Can You Spray Too Much Febreze? (What Happens If You Do?)

Febreze has been used for a long time to get rid of foul odors that seem to linger in your RV forever. However, while it does a good job of masking those bad smells, there is a dark side to the product that everyone should know about.

Can you spray too much Febreze? Yes, you can spray too much Febreze. The reason you can spray too much is that the fragrance that comes with this product can linger for a very long time as well. Plus, there are 87 different chemicals inside each can that can be harmful to you and your family’s health.

To learn more about this odor defeating product, just continue to read our article. It has information you may not know about. Not all good things are made from very healthy ingredients and it may surprise you how unhealthy this product can be if you spray too much.

Can You Spray Too Much Febreze?


Yes, it is possible to spray too much of this product around your trailer or RV. Soon, all you will be able to smell will be the Febreze air freshener and some people get tired of that odor as well.

There is a good reason why you should use this product in moderation. That reason is that the air freshener does not get rid of the odors you dislike. It simply masks them. When you are breathing your RV interior air, you are breathing in the chemicals used by Proctor and Gamble to create this product.

What you are smelling are the different chemicals used by the company to mask those odors. There are many studies out there talking about the different chemicals used y this company to create this product.

So far the most recent one we were able to find was dated 2013. There were ones published in both 2007 and 2009. So before you get upset we suggest that you find more up-to-date studies that reveal the actual ingredients in Febreze.

It is possible that the company did change its formula after those studies became public. We do not want to say anything bad here as we want to give the company the benefit of the doubt.

The key to using this product is to use it in moderation. If there are a lot of chemicals inside the can, you may want to change your odor-relieving solution to more natural products.

I Sprayed Too Much Febreze, Now What...


This will happen and do not beat yourself up about it. Febreze does what it claims and masks those foul-smelling odors and gives you a nice fresh scent to breathe in. When you spray too much, you will get tired of the Febreze fragrance.

However, there are steps you can take to get rid of the Febreze fragrance when this situation arises. One option is to put baking soda in bowls and place the bowls around your RV. The baking soda should absorb the odor.

Or you can use apple cider vinegar as that natural liquid will change the PH balance of the air and remove the different odors from the room. If you do not have any of that product lying around, then you can try activated charcoal.

That product will help cleanse the air of the Febreze odor as well as eliminate the foul odors Febreze chemicals are masking. Some people suggested frying up some bacon to get rid of the odors and leave you with a nice breakfast fragrance to enjoy.

The thing is, if the Febreze fragrance and the foul odors are lingering for more than a few hours, then you have another problem. That odor-producing source needs to be found and rectified.

The baking soda, vinegar, and charcoal should all have the problem wrapped up in a day, two days at worst. if the odors last longer than that it is not those products' fault. There is something else going on in your RV.

What Happens if You Inhale Febreze Spray?


The studies we referred to earlier did find problems with the product. These problems may have been rectified by the company or they may not have. We are just waiting to see more up-to-date results on the ingredients of their products.

However, those studies revealed that while Proctor and Gamble listed 3 chemicals as ingredients for their fragrances, there were actually 87 inside the can. Some of those chemicals have been linked to cancer.

But that is not the only health issue those chemicals are linked to. According to the studies, those chemicals are linked to issues like allergies, asthma, eye, skin, and lung irritation. They are also poisonous to the nerves and or nerve cells, plus interrupt hormones, and cause developmental issues.

That is the harsher side of things. Then when you spray Febreze in your trailer or RV, you are not eliminating any odors. The product is designed only to mask those foul odors.

What that means is that you will still breathe in those foul odors. Your nose just won’t detect them because it is smelling the chemical fragrances instead. That will mean your body will still be affected by the foul odors in the room you just won’t know about it.

How do I Get Rid of Too Much Febreze?


The good news is that the odor or fragrance from this product does not linger for long. That is if everything takes place normally in your RV. The fragrance should disappear in a few hours as natural circulation or your air conditioner, air purifier or dehumidifier will filter it out.

Those are very good options to use to get rid of the chemicals found in this product. The HEPA filters in many of those devices will help filter out the chemicals and give you pure fresh air to breathe.

Instead of relying on chemical products, your air conditioner, air purifier, and dehumidifier should be able to remove foul odors quickly. If they don’t then you may have a more serious problem on your hands.

If you cannot afford one of those devices, or they are not practical for your RV living situation, then you can go to the natural options already listed above. Baking Soda, vinegar, and active charcoal are the three top natural options you have.

Then there is the essential oils route which is said to eliminate not mask those odors. Just pick your favorite one and use moderation when you do it. Scented candles will work as well and they can create a very nice atmosphere inside your trailer.

Or a final option would be to just light a few matches. The sulfur in the wood version will remove any foul odor and leave behind the nice campfire scent you enjoy.

Can I Spray Febreze On My Bed?


Yes, nothing is stopping you from using Febreze on your mattress or bedding. But the question would be why would you want to? The reason we ask that is that you will be breathing in chemicals as you sleep and that is never a good situation to be in.

Also, remember that you will not be eliminating those foul odors you dislike when you use this product. You will still be breathing them in as all Febreze does is mask odors. it doesn't eliminate them.

Even though your nose says those odors are gone, they are not. One person recommended using this product on your pet beds. That too is a possibility but use with caution as those same chemicals are as harmful to your pets as they are to you.

Air Freshener Fire in Car

This is a very real possibility. The reason it is a dangerous habit to get into is that the air fresheners you use are often flammable. That means that if you strike a match or light a cigarette while in your car, you can cause a fire.

You would have to use a lot of air freshener to blow up a car. According to the BBC News outlet, one man sprayed way too much air freshener in his car and blew out his windshield, and damaged the windows in nearby businesses.

This is not to say it will happen to you but be careful when spraying the air freshener and think moderation.

Some Final Words

Febreze is a very famous and popular product you can use. It does do what it claims and convinces your nose that the odors are gone. However, the dark side of this product is that it can be hazardous to your health.

The danger will come over time and not happen overnight, so you can use the product in moderation without too much worry. It may be better to go natural that way you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your body.

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