Proven Industries Coupler Lock Defeated (Our Review)

Locks are supposed to be your friend. That is why everyone has them. It used to be that no one needed to lock their homes, cars, and so on. But today, there are locks on everything. How good those security devices are depends on who made them and what materials they used.

There is a video out on YouTube showing how easy it is to defeat a Proven Industries coupler lock. It doesn’t take long to do if you know what you are doing. However, a concerned consumer sent the video to Proven Industries who made changes to their lock design.

To learn more about those changes and the Proven Industries’ lock quality, just continue to read our article. it has the information you want to know about when you are in need of a good lock.

Picking Proven Industries Puck Locks


This actually isn’t going to be the problem. Proven Industry does make it difficult for thieves to pick your trailer or coupler lock. Their round keys are designed to thwart the best lock pickers known to the criminal world.

But picking locks is time-consuming, hard to learn and it takes a lot of practice which is why thieves often carry portable drills, bolt cutters, and other tools to defeat a lock. Those alternatives do not take a very long time and the thieves can steal your trailer before anyone knows what is happening.

Proven Industries does have some great designs on their locks and these designs slow thieves down so much that they begin to look for easier targets. In other words, they are hard to pick if the thief does not bring any alternative tools with them.

Some people say that the Proven Industry’s puck lock is easy to pick. But that effort takes longer than the 30 seconds or less than a drill takes to disengage the lock.

Proven Industries Coupler Lock Defeated


Everyone has seen the video. It is a good video for Proven industries to use to upgrade their design. According to one person, they let the company know about the video and the company took action.

The action they took was to upgrade the construction material and the lock mechanism. Then they changed the position of the spring pin that holds the locking portion in place. These changes are supposed to make the lock harder to open even when drilling it.

With that said, however, this does not mean that the company’s locks are foolproof. A determined thief will find a way to break the lock rendering it useless. That is just par for the course when it comes to this issue.

Bank robbers know this and they also practice a lot to make sure that they can open just about any lock imaginable. the same goes for petty thieves who pick locks and break into houses, RVs, trailers, and so on. Thieves study how to break-in.

One owner reported his trailer was stolen from their driveway. He had 2 locks on it. What the thieves did was bring in a flatbed and lifted the trailer onto the bed and hauled the trailer away locks intact.

That method lets the thieves break the locks at their leisure and without having to worry about being spotted.

That means that no matter which lock you use, there is always the chance that the thief has had training and knows how to circumvent any safety measure.

Our Proven Industries Trailer Lock Review


This company makes a lot of different styles of locks and those locks go on different spots on your RV or trailer. That is one of the good aspects of these locks. the company does know its business and works hard trying to provide you with the security that you need.

With that said though, nothing is perfect and this brand of lock may be expensive but it is only a deterrent for those who do not steal. Those that do will practice until they can open the lock or find a way to remove your trailer using another method.

What we are saying is, that while these locks are good, thieves are often better. That does not speak to the quality of the lock or its construction material. It speaks more for the determination of the thieves.

The biggest drawback to these locks is not the thieves. it is their cost. The prices the company has on their products are quite high. More than most companies and you can get the same amount of protection for a smaller amount through other companies.

What we liked about the company is that they are willing to make improvements to their designs when a flaw has been uncovered and they are notified about it. The drawback is why didn’t they spot the flaw first?

They are supposed to have top lock experts working for them and doing research on the finished product. How this flaw escaped their attention is a big black mark against the company.

Since locks aren’t perfect, do not expect to get a perfect lock from this company. But its products are a cut above in spite of the many flaws. You could do a lot worse than the products made by Proven Industries.

What is The Best Trailer Tongue Lock?


We only checked 3 lists but those few lists gave an indication of how things look for Proven Industries. One list did not mention them at all. The second list had them in last place and the third had them at #2.

The list that did not mention Proven Industries also did not mention master Lock locks even though they had 3 entries each on the other two lists. We will give you the brand name of those locks and then let you decide which one you think will be the best for you and the type of trailer you own.

  • 1. Masterlock - a company that has been around for a long time making all kinds of locks for every need you have. Their trailer hitch locks are supposed to deter thieves and are easy to install. However, many people do not like this brand as it is supposed to be below quality products.
  • 2. Fastway Universal Trailer Coupler Lock - this is one of those lock designs that tells would-be thieves, they will have an easier time going after another trailer. This lock is supposed to be tough to break as well as hard to drill.
  • 3. Proven Locks - supposed to be the best of the best but in some people’s minds that is not the case. While it has its flaws, the biggest strength this company has is its willingness to improve and correct those flaws. Its 1/4 inch steel design is supposed to keep bolt cutters away.
  • 4. Bulldog Lifelong Trailer Coupler Lock - this lock is supposed to be t e best for those trigger lock couplers. it works in two ways, first, it allows you to lock your trigger when hooked to your tow vehicle. Second, it locks the trigger when it is unhooked.​
  • 5. Tow Ready 63228 Coupler Lock - this lock is made by a reliable brand which means you are going to get some protection when you use it. The best points are it is made with heavy-duty materials that resist the weather. it is also affordable and comes with some great anti-tampering designs.
  • 6. Reese Towpower Tow ‘N Store Lock Kit - this option works with all three classes of trailer hitches by using an adapter system. the lock installs easily enough and the bright color is said to deter thieves. One problem is that the key design is its weakest link. There is nothing unique about it.
  • 7. etrailer Keyed-Alike Coupler Lock - this brand is an option and its keyed alike offer sounds very tempting. The lock is supposed to be made from rust-proof aluminum but that is about the only two strong points it has. It is affordable but even the company says it is not the best option you have.
  • 8. AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV Trailer Coupler Lock - the rust resistance and the easy operation make this lock a good choice to use on your trailer. It is supposed to be made from high-quality materials and you will pay for that quality. if you do not want to pay a lot for the lock, do not look at the price.

Some Final Words

What we liked about this company’s lock is its attitude. it is not just making and selling locks, then forgetting about their product or customers. Their willingness to correct their mistakes says a lot about the company and means you can trust its products.

The question is, are you willing to pay the high price to get that security and attitude?

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