The Truck Camper Duaron Motorhome (Best in South America?)

One of the best ways to see Brazil and experience the different cultures is to buy a truck camper.

Camper Duaron is one of few Brazillian truck camper manufacturers. Its specialty is to manufacture their campers models per customer order. In other words, they don't mass produce their models but make sure each one is unique to their customers. They have over 25 years of experience.

To learn more about this truck camper producer, just continue to read our article.

Truck Camper Duaron

The company employs many people with long-term truck camper experience. That move puts them a step ahead of the competition. Plus, the company works hard to maintain its work schedule and meet its many deadlines.

Then the components they use to produce their truck campers are first-rate and very durable. They are making sure you are satisfied with their product and can enjoy your camping adventure worry-free.

This company is supposed to be one of the best in South America and its reputation supports that accolade.

Camper Duaron Economy

When you just want the basics, this is the camper option you should choose. No frills, no unique gadgets to worry about. Just a simple camper that comes with a very simple and compact design.


Whether it has a pre-installed solar panel like the other model options remains to be seen. But you should be able to fit it into your budget as it is not the most expensive model you can purchase.

Camper Duaron King

The chemical toilet is situated into a nicely spaced bathroom. It is a little small but the maker of this camper option has done a good job with the space available. You can get some extra living space when you pull the two awnings out.


There is an awning over the entrance and one to the right side of the vehicle. At least 4 windows make sure you get plenty of light inside turning a small area into a larger room.

Camper Duaron Super King

This is luxury at its finest. Built-in solar panels make sure you have all the power you need to run those appliances and other needed electric devices. 4 small windows make sure your smallish interior appears larger than it really is.


Plus, you have a top-of-the-line air conditioning unit to keep you cool on a hot day. A pull-down step ladder provides the means to enter your camper but the door appears to be a bit on the thin side.

Camper Duaron Athos

Every Duaaron camper model has a few basic differences. The entryway is placed on the right side of the camper. There are storage compartments that make this a unique camper to own.


Then the bed is placed over the cab with the dining area right next to it. Across from the dining spot is a nice kitchenette with a microwave, fridge, and cooker. A swivel television set lets you view your favorite programs anywhere inside the camper.

Camper Duaron Prices

The basic model, Duaron economy runs you 88.000,00 in Brazilian Reais which turns into roughly $17,000 USD. Then the super King goes for approx. R$117.000,00 which equals roughly $21,000 USD.

Then the Duaron King model is priced at R$106.500,00 or $20,000 USD approx. The exact amount you will pay in USD will change as the currency rates change on a daily basis. Depending on your budget, it seems to be a good deal to buy the more expensive model considering all the extra features and space you will get.

Truck Camper Compatibility

There are a lot of different truck types you can use to haul your truck camper Duaron.

Smaller 1-ton trucks are ideal and should be able to hold the weight and get you through some very rough roads as well.

  • Toyota Hilux Dual Cab
  • Chevrolet S10 Dual Cab
  • Ford Ranger Dual Cab
  • Volkswagen Amarok Dual Cab
  • Nissan Frontier Dual Cab
  • Mitsubishi L200 Triton Dual Cab

Mitsubishi Camper Duaron

There is a very nice Mitsubishi L200 Duaron camper rig that makes camping in Brazil a dream. It is an all-in-one model that has the entry i=on the side along with an outdoor pull-down feature.

The interior is very compact but the modern conveniences are easy to reach and located in the lower half of the camper. The bed goes over the cab to make sure you have plenty of room to get a good night’s rest.

It is the perfect setup for one couple.

Finding a Duaron Camper For Sale

Their main office is located in Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

You can contact the company to see where their dealers are located. They do have a contact page on their website https://camperduaron.com.br.

Some final words

When you want to travel but don't want to have a big RV to drive, using a good camper like the Duaron models is a very good option. You get many amenities as well as comfort inside one of their truck campers.

Plus, you can connect with the local culture and be a part of the community, which has the fun of traveling.

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