Adventuridge Products Review (Who Makes, Gear, Tent, Cooler)

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the ever-changing consumer product lineup. What you used and liked last year, mysteriously disappeared from store shelves this year leaving you scrambling to find a replacement. It is not an easy task sometimes.

According to the Justia Trademark website, Adventuridge and its products are a trademark owned by Aldi Stores. The country those products are made is listed as China. There is a broad range of products sold under that brand name.

To learn more about Adventuridge and its product line up just continue to read our review. It has the information you want to know about so you can make a smart product purchase in the future. Take a few minutes and get up to speed on this trademark brand name

Who Sells Adventuridge Camping Gear?


We have found two outlets so far that carry this brand’s product lines. The first is ALDI stores which seem to sell almost any product that can be made under the sun. They can do that by highlighting them for a short period in their ALDI Finds section.

That is the case when it comes to their Adventuridge brand. Some time those camping gear items are placed under the Aldi Finds section which means that they will not be sold for very long. because of this product rotation, you have to be quick to make a purchase or you have to wait until the store brings the item back soon.

Another outlet that seems to be more stable and carries a lot of Adventuridge products is pngLine. It advertises a variety of this brand’s products on its web page. It seems that the outlet doesn't carry them in large quantities as the Adventuridge tent is not listed in their product lineup at this time.

Who Makes Adventuridge Products?

This is a good question. Despite being a mostly European outlet, the products seem to be made in China. At least that is what the product labels state. Unfortunately, the actual Chinese company that makes those products is not listed.

That means that it could be one company making all the Adventuridge camping items or a group of them. It all depends on the agreement between Aldi and the Chinese. One interesting issue that has arisen during our research for this article is that some of the products may state that the warranty is backed by The Outdoor Recreation Group.

This was the case for the Adventuridge Watertight Storage Case and that product came with a 2-year warranty.

When we checked that company’s website, it did not list the Adventuridge brand on it. The backing of the warranty may be possible but that also is between Aldi and TORG.

It seems that in its quest to keep its pricing low, Aldi searches for the lowest cost deals to them and then passes that saving son to you.

Who Makes Adventuridge Tents?


It seems that Adventuridge is an off-brand that gets its products from a variety of different companies. Those other companies make the tents and simply place the Adventuridge brand label on the material and the packaging.

Right now, it seems that the popular tent maker Wenzel makes tents for the Adventuridge brand. The Wenzel tents seem to get good reviews and are some of the better ones made according to those reviews. On Amazon, they get between 4 and 4.5 stars with a large number of reviewers making their experience known.

What that means is that Aldi is not selling some knock off made elsewhere but does try to find some top-quality manufacturers to make its products. Aldi is not in the manufacturing business and does not make its own products.

Everything you need to set up the tent is included in the packages so that should not be a problem for you. Of course, we should state that the information we got came from 2017 and a 2020 review confirms that the tents are still being made by Wenzel.

Is Adventuridge a Good Brand?

The answer to that question will depend on several factors. How you treat the products is just one of those factors and rougher treatment will tend to wear down the product a lot faster.

Then it will depend on who makes those products. While Wenzel may be the manufacturing company, that does not mean that company makes its tents in America or Europe. They can still be made in China as the water-resistant case is.

Another factor will be the construction materials used to create those products. Lower-quality ingredients coupled with lower quality manufacturing standards tend to lower the quality of the product.

So far, the products made for Aldi tend to be on the better side of the issue but that has not stopped the company from selling lower quality items. It will depend on all those factors and more on how good the quality will be.

Aldi Camping Gear Review


The company’s policy of doing short-term sales of their products makes it hard to review. it is a unique setup as the products can change from year to year as well as the original maker can be changed every time they bring the camping gear back to their stores.

The 4 in 1 airbed seems to be a consistent product and it does provide you with 9 inches of padding between you and the ground. Then its 75 by 29-inch size makes it a comfortable place to sleep for one person.

This portion of the Aldi camping gear comes with a hand pump, waterproof top, and other features. Their Queen size air bed with pump has been sold under two different Aldi brand names. Both the Adventuridge and Bestway labels have been placed on them.

Their camp hammock measures over 106 by 33 inches overall and its steel frame weighs almost 20 pounds. It will hold up to 300 pounds and has a mesh design for ventilation.

Their camp cot has been redesigned to make it lighter than the predecessors were. It measures roughly 74 by almost 30 inches in size. It may not be easy to set up.

Adventuridge Tent Reviews

The tents, and they come in different sizes, are made by Wenzel. The quality you get will be the same quality that the company places in its own products. The 6 person tent gives you about 72 inches at the center for headroom and measures out to 10 by 8 feet in size.

The color options you have are blue and green and the shape is a dome style. Its cost is approx. $50. The 4 person model has some limitations to it and its 9 by 7-foot size is just one of those restrictions.

For headroom, you are looking at 48 inches but the price is right at about $30. The problem is that this tent is more fitting for 2 people than 4. Both tents feature an e-port that allows you to attach extension cords if you need power for lighting or your computer and other electronic devices.

With the 6 person option, you also get a mesh loft to help you store needed items up and out of your way. The 4 person model does not have this feature. The warranties for both tents are serviced through Wenzel and they usually provide good customer service for all of their products no matter the name attached to them.

Adventuridge Cooler Reviews


Aldi usually has camping events at their stores twice a year so you have 2 chances to pick up the 30 Liter cool box that will be reviewed here. We cannot guarantee which size of cooler they will have at these events.

The nice thing about this model is that it can be powered by 2 different sources. For those countries that use 240 electricity, there is a plug for that power source. If you do not have that option there is a plug for a 12-volt power source.

Also, you get a temperature control knob that lets you adjust how hot or cold you want the contents to be. In case you have a power problem the cool box does come with 2 spare fuses so your food should not spoil if the fuse blows.

The nice thing about this cooler is that it will cool 20 degrees lower than the outside temperature level. Be careful as cold food should not be stored at temperatures higher than40 degrees F or 4 degrees C.

The hottest you can go will be 55 degrees C or 140 degrees F. There is a rocker switch letting you change from cooling to heating function. The drawback to this device is that it cannot cool food in very hot weather.

It is at its best when you use it in the cooler seasons like Spring or the Fall.

Adventure Ridge Camping Kitchen

It is hard to say if this is a discontinued item or not. So far all we could find out about this product are the different images found online. If you can get it during those bi-annual camping events then it may be a good purchase.

This kitchen comes designed to hold your Aldi grill and has walls on 3 sides to protect the food from wind and so on. Underneath the cooking surface, you will find a closed cabinet type design with shelves.

You can keep your food organized and easy to reach as well as protected from wild animals. Just zip up the roll-up doors and you should be good to go. The size is about average height and not made for really tall people.

Plus, it is foldable so it stores away easily when not in use. The materials used are metal and fabric, but how durable those materials are remains to be seen. The price is not known either as it is not listed at the Aldi stores at the time of this writing.

Adventuridge Camping Stove Grill


The portable gas grill measures 17 inches and it looks like it can cook up a variety of meals with no trouble at all. There is a grease trap underneath with the handle almost front and center for easy removal.

Next to the grease trap is your power and temperature knob. You can adjust your cooking temperature without taking your eyes off your food. Its cost is $70 roughly but it is usually placed in the Aldi finds section of the store and may not be back till next year, if at all.

You get a 2-year warranty on the grill and a 5-year warranty on the burner but Aldi does not make the product so it doesn't do any servicing on the grill. All warranty claims are handled by the company that makes the grill and that is GHP Group.

Its specs include 260 square inches of cooking space, 18,000 BTU power, holds a one-pound gas canister (not included and not sold by Aldi), and push and turn ignition. The grill is pre-seasoned to make it work better.

Some Final Words

Aldi is trying to become a major player in the grocery and department store industry. They have been making changes but, whether those changes are for the better are not remains to be seen.

Its business model is different and it is partnering with different stores and renting out space to help their exposure. Despite these changes, the success of Aldi’s goal will depend on the quality of the products it sells and the quality of those products is not always good.

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