Snip The Tip Thermistor Review and Guide (Dometic, Norcold)

As you progress in your RV ownership, you will find many independent companies advertising the next best invention to sliced bread. However, after spending your money, you find that the company missed the mark by a mile. Snip the Tip may be one of those inventions

The reviews do not seem to be good. Either a lot of owners are not needing this invention or they just do not like it. The reviews are not good between 2012 and 2021 and the story is the same, the fridge does not get as cold as it used when they attached this device to it.

To learn more about this product, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best and most up-to-date information possible. Take a few minutes to see if this is a device that may help you keep your food colder longer.

Snip The Tip Thermistor Review


In the reviews that we have read, there are not any over-whelming positive comments. The best comment we found was that it could take hours between adjustments to see any difference in your fridge or freezer temperatures.

One owner had no complaints and said that the device adjusted fine and there was no temperature problem. But that is in contrast to the many who have tried this product and said that either the fridge did not get cold enough or it got too cold and acted like a freezer.

Since the adjustment strategy seems to be by feel, it is understandable why they did not get the right temperatures. There may be a learning curve to operate it.

The company’s website was not much help either. We clicked on the support and technology pages but the website did not move off the products page. There was also no other information on that web page about the company, contact information, and so on.

They are supposed to have a Facebook page but the last entry seems to be 2018.

Snip The Tip Thermistor Norcold


There is a company web page on this topic and you can find it at this link. It will provide you with a long list of Norcold fridges this device is compatible.

Plus, it has all the instructions you need to follow to install this new kit. Images are there as well to help you understand the written instructions. The repair or installation is said to only take 5 minutes.

When some customers complained to the company, they said that they received a snippy reply in return telling them that the installation should be handled by professionals.

If you do not use professionally trained technicians, you void any warranty protection that comes with this device. They won’t honor any damage claims you may make. Like their website, we found their Facebook page wanting of any information.

Snip The Tip Thermistor Dometic


This link takes you to the company’s Dometic repair kit page like the one did for Norcold. The first thing you will see will be the long list of Dometic fridges this device is supposed to be compatible with.

All the instructions are there along with the same images as found on the Norcold page. The same warning is given on this web page as it is found on the Norcold one.

The only difference seems to be that the installation can be handled by anyone if the company doesn’t know about it. We are not sure if the company is still in business or not. The most recent information we can find is from 2021.

But the information on this web page should still hold true. It covers proper installation so you should not void your warranty or lose any claims you may make.

What Happens If a Thermistor Fails in The Refrigerator?


The thermistor is a device that monitors different temperature changes in your fridge. It sends a signal to the control board and from there adjustments are made.

If the thermistor is not working right, then you can ruin your fridge, spoil the food inside, and on occasion start a fire. These things happen because the control board received the wrong information and either set the temperature too high or too low.

This link takes you to page 7 of a discussion about RV fridges and the fires they can cause. The images in that thread are very graphic to some people. The fire was caused by a Norcold 1200 model.

How do I Know If My RV Thermistor is Bad?


One of the key signs will be how is your food looking at the moment. If the milk has been turned into an ice cube or you see excess frost, then your thermistor is going bad.

If you are starting to question the validity of the temperatures registered on your thermostat, then you need to disconnect the thermistor and hook it up to an ohm meter.

Use the resistance option on the meter and get a reading. Then compare the reading with the information provided to you by the manual or dealer. If your reading is within the proper range then you have a problem elsewhere. If it doesn’t then the thermistor needs to be replaced.

The location of the thermistor will depend on the make and model of the fridge. They will not always be in the same location. Use your manual to get that location for your specific fridge model.

Some Additional Words

With no company information about Articca Snip the Tip, it becomes suspicious. The website does not work and there is nothing on it that gives you any additional information except the repair kits and where to buy them.

The responses from the company when an owner tried to contact them build on that suspicion. We are not sure if the company is still in business and the only one we found with that name was located in the United Kingdom.

This product may work well for some people but not for everyone.

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