Ballistol vs WD40: Are Ballistol and WD-40 The Same?

While these penetrating oils are often advertised as miracle workers for just about any problem, they do have their limitations. But before they reach their limits these products do a great job for what

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Finding RV Salvage Yards California (RV Junkyards in CA)

Finding an RV junkyard or salvage yard is not always easy. One of the reasons it gets difficult is that there is not a lot of money in salvaging older RVs. Many owners simply trade them in and those trade-ins

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Amish-Family-RV-Repair-Service-(I- I-Any-Good

Amish Family RV Repair Service (Is It Any Good?)

Good mechanics are hard to find. Then when you find one, you also find out that they may not work on your brand of RV. That can be frustrating but focusing on one particular brand helps create top-quality

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How To Fix a Sleep Number Bed Deflating On One Side (Guide)

It is easy to spring a leak. There are so many places where even a pin prick can cause a loss of air. These sources can be very hard to find. But when you do find them, a quick fix may be all that you

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Do Amish Make RVs? (Amish Built RVs and The RV Industry)

Some people are sick of hearing about it. Yes, the Amish people in Indiana do build RVs. What makes people tired of this fact is that the different RVs use this as a way to advertise their RVs as being

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PB Blaster vs WD40 vs Penetrating Oil: Is PB Blaster Better?

All of the products you find on the hardware store shelves that say they loosen bolts etc., are considered penetrating oils. They are basically all the same with the same purpose. The biggest difference

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Heartland RV Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Online)

Heartland does not have a retail parts outlet on its website or a secure checkout. But when you look at their FAQs you can call a phone number when you have a question about your RV. You may have to go

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Finding RV Salvage Yards Indiana (RV Junkyards in Indiana)

One would think that Indiana being the home to many top RV makers, there would be a large supply of RV salvage yards. But the location of RV makers does not always influence local laws. The state government

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Finding RV Salvage Yards Arizona (RV Junkyards in Arizona)

There are snowbirds in the state. Their presence may lead one to think that this State has lots of RVs that are junked each year. While there are a lot of snowbirds that flock to the southern Arizona cities,

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Bulldog-Lippert Electric Trailer Jack Switch Wiring Diagram

Some RV owners are skeptical. They think that finding a wiring diagram for any feature on an RV is like finding a pig that can fly. In other words, they do not exist in most cases. Some features of an

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Common Winnebago Hike Problems (Winnebago Hike Review)

When it comes to RVs like the Hike, you will get both sides of the story if you hang out at one of the many RV discussion forums. While there are problems with the Winnebago Hike, there are many owners

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Where Is The RV Catalytic Converter Location? (Fleetwood)

Theft of catalytic converters is rampant these days. That may be due to the fact they are so easily located and accessible. This is not a part that can be hidden as it will be in the best spot on the exhaust

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Dometic WH-6GEA Troubleshooting (Reset Button, Parts List)

The Dometic WH-6GEA is a water heater and it is one of many components that can fail on you. Unfortunately, the failures with this model come early in your ownership which means you have to find an approved

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Dent In Tire: Can You Drive With a Dent On Tire? (Sidewall)

They do not look normal. Tires take on some weird shapes at times. Some of those shapes indicate a problem with the tire and some shapes you do not have to worry about. Identifying which is which can take

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Winnebago Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Parts Online)

There seem to be a few RV brands that do create parts lists for their customers. Winnebago is another one that has simplified finding parts or at least model numbers. However, all the parts available for

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Kroil vs Superzilla vs PB Blaster vs Liquid Wrench: Which One?

Once you buy an RV, you will find that you have many decisions to make. Even with something as simple as penetrating oils. There are always products competing with each other to get your hard-earned dollars

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Keystone RV Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Parts Online)

With the exception of Winnebago and Airstream, it seems that the larger RV companies are not as transparent or helpful when it comes to key RV aspects. It is very difficult to find any parts lists and

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RV Water Heater Switch On or Off? (Do You Leave It On?)

Dealers are not always correct... Of course, that is because RV makers may have hundreds of RV models combined. It is hard to keep track of every little detail each RV model comes with. This applies to

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F150 With Airbags Guide: Finding F150 Air Bag Kits

There are plenty of companies that make air bags for suspensions. Probably the most famous would be Air Lift and they sell through authorized dealers including some vendors at Amazon Marketplace. These

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Airstream Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Vintage Parts)

A never-ending quest or so it seems. When you own a trailer or motorhome, it seems that there is always a search for one part or another. Fortunately, there are many RV parts and accessory outlets ready

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Forest River Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Online)

When you start looking for the parts list and catalogs for your particular brand, be prepared to go through a long list of lists and catalogs. Then when you are looking for parts, be prepared to have a

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Norcold E3 Code Fix: What Does E3 Mean on a Norcold Fridge?

When it comes to warranties, not all cover breakdowns or failed parts. Sometimes, it is a manufacturer’s error and the RV brand won’t cover the repair. This is the case when it happens to your Norcold

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Finding Shower Enclosures America Replacement Parts (Door Seal)

When you are trying to find out if you have a Shower Enclosure America brand, it is on the closing door latch. That latch should read SEA and when it does you know that you need to contact Dynamax directly

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What Is The Code SPN 1045 FMI 5? (Freightliner Cascadia)

There are basically two types of these codes. The first type is often described as generic. That means they apply to any vehicle and system no matter the brand. The other type of code is brand or manufacturer

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Allison Transmission Speed Sensor Location and Problems

One of the drawbacks to modern transmissions, as well as engines, is that they are not built with too many components. It is hard to find them all when you are having a problem with your speedometer or

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Diesel Pusher Engines To Avoid (Worst Diesel Engine Ever Made)

There are very few diesel engine makers left in the nation today. What that means is that these companies are going to be on both the best and worst diesel engine lists.Diesels, even on their worst days,

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Handling The HEST Lamp Re-Gen (HEST Light On Dash)

There are more abbreviations. Than you can shake a stick at. When the new modern engines were developed so was a long list of abbreviations for the new components. HEST stands for High Exhaust System Temperature

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How to Repair RV Roof From The Inside (Repair Rotted Wood)

When you walk on your roof to check seals, etc., your foot may hit a spot that feels spongey. That feeling is telling you that you have a problem in that specific spot. You may be able to fix the problem

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DIY Homemade Truck Camper Tie Downs (How To Tie Down)

There will be those times when the commercially made tie downs just won’t work for your camper set up. Or they are just too expensive to buy. That is where being a DIY expert comes in handy. Improvising

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Techron vs Gumout vs SeaFoam: Which Cleaner Works The Best

Which is best? That is the age-old question when comparing competing products that do the same thing. Some brands do have an edge over their competitors simply because they use better ingredients. They

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Newmar Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Parts Online)

It may be easier than you think. Newmar may have devised a very good system for when their customers need parts. Their system seems to be very easy to learn and follow. That takes the worry out of shopping

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Airxcel Thermostat Reset, Operation, Manual (Helpful Guide)

When a device is not working, the usual solution is to take the time to reset it. In some cases, like computers, all you need to do is shut the device off and start it up again. It may work for thermostats

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Ford Explorer Towing Problems: Are Explorers Good For Towing?

It seems that U-haul has had to defend itself against many lawsuits when they rented a trailer to an Explorer owner. It got so bad that U-haul has stopped renting trailers to owners of specific Explorer

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Can a Starlink Router Be Outside? (Is Starlink Waterproof?)

When you need the internet to stay connected with family and friends, having the right router setup makes everything go smoothly. That includes trying to keep your router outside so it gets the best signal.

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Is Krylon Fusion For Plastic Discontinued? (Krylon COLORmaxx)

There is some confusion between customers as to the availability of this product. Some customers are reporting it gone from the shelves as recently as 2016, while others are reporting finding it on the

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Is Monaco RV Still In Business? (RV Models And What Happened)

If you want a luxury RV, then you head over to a Monaco RV dealer. This company is said to make some of the most luxurious models you can find anywhere in the RV industry. But to own one of their models

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Is Gulfstream Motorhomes Out of Business? (Review, Problems)

Old news, check the dates. One of the things you need to do when you read or hear news about any given RV company is check the date. There was a rumor that Gulfstream went out of the motorhome business

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Complete Dodge 440 Motorhome Engine Specs, Upgrades, Guide

Modern engines have too many gadgets and components on them to be truly powerful. But when you want lots of power, you need to go back to the muscle car era and pick up one of those engines. Those motors

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2000-2023 Ford E450 Fuse Panel Diagrams (Fuse Box Location)

Let’s be clear, most modern vehicles come with 2 fuse boxes. There is one in the engine compartment and one down at your feet to the left of the pedals. Generally, the latter one is the one most E450

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Monaco RV Electrical Schematics and Wiring Diagram (Problems)

Wiring diagrams and schematics are not always easy to find. Some RV makers do not issue them because the wiring for each RV they make, even for the same model, is always different. It is also said that

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50 Amp 3 Prong Plug: How To Wire a 50 Amp Plug With 3 Wires

Not every camping situation is perfect. You will find over the course of your RV life, that certain camping situations do not meet with your current RV electrical wiring. The temptation to rewire a plug

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Typical RV Water System Diagram (How Do Water Systems Work?)

When it comes to comparing your traditional home and your RV’s water systems, you may be surprised they are almost identical. The one big difference would be that you store your freshwater in your RV

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How To Fix: No Power To Leveling Jacks Control Panel

This is a common problem. Leveling jacks, if they are not manually operated, run on electricity. When there is no power your only option is to lower or raise them manually till you figure out the problem.

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I-65 or I-75 to Florida: Drive to Florida Avoiding Mountains

Everyone has their preference. When you travel, you will find that just about everyone who owns an RV has their own road preference. What one person doesn’t like on I-65 another will. Sometimes, you

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Is Hercules a Good Brand? Hercules H901 Complaints and Review

When you buy an RV or trailer, you will find out soon after, that there are more tire brands than you may have thought. However, Hercules is an old American Tire and Rubber company that has been around

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Toyo Tire Date Code Guide: Where To Find and How To Read

The fact that tires wear out even if they are not used is an important piece of information. Tires do age out and that is why they have an age code, just like food. Tires do not last indefinitely and they

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Jeep Flat Tow Brake System (How Does a Brake System Work?)

As you already know, flat towing is the method of towing a vehicle behind your RV that keeps all 4 wheels on the ground. It is a convenient way to tow and comes with many advantages. One is that it is

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SPN 4334 FMI 4 Cummins: What Is Code 4334 On Freightliner?

The official SPN FMI code list covers the big three diesel engine makers. Freightliner, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel. If you get the same code on all three engines, you have the same problem. The only question

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Dometic AC Control Board Troubleshooting, Wiring, Replacement

When you are having trouble with your Dometic AC control board, the problem may lie with the control board or it may lie with some other part. It can be expensive and confusing to try and fix this issue

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Dometic 310 Toilet Leaking Between Bowl and Base (Problems)

When it comes to leaks, you will find that all types of water leak from unusual places. That is because water will find the easiest path to exit its surroundings. The same can be said for Dometic 300 toilets.

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Airxcel Thermostat Troubleshooting and Wiring Diagram (Guide)

Keeping your RV warm or cool is not a difficult task to do when your thermostats or heating/AC units are working like a charm. Just punch in the desired temperature and the system takes care of the rest.

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Alternate Route Around Nashville (Best Time To Avoid Traffic)

It is all about traffic. Nashville is not as large as say Chicago or Detroit, thus traffic issues may not be as severe in this city as it is in those examples. However, if you are on a schedule finding

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Lippert Frame Failure, Problems, Lawsuit, Recall (Who Uses?)

The real story. Most RV articles you read on the internet and in RV magazines paint a very idyllic RV life. It is a great way to live and see the country. That is true for about 90 to 95% of the RV owners.

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Allison 4000 Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, Interval

Manuals may say something different. It seems that the 2014 4000 manual has a lower fluid capacity than the 2010 manual says for the same transmission. All this is telling you is that there have been some

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Max-Tongue-Weight-Silverado-1500-How-Much-Hitch-Weight (2)

Max Tongue Weight Silverado 1500: How Much Hitch Weight?

When it comes to tongue weight, the manufacturer always has something important to say. In this case, when you have a greater tongue weight than 770 or 800 pounds you need to switch from a weight-carrying

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How To Install Catalytic Converter Without Welding (Clamp)

Catalytic converter theft is rising. One of the problems you may experience these days is the theft of your catalytic converter. Even if you weld it into place, thieves can cut the pipe to make sure they

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Allison 3000 Transmission Problems and Troubleshooting Manual

With all the technological upgrades to modern transmissions, it may be best to leave the repairs in the hands of professionals. It is easy to get confused as to what needs to be done especially when the

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Dometic 300 vs 310 vs 320 vs 510 Dimensions (Will It Fit?)

One of the most important chairs in anyone’s life. The bathroom throne is essential and when you need to use it, you want to be comfortable. Plus, when you upgrade it to a newer model, you want to know

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What Is Trailer Reverse Steering Control On a RAM 1500?

Sometimes there can be too much technology on a vehicle and the joy of driving plus enhancing one’s driving skills are lost. Trailer reverse steering control may be one of these technological items that

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Replacing a WSX-5ACM Motor Starter (AC Start Capacitor)

With all the different upgrades taking place, different parts are getting harder to find. The reason for that is that manufacturers have made upgrades to their products replacing the older versions. The

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What Controls The Wait To Start Light (Light Not Coming On)

It seems that the glow plugs and the wait to start light may not be on all engine models. Technology seems to have done away with these features for some engine builders. It all depends on who built your

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Parking Brake Valve Leaking Air (Won’t Pop or Not Holding)

Even modern systems break down. It happens and it will continue to happen. The key is to know what needs to be fixed and where to get the right parts to make the repair.Some amount of air leakage is to

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What Is And How To Fix Code SPN 4364 FMI 18 (FMI 1, FMI 31)

There you are driving down the highway minding your own business when all of a sudden a fault code appears. It may be a good code or it may be one that will ruin your day. You just never know but you need

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RV Delamination Repair Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Fix?

One of the most important lines in life. Once you cross it, you are said to be in debt and it is hard to recover. However, if you watch the bottom line carefully, you can still repair your delamination

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Finding 460 Motorhome Headers (Best Headers For Ford 460)

Upgrading your older engine is always fun to do as you get to give your older engine new life. However, depending on the age of the engine, you may not always find compatible modern parts. Some original

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Dometic 310 RV Toilet Parts Diagram and List (Replacement)

Having access to a diagram and a parts list is essential when your toilet starts to malfunction. There is something to be said for DIYing the repair. It is a great feeling knowing you followed the diagram,

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Which Is Better Newmar vs Tiffin? (Ventana, Phaeton, Allegro)

Opening a can of worms. Whenever these comparisons crop up in a conversation, the person initiating the discussion is usually opening up a can of worms. Everyone has their own opinion on which RV brand

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DIY RV Grill Mount: RV Slide Out Grill Mounting Guide

Some RV owners like the idea of having their BBQ grill slide out from the basement. It is convenient for them. Others do not like it as they feel too much grease gets on their RV during the grilling time.You

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Allison 4500 RDS Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, Interval

In many cases, you may not get a specific web page talking about the 4500 transmission. Often, you will find that the company will use the word series to indicate the requirements for all transmissions

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Common Dometic 320 Toilet Problems (Leaking or Not Holding)

Dometic may be a good manufacturer, but they don't always hit a home run with their products. Case in point, the 320 toilet. There seems to be a lot of complaint about this model as well as the poor customer

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Front Hitch Motorcycle Carrier Options (Helpful Guide)

Having the air flow through your hair that makes motorcycle riding romantic and adventurous. These 2-wheeled vehicles are great for fun as well as going into town for errands. They also save on fuel as

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Onan Marquis 5000 Generator Guide (Oil Type, Parts, Manual)

If you get a chance to buy an Onan generator at a fairly cheap price, do not ignore it. These are good machines and they hold their value. That is if you take care of them and do proper maintenance when

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What Is Code SPN 102 FMI 18? (Cummins, Cascadia, DD15)

Fault codes are supposed to be your friend. But you can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of ‘friends’ you have inside your engine. There are a lot of codes to keep up with and sadly, they may not

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P0880 Allison Transmission Code: What Is Code P0880?

One of the better aspects of error codes is that they do tend to help more than they frustrate. Once you know what and where the problem is, the issue is easier to fix and sometimes faster to get it done.The

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Is The Afcat 945 Sealant Any Good? (Review and Where to Buy)

When it comes to sealants, all you have to do is walk through your favorite home improvement store and see you have plenty of sealant options. The way to find the best is to know what you are looking for

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RV Delamination Repair By Drilling Holes (Repair Kit)

What appears to be simple… May not be as simple as it appears. There will be some RV repairs that cause you to think it can be done in a few minutes. But in reality, it may take a day, a week, or longer

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Finding an Atwood G6A-8E Water Heater Replacement (Guide)

Everyone needs hot water. It is one of the most important tools to use to relax. A nice hot bath or shower after a hard day of work gets those muscles back where they should be. Plus, the hot water can

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Schematic Air Parking Brake Valve Diagram (Bendix, Sealco)

There are different types of brakes for different vehicles. Air brakes are usually found in heavy-duty vehicles because they are better than brake pads. These air brakes work with compressed air which

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The Winnebago Ekko Problems, Recall, Issues, and Review

In 2021 Winnebago sent out a recall notice to Ekko owners. There seem to have been a lot of problems with that RV model. You may still face a lot of problems as it seems this model may not have been built

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LCI Electronic Leveling All Lights Flashing (How To Reset)

Don’t panic is the very first rule to follow whenever you see something go wrong. If you panic, you may hit the wrong button and turn a simple process into an expensive repair. Stay calm when you see

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RV Water Pump Switch Wiring Diagram (Shurflo RV Pump Wiring)

One of the issues that make DIY wiring a challenge is the different components that need to be used. For example, if you wire in a Sea Level monitor, you can’t use the on/off switch. You need a momentary

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Snip The Tip Thermistor Review and Guide (Dometic, Norcold)

As you progress in your RV ownership, you will find many independent companies advertising the next best invention to sliced bread. However, after spending your money, you find that the company missed

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Freightliner Air Suspension System Diagram (Parts Breakdown)

One of the things about the truck and auto industry is that the manufacturers are always making changes. One air suspension system diagram may be a bit different from another one made a year or two later.

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Allison Transmission Fault Code List (How To Read Codes)

To make work easier auto component makers have relied on the fault code system. These fault codes are supposed to cu the guesswork out of doing car repairs. However, like Allison, many companies have their

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Common Sumo Springs Problems: Are Sumo Springs Worth It?

They may be progressive, but they are not perfect. Some Sumo Spring owners have reported different issues that they have experienced after installation. Part of the problem will be how the springs were

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Which FICO Score Is Used For RV Loans? Can I Get An RV Loan?

It is a credit score world. When you are looking to finance anything, your credit score contributes to the final decision. Every major purchase will be influenced by your credit score and the bank’s

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Heart Interface Inverter Freedom (Replacement and Repair)

When you own an RV you will soon learn that you have two different electrical systems. One is 12 volts and the other is 120. Even the type of current is different as the 12-volt system is DC and the 120

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Is Hughes Autoformer Out of Business? (Issues, Reviews, Fix)

This is always a good question when you have not heard about a company for some time. Those companies that make products for RVs and other applications come and go. Some go quietly and you simply never

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Is Diesel Kleen Any Good? (Diesel Kleen Reviews and Guide)

Endorsed by Cummins. That may be all you need to know about this product. Cummins has said that this product is okay to use in their engines so it must work well. But test it out for yourself to see if

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CAT Fault Code List: How To Read Caterpillar Diagnostic Codes

One of the things you have to get used to when you own different vehicles is the fact that fault codes exist. Sometimes they are a great help and other times, they still leave you confused as to what the

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RV Luminaire VR Fixture: How To Change Ceiling Lights On RVs

Some are easier than others. When it comes to changing light bulbs, you will find that some RV lights are as easy to change as the ones n your traditional homes. While others have unique designs that often

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The Jaboni Solar Panel (Charge Controller Guide and Review)

Solar energy is improving. As the years go by those scientists using technology to help the world have made solar energy more than a passing fad. They have found new ways to capture the sun’s rays and

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700R4 Transmission Fluid Capacity, Type, and Change Interval

Fuel efficiency is an objective most vehicle owners have. When you need to save on fuel, look for a vehicle that comes with the 700R4 transmission. If you keep it full of transmission fluid, you should

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What Should DEF Pressure Be? (Bad DEF Pump/Injector Symptoms)

Besides ourselves, we have found only one other person who has asked this question. Cummins and Ford had FAQ web pages and this question was not on either. But do not worry, we did find an answer.The operating

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What Is Fault Code SPN 1592 FMI 19 and FMI 9? (Freightliner)

Proper communication helps build strong relationships. The same can be said for the components of your vehicle. If there is a strong communication system then everything will work well. But if there is

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Onan Generator Code 32: What Does It Mean And How To Fix It

You may have noticed over recent years more and more devices have been given fault codes. These codes are everywhere now and it would be a good idea to get a list of them so you can understand what is

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Safe-T Plus Steering Stabilizer Complaints and Review

There are always good inventions. The trick is finding one before spending any money on inferior products that crowd the parts store’s shelves. Getting help steering when those wind gusts come up or

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SumoSprings vs Timbrens: Which Is Better? (Before and After)

Some of the more majestic sites are not found along the much traveled interstate system. You have to go off-road to reach these sites and stock springs just may not make it over the rougher roads. That

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1200LRIM Norcold Power Board Wiring Diagram (Helpful Guide)

Not all manuals have wiring diagrams, especially if they are for older models from the past century. However, Norcold’s manuals seem to have some for their more recent appliances. If you haven’t misplaced

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Cummins Big Cam 400 Max HP (400 Big Cam Cummins Specs)

The price tag for this top Cummins engine rivals the price tag of fully constructed small cars. But when you want a top engine under the hood, you should expect to pay more. This engine can survive up

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