Roadhawk RV Battery Review: Are Roadhawk Batteries Any Good?

Unknown may be cheaper, but it is not always the best deal around town. You can save a lot of money buying unknown battery brands and come up with a real gem of a battery. But then, you may also come up

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Can You Pull a 5th Wheel With a Lifted Truck? (4 vs 6-Inch)

Trucks are not the same. They can be customized and people take that opportunity to make their truck function the way they want it to. But when it comes to towing a 5th wheel, those customization efforts

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Jayco vs Keystone Quality: Are Keystone and Jayco The Same?

It can be hard to tell the difference between RVs and manufacturers. Some differences are hard to see as they are all behind the scenes and do not show their presence until something goes wrong. Just take

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13500-RV-AC-How-Many-Amps-on-a-13500-BTU -Air-Conditioner

13500 RV AC: How Many Amps on a 13500 BTU Air Conditioner

Keeping your cool is not free. You will have to pay something for you to remain cool when the temperatures rise. Many times that cost comes in amp usage and you need to know how much power you will use

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Backup Camera Prep: Travel Trailers Backup Camera Ready

While you may think you know what a claim by an RV maker is saying, the terms may be referring to something completely different. That is the way it goes as the makers of RVs are trying to outdo their

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Ford Transit 150 vs 250 vs 350 – Differences, Pros, and Cons

The numbers on the same series of vehicles may be different but that doesn't mean the vehicles have any difference between them. You have to look beyond the surface to know if you are getting a better

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Cargo Van vs Passenger Van – Conversion to Camper Guide

When you want to DIY, having a nice project helps fill in those spare weekend hours or retirement days when there is nothing to do. Converting a van into a camper is a very constructive project that can

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DIY Homemade Jump Starter: Lithium Battery vs Batteryless

The car won’t start. You are out on a lonely country road and all of a sudden your car won’t start. There is no hope for a kind stranger to come driving by and have a pair of jumper cables in his or

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R12 vs Freeze 12: Is Freeze 12 Compatible With 134A?

I know a guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy and he said... This is what you get many times over when you try to get information on different products. It can be frustrating as there are so many contrary

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Complete RV Bathroom Dimensions: Shower, Door, Drain, Curtain

You may complain that your built-in bathroom is tiny, but there are some RV models out there that do not include a bathroom in their floor plans. Everything is done outside or in a shared setting. That

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