Atwood RV Water Heater Not Working On Electric (Guide)

That is the nice thing about having electrical components. There is a limited number of places you need to check to find the source of the problem. When all sources prove to work right, then the problem

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Cummins ISC 8.3 Belt Routing (Serpentine Belt Diagram)

One of the facts of engine life is that belts will stretch and need to be replaced. This is an easy task if all you are doing is replacing the belts on a regular engine. It becomes more difficult when

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How To Tell If You Have a 53 Block Cummins (Number Location)

Identifying the block is not going to be a hard task as there were only about 100,000 of them made at the time. Unfortunately, these problem blocks went beyond the Dodge Ram trucks and just about anyone

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Download Onan Marquis 7000 Service Manual and Wiring Diagram

For some products, finding a good manual is a difficult task. They may be too old or their company has gone out of business and other legitimate reasons. But you shouldn’t have to worry about Onan, it

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FMI Codes List: What Does FMI Stand For In Trucking? (Guide)

It used to be that you could sit in the engine compartment of your pickup truck and work on the engine. Today, after all the technological upgrades, you are lucky if you can see half the engine. Technology

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5th Wheel Pin: How Do I Find Out The Trailer King Pin Weight?

Many times RV owners want a nice neat equation so they can figure out their weight capacities without any hassles. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula when it comes to getting accurate weight measurements.

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What-Does-ATC-Light-Mean (2)

Warning ATC Light On Dash: What Does ATC Light Mean? (Guide)

It is easy to get confused when certain warning lights come on. It is even more confusing when the repair does not make any sense at all but worksThe letters stand for auto traction control and it is one

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Trailer Brake Replacement Cost: How Often and The Fair Price

When you own an RV or trailer, be prepared to be quoted higher than usual brake and other repair prices. It seems that the people doing the work go very high on their services because they feel you can

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Biodiesel B20 vs Diesel 2: Is B20 Diesel Bad For Your Truck?

It will depend on the engine and who made it. For example, according to Cummins, a good portion of their engines can work with Bio20 fuel. This is from their 2023 FAQ web page. There may be other diesel

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22.5 Wheel Torque Specs: What Is The Torque For a 22.5 wheel?

The torque for most 22.5-inch tires is 400 to 450 ft-lb. Ford is an even 450 and the correct torque will depend on the make, model, and year of your vehicle. Your owner’s manual should have these specifics

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What To Do When High Exhaust Temp Light Comes On (DEF Temp)

The vehicles that have a diesel engine under the hood have lots of devices to be worried about. These devices all come with their own sensors and warning lights. The key is not to get confused or you may

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How Much Horsepower Does a C10 Cat Have? (Full Specs Guide)

Bigger isn’t always better. There are many RV or trailer owners who like the biggest size possible. They feel that having more room and more features is the best way to go. However, when they go big,

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What Does Transmission Fluid Smell Like? (Gas, Fish, Burnt)

When it comes to transmission fluid, you can find it only in two formats. One is the original where oil hydrocarbons are manipulated and the other is synthetic. The latter is made through chemical reactions.

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Transmission Fluid Color Chart: What Color Should It Be?

The color of your transmission fluid will tell you a lot about your transmission but only one color is good.When you look at your transmission fluid, the best color to see is a light red that is translucent

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Are Tyron Bands Worth It? (Cost, Review, Helpful Guide)

Safety precautions do not always come in the shape or design we are expecting but they do provide a very good service when applied correctly. One of the places RVs need extra safety precautions is on their

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How To Turn Up a Cat C7: Horsepower Upgrade (Helpful Guide)

Many RV owners want to squeeze more power out of their CAT engines. They look for just about any trick they can use to boost their power and tow more weight. This behavior may not be as simple as some

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Air Bag Pressure To Weight Conversion (Suspension Load PSI)

One explanation goes that if you know the amount of maximum PSI the airbag holds plus the area that the airbag is holding, then you can figure out how much weight the airbag is handling, But there are

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6.7 Cummins Coolant Temp Sensor Location (Level Sensor Guide)

When it comes time to look for a specific sensor, you need to be aware that there are 9 of them in all and they are all over the engine. Sometimes it takes a treasure map to find their locations.The coolant

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Can You Turbo a Ford V10? (Ford V10 Turbo Kit Options)

Getting more power has been the goal of gearheads since muscle cars were first introduced. The owners of these cars looked high and low for those parts that would give them an extra 5 or 10 or more HP.

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What Sealant Can I Use On a TPO Roof? (TPO Roof Sealant)

An RV is only as strong as its weakest link. That weakest link seems to be the sealant used to cover seams, including vents, AC, and other items on your RV’s roof. Using the right sealant will make sure

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What Is The Cummins Fault Code SPN 3031 FMI 9? (Helpful Guide)

Do not be alarmed if you do not find this code on other lists you have checked. There are too many, along with the different FMI codes to include on every error code list. Kind of makes this a tough system

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What Is Freightliner J1587 Code? (Data Link Troubleshooting)

Fault codes seem to be the brainchild of the Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE. This is the group that has designed the fault code system and it is not done in simple, easy-to-understand English.In

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Does ATF Go Bad? (Transmission Fluid Shelf Life Guide)

You will find that when it comes to automatic transmission fluid, you are going to get a variety of opinions if it is still good or not. Some may or may not last a long time, depending on who made them

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5.3 Vortec vs 3.5 EcoBoost: Reliability and Towing Comparison

Automakers strive to make great motors that will satisfy their customers and outdo the competition. This means that they will use the technology available to produce a great engine, most of the time. Which

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Norcold RV Refrigerator Settings 1-9: How To Adjust Temp

The highest setting may be the best setting. That seems to be the way it works with some refrigerators. The lower settings just do not seem to get cold enough to keep the food fresh and healthy. But when

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How Do I Fix My E4 Code on Dometic AC? (Thermostat E4 Code)

There is a sensor for everything. Once modern technology got involved, electronic devices got far more complicated than they should be. In many cases, there is nothing wrong with the device. It is usually

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Cat 3126 Fuel System Diagram (HEUI Pump Diagram)

When you are finding evidence of leaks, those leaking spots can be difficult to find. All you have is a puddle of fuel and a few drops to go by to start your search. Finding the actual leak will take some

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Galveston vs Port Aransas: Is Galveston or Port Aransas Better?

When RV owners talk on their different discussion forums, they often use abbreviations. Unfortunately, those abbreviations can refer to two different spots in the same state or area. Port A refers to both

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Aisin Transmission vs 68RFE: Differences and Which Is Better

It seems that Dodge had decided to build their transmissions to work with specific motors only. The Aisin transmission works with the high-output 6.7-liter Cummins I6 turbo-diesel. The 68RFE is attached

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Troubleshooting Allison Transmission Shift Selector Problems

It may not always be a simple problem. Usually, you start with all the simple possibilities to fix a problem. This spares you the embarrassment of paying a technician for something you could have fixed

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How To Open Pop-Up Camper Without Crank (Raise Broken Pop-Up)

You are out at your camping spot and you are going through your tools and you suddenly realize, you forgot the crank. Don’t feel bad, many pop-up camper owners have done the same thing. When you realize

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How Long Will an RV Fridge Stay Cold Without Power? (8 Tips)

Trying to keep your food protected while you drive can be quite a challenge. While there are similarities between a traditional home fridge and an RV fridge, staying cool for a long time is not one of

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Why Is My Dometic RV Toilet Water Valve Leaking? (How To Fix)

Not every RV repair is going to be a major job. Sometimes they are going to be minor. What makes them a hassle is they are often in an out-of-the-way spot that is very difficult to access. If you are under

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Does Costco Sell Diesel? (Costco Diesel Locations Map)

Everyone wants to save money. No matter which era we are in, saving money on purchases has always been an important part of life. This attitude also extends to buying diesel fuel which is why many RV owners

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RV Storage With Electricity vs No Electricity (Pros and Cons)

When you do not live in your RV all the time, you run into different challenges than those that do. One of those challenges is storing the RV or trailer for the winter. There is a healthy debate over which

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What Is B5 Diesel Fuel? (Price, Properties, and How To Find)

It is an environmental fuel. One of the advantages of using B5 diesel is that it has a higher oxygen content than regular #2 diesel. This means that there should be lower emissions being let out into

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How To Find The Flattest Route For RVs on Google Maps (Guide)

Many RV owners want to save. They feel that if they can save even 1 mpg, they are ahead of the game. Because they have that attitude, they look for the flattest routes possible. They will use Google maps

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3.31 vs 3.55 Axle Ratio: Difference Between 3.31 And 3.55

It’s a matter of numbers and purpose. When your truck is empty and you are not towing, there is little difference between these two axle ratios. But when you are towing, you will see a slight difference

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RV Slide-Out Floor Thickness (How To Replace Slide Out Floor)

The thickness varies, that is one thing about slide-out flooring material. It is hard to tell how thick it is without removing some of the flooring material. The real problem, when you are doing work on

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Class A Motorhome Tire Pressure Chart (Recommended Guide)

The first rule in this process is to never exceed the maximum tire pressure listed on the sidewall of your tires. It does not matter what vehicle or trailer you have, this is a rule that cannot be broken.

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DEXRON IIE vs DEXRON III: Finding a DEXRON IIE Replacement

It is supposed to be compatible, that is the most recent word on this topic. Transmission fluids have changed over the years and now the Dexron number may be up to VI. But VI is supposed to harm the seals

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How Do You Check RV Tire Pressure? (When To Check and Tips)

It is the Goldilocks syndrome. When it comes to tire pressure, whether for a car, truck, or RV, you need to have the pressure just right. It cannot be under inflated nor can it be over inflated. Both of

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Why Is My Generator Sputtering? (Tips To Run Smoother)

When you are boondocking, the last thing you will need in this situation is to have your generator sputter. It is not a good feeling as your electrical systems depend on that power supply. Having the lights

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8.1 Vortec Oil Capacity: How Much Oil Does a 8.1 Vortec Take?

When it comes to RV and tow vehicle engines, it is nice to have the information where you can reach it quickly. Especially when you are trying to know how much oil you need to buy for an oil change. Having

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What Is Cummins Fault Code SPN 3058 FMI 16 (FMI 10, 0, 9)

When you see a fault code, there could be a variety of sources that trigger a specific one. Figuring out what is wrong takes a little work and requires you to have a fault code guide handy to look up the

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8.1 Vortec Transmission Options (Allison Transmission Specs)

While a lot of attention is given to the motor under the hood, it is important to pay attention to the type of transmission handling the gears. With a bad transmission, your engine will not perform up

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Troubleshooting Dometic 3 Button Thermostat Problems (Guide)

When resetting doesn’t work. Resetting the 3-button thermostat is one way to cure many minor ills. But sometimes the problems go deeper than that and resetting just won’t work. That is the time you

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Finding a Norcold N611 Replacement Fridge (Replacement Chart)

It may be harder than you thought. Looking for an N611 fridge replacement is a treasure hunt. The reason is that very few people actually have one in stock and if you go for a replacement, even fewer people

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What-Gauge-Wire-For-50-Amp-RV-Service-(63-Wire-For-50-Amp) (2)

What Gauge Wire For 50 Amp RV Service? (6/3 Wire For 50 Amp)

Home electrical projects can be interesting and fun. But they can also have you using the wrong type of wire for your connections. This is not a great idea as you have to worry about the length of the

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Accuride vs Alcoa: The Difference Between Alcoa and Accuride

Wheels are wheels. Well, at least some people think that way. But there is a difference between the wheels your tire rests on. Although some of those differences are not that great. The key is to make

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Chevy 6.0 vs 6.6 Gas Mpg: What Is The Mpg On a Chevy 6.6 Gas?

The 6.0 is a top Chevy engine that has seen an over 20-year production run. If it was bad, it would not have lasted as long as it has. With recent production models about $2000 less than the newer 6.6,

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How To Change a Dometic Thermostat From Celsius to Fahrenheit

Not everyone likes Celsius. While 7/8ths of the world uses the metric system including telling the temperature, not everyone likes that system. It can be confusing especially if you do not know how to

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Is There a Supercharger For-Triton-V10-(Whipple,-Kenne-Bell)

Is There a Supercharger For Triton V10? (Whipple, Kenne Bell)

The jury is still out. There are some people singing the praises of supercharging your RV’s Triton V10 engine. Others are not so enthusiastic as they wonder if it is a good idea to supercharge an engine

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What Is the ACTIVE Network Credit Card Charge? (Refund)

It may be deceptive marketing. The different retail and credit card companies have many tricks they can use to make money off of you. That is if you do not notice or read the fine print when you sign up

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What Does Uneven Lanes Mean? (FDOT Uneven Lanes Sign)

Some road signs may have you scratching your head and wishing you had taken that advanced degree in college. But the uneven lane sign is very clear and leaves little to the imagination.The uneven lane

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Choosing F450 Tires: Best Tires For F450 Dually (19.5 Mud)

Duallys often require larger tires than other pickups due to the amount of weight they can haul and tow. This situation makes the search for tires a little harder and more expensive. Don’t worry, good

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Z85 vs Z71: What Is The Z85 Package On a Chevy Silverado?

The differences seem to be slight. One of these options is made for off-road adventures while the other is made for towing and hauling. Both seem to be good packages if you do one activity over the other.

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Mountain Passes On I-90 in Montana and Idaho (Highest Pass)

Driving the mountains is not always a fun activity, especially when you are towing a trailer. The steep grades can really affect your gas mileage and put a lot of wear and tear on your brakes, engine,

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Troubleshooting Predator 2000 Generator Problems (Won’t Start)

It is a discount generator. By that, we mean that you can get these top Predator generators for about half the price of a Honda or other top generator-making brand. That is a good deal especially since

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How To Fill a 100 Lb Propane Tank (Where to Fill and Weight)

Filling propane tanks is not easy. When you go to a propane dealer that does refills, it is not always easy to know when the propane tank is full. Most dealers use the overflow valve as the indicator to

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Finding a Generator Mount For Travel Trailer (5 Ideas)

When it comes to adding a generator to your camping time, you may not have the basement storage large enough to accommodate it. Generator mounts provide that extra storage in spaces left unused by most

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How To Restore RV Vinyl Decals (EZ Shine RV Decal Restorer)

One of the reasons RV makers use vinyl decals is because they can save money. Vinyl decals are said to be cheaper than paint and if you see white on an RV, that is not painted on either. Anything to save

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RV Styrofoam Floor Replacement and Repair (Helpful Guide)

The plywood and Styrofoam flooring in most RVs is not the best flooring material you can have. It serves a purpose and tries to give you a comfortable floor to walk on. It just won’t last especially

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Where Can I Get a Brake Controller Installed? (U-Haul Cost)

Who do you trust? When it comes to installing a brake controller, the decision boils down to who will you trust with the installation. Will it be your RV dealer or will it be U-haul? Or you can go to your

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What Is The Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card? (Review)

Opinions are divided. Some people like this reward card while others think it is only a gimmick. But then it is part of the overall trend created by retailers everywhere to track purchases and see which

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Onan 4000 Generator Oil Type, Oil Capacity, and Oil Filter

Lubrication is key. Whenever you are dealing with motors, of any type, you will need top lubrication to make them run right. Without it, those motors can seize up and cause you a lot of expensive repairs.

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How Much Does a 30 Lb Propane Tank Weigh Empty? (or Full)

It is simple math. Or you can just place an empty propane tank on your bathroom scale to get an exact measurement. Either way, you will end up with a heavy empty propane tank. These things are made of

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How To Replace an RV Stereo (Helpful Guide and Tips)

Stereo replacement is easy. The only difficult part of this project is deciding which stereo and brand you will get. There is a lot to choose from and it may take a while to find the perfect one for your

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How To Use a Honey Wagon (Portable and Service) Helpful Guide

It is not as the name suggests. It is one of those major plays on words that take place in English and other languages. Do not expect to get sweet treats when you enlist the services of this business.

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Are T&B Breakers Compatible With Siemens? Compatibility Guide

We are going to say this upfront. When it comes to circuit breakers, it is okay to go out and buy new ones BUT if you do not like working with electricity or are not properly trained to change circuit

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GC2-XHD-UTL Replacement: Is The Interstate GC2-XHD-UTL Good?

Do you believe the salesman or not? It is a fair question as the salesman may know a thing or two about the different products they sell. However, when they are saying the product they are selling is better

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What Is The F-150 Heavy Duty Payload Package? (7850 GVWR)

If you want to haul more weight, then the HDPP F-150 may be the truck for you. The question is if you can find one used or not. This truck version is not that popular so far even though it has been out

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How Long Will a Diesel Engine Run On Gasoline? (Guide)

You can try, but you won’t get very far. Diesel fuel and gasoline have different characteristics and the engines that run off each fuel are designed differently. It may be possible to go 10 miles if

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RV Lights Flickering When Plugged In (Why and How To Fix)

Flickering lights in your RV can really be annoying. Without a doubt, the source of the problem will be electrical. Whether it is a wiring or an electrical component remains to be seen. It may take some

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Tesla Towing a Generator? (Tesla With a Generator On Back)

If you are going to do this, be prepared to face a lot of ridicule and taunts. These will take place even though it is a good idea to use the generator for warming up the engine and interior. But the conflicting

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VW 1600 Oil Capacity: How Much Oil Does a Beetle Take? (Type)

When it comes to smaller engines like the Beetle’s 1600 cc motor, you won’t be talking about quarts and gallons when it comes to oil. That is because the amount of oil this motor needs is listed in

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Leer Locker Price, Dimensions, Capacity, Review (Guide)

Everyone needs more storage. One of the biggest problems when it comes to the RV lifestyle is finding enough storage. It has been a problem for about 100 years now. But there is only so much room you have

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Chains Crossed or Not: Why Do You Cross Chains On a Trailer?

Just like politics, some people vote the way their fathers and grandfathers voted. Their opinions are good enough for them. The same concept applies to trailer chains. They cross them because their grandfathers

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What Is a Hot Ground Reverse and How To Fix It (Guide)

Wiring mistakes happen all the time. Even professional electricians can and do make mistakes. When these mistakes happen, the results can be disastrous. That is why you need to double-check all wiring

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Where Does The Time Zone Change In Tennessee On I-40? (MAP)

Traveling takes its toll. It is not the length of time that produces the wear and tear you feel. It is also the ever-changing time zones. When you are driving, you are lucky to cross only one time zone

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How Long Do Diesel Engines Last? (Why Do Diesels Last Longer)

When you compare diesel engines to gas ones, you will always be told that the former will outlast the latter. That is not hype but a statement of fact. Diesel motors do last longer than gas engines. There

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RV Toilet Water Won’t Go Down (Fix a Toilet That Won’t Flush)

Believe it or not, this is something that happens to almost every RV or trailer owner. It is not a fun situation to be in but it must be dealt with. One thing you know for sure is that there is an obstruction

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How Far Away Should Generator Be From Camper? (Safety Guide)

It is not as far as you think. Many people may think you have to have the generator a great distance away from your trailer or RV. However, many of the more modern and larger models come with a built-in

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RV AC Not Blowing Hard: How To Increase The Airflow In an RV

You need your cool air. There are many parts of the country that get extremely hot in the summer time. Then when the Indian summer extends that heat wave, you really look forward to having air conditioning

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55-Gallon Drum Septic Tank For RV (Small Septic System Guide)

It is a good idea, but the situation will dictate if it will work well or not. Some of these drums can handle the black water deposits but not the gray water deposits. The gray water may need to be re-routed

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Does Anyone Make a 3/4-Ton SUV? (3/4 Ton Suburban or Yukon)

It seems that GM ventured into this market area with two models from 2003 to 2013. The models they chose to build were the Full sized Suburban and Yukon XL. While the Suburban is still around, it may not

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What Oil Temp Is Too Hot For a 6.7 Cummins? (Temp Sensor)

If you have a newer motor, you may see an oil temperature gauge on your dash. However, according to some owners, there is no oil temperature sensor and the gauge may just be estimating what the actual

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Washing Machine Fire Pit Danger: Is It Safe To Use?

It is a logical move to make. It turns out that many RV owners have improvised and used a washing machine drum as a nice fire pit. Why not? It is made of stainless steel and won’t burn and it is a nice

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Brahma Wheel Lock Review, Price, Installation (Guide)

Trailer theft is real. You may not experience this event but enough trailer owners have to warrant buying a lock. The tongue locks are not that effective and the best way to protect your trailer is to

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Houghton Air Conditioner Problems, Reviews, Manual, Errors

It may be a great air conditioner. However, if this brand is not certified for RV use in Canada and the US, then Escape or other RV companies cannot install it in their models. This was proven true with

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Why Does My RV Air Conditioner Smell Musty? (How To Remove)

It may or may not be mold or mildew. Sometimes different odors all smell the same. The go-to culprit is usually mold or mildew but that is not always the case. It could be a normal odor coming from your

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DIY Homemade Camper Siding: What Can You Use For RV Siding?

There are lots of options. Doing it yourself is a very rewarding experience. You get a source of accomplishment as well as a burst of confidence. The good thing about doing siding projects yourself is

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What Is The Cummins Fault Code SPN 5585 FMI 18? (How To Fix)

Error codes are not always clear. Some are very hard to understand. They refer to parts you may not know you had under the hood of your RV. Another problem is that the company you think is responsible

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275 80R22.5 vs 295 75R22.5: Is 275 80R225 same as 295 75R225?

They may read different. The numbers do not always tell the whole story about different tires. Their numbers may say one thing but in a head-to-head competition, what seems like to be two different tires,

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Replacing a CU-AL Circuit Breaker (Types Of Circuit Breakers)

Rewiring can be confusing. That is because of the different labels on the different components. While a breaker may be able to work with two different types of wires, you cannot connect those two wires.

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Ram 2500 Gas vs Diesel Mpg: Is Ram 2500 Gas or Diesel Better?

Diesel has more power. There should be no debate about which is better to tow a trailer. While some gas engines do a good job, a diesel just does it better. It may get better gas mileage than the gas engine

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List of Toy Haulers With a 22-Foot Garage For Sale

It may be an impossible search. There are some people who need more than the standard 10 to 14-foot garage space many production toy haulers come with. While the toy haulers with larger garages are called

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Finding a 12 Volt Heat Tape For RV (How To Make a Heat Tape)

The product may not be called heat tape. While everyone uses those two words to describe the product they are looking for. The real name seems to be heat cable or some form of the term heat in their name.

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What Is PUC Diesel in Oregon? (Oregon PUC Diesel Prices)

It is not a fuel ingredient. Many people may wonder what ‘contains PUC’ means. They may think that it is another ingredient to help engines last longer and perform better. But, unfortunately, it is

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F250 Powerboost vs Powerstroke: Differences + Pros and Cons

It is getting to be a confusing world in the automotive industry. In today’s world, you have one brand that uses two different but top technologies to run their vehicles. The problem is these technologies

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