a few different floor plans but we have not seen anything unique or earth-shattering in any of the photos we have seen. you are getting a basic trailer with a basic floor plan and that is just about it. Many people are not happy with the price tag that is accompanying this trailer as they feel it is far too high for what is inside.

Eggcamper With Bathroom


The older models, before production ceased, all seem to have a bathroom inside. At least there is a toilet in the photos. There is no mention if there is a built-in shower or not in that bathroom.

We have only found exterior shots of the supposed new egg camper design. These models were supposed to have been produced somewhere between 2015 and 2019 in the UK and then brought to America in 2020.

However, the company’s website is absent of a lot of details and we are not sure if these new models are being produced or not. There is little information on the internet about the new Egg Camper.

We can only surmise that the bathroom was moved to the rear with the new design. One problem you may encounter is that insurance companies may not have the Egg camper in their systems. You may have to prove that it is a legitimate company before you will be able to insure the trailer.

Some people have reported that their bathrooms got a molded sink in their Egg camper version while others said they did not have that feature. Then more said the bath was quite large but overall if you get one inside, it will be a very basic design.

How Much Is An Egg Camper?


This is hard to say as the information is quite scant and we can only quote what prices we have found. The company’s website does not have any price information but if you contact them and ask, they will give you more accurate figures.

One price we found for the Egg camper is $35,000 approx. and that may or may not be the actual price. It could be just an estimate. When these trailers were being produced in the early 2000s, the going price was $18,000 with a $1,000 price increase coming a year later.

We did find some used trailers that were being sold for $14,000 and $17,000 approx. But the price you pay for a used will be what you and the owner will agree to. If you can find them for sale, and some people place ads on the different RV websites, you may be able to get them for cheaper than those prices.

With only 130 built by the original owner, you may have a difficult time finding one you can afford or are willing to pay the amount asked.

Finding The Egg Camper For Sale Near Me


The story behind the Egg camper is unique. It turns out that one man was behind the building of these trailers and he never did it as a career. It was a part-time business and by the time he hurt his back, he had only produced about 130 of these campers.

A new group has taken over the company after production was shut down but where they are being sold seems to be a mystery. As we have said, their website is absent of a lot of information. The new owners were having a very hard time finding a location to build their new Egg Campers.

They may have competition from this company which is based in the UK. As of the last word, the new company does not have a completed model to show anyone.

For used Egg Campers check out the different RV forums. They have space reserved for sale by the owner or check the classifieds or dealers to see if anyone is letting one go or traded one in. it will be difficult to find one for sale near you with so few made originally.

Some Final Words

If you want basic, simple, and easy to tow, then check out this trailer. That is if you can find one for sale. It is made for couples only and has no frills to them.

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