Dometic 310 RV Toilet Parts Diagram and List (Replacement)

Having access to a diagram and a parts list is essential when your toilet starts to malfunction. There is something to be said for DIYing the repair. It is a great feeling knowing you followed the diagram, got the right parts, and successfully completed the project.

The Heartland RV company does include a diagram and a parts list in the manual it gives its customers. This is not going to be hard to find as the 310 was generously made by Dometic and may still be made today. Just ask Dometic for a manual to get a diagram and parts list.

To learn more about this toilet, see the parts list and the diagram just continue to read our article. It has everything you need to know about this toilet model so you can repair yours quickly and efficiently without a lot of running around.

Dometic 310 RV Toilet Parts Diagram

This section and the next one will be combined as per Dometic. It seems that when they created their exploding 310 toilet diagrams, they included a parts list on them. We found 2 examples of this and one came from Heartland Rv’s Dometic manual.

Only the parts list from that example can be copied but you can see both at this link. Below is another example:


Dometic 310 Toilet Parts List


The parts list is above and found at the link we provided in that section as well. There is no point in rehashing the same material. There are only approx. 11 parts with 3 that are optional.

Those optional parts are listed in the legend in the diagram above. Only one of those optional parts is listed in the Heartland Dometic manual we linked to. Not every Dometic 310 will have those extra parts.

If you are buying used, their inclusion would be up to the original owners. You can always change the toilet if you would like those optional parts included or see if they can be added after installation.

Dometic 310 Toilet Seal


We will get to finding the different parts we are talking about in this article at the end. These sections will focus on repairing the different parts or replacing them. One good idea before you start is to empty your black water tank and rinse it out.

That first step will save you a lot of unpleasant odor issues and images. If you are leaking water, the next step after cleaning your black tank will be to clean the rubber seal. Sometimes little particles keep the seal from closing the area and water leaks through those gaps. Cleaning saves you money.

To get the seal out, press the foot pedal and then pull the seal out. That is all there is to removing this part. After the seal is out, clean the area thoroughly. When you are done, the seal just pops back into place due to the grooves in the toilet bowl and the seal.

It is a very simple fix, unlike a Thetford toilet where you may have to remove the bowl to get to the seal and replace it.

Dometic 310 Toilet Foot Pedal Replacement


Here is some bad news. Dometic did not make their toilets completely DIY-accessible. You can replace the valve on this toilet model but the foot pedal is not replaceable or repairable.

The fix is to either rig something up that will work or replace the whole toilet assembly. Not a good set of options but that is the reality for this toilet model.

Assemblies are available in Tan and White colors but the cost of this replacement may not be advantageous to most people. As we mentioned in the previous section, we will get to where you can find these different parts and assemblies to get your bathroom back to normal.

The locations should all be the same for each part, the prices should be different though as one outlet normally sells assemblies for just over $400 but are on sale for $300 at this time.

Dometic 310 Toilet Seat


Replacing the current toilet seat on the Dometic 310 will be the same as replacing the seat on your traditional home toilet. There are two bolts and nuts used to hold the RV version in place just like your other home’s toilet.

Remove the bolts and nuts, usually plastic pieces, and then remove the seat. After that place the seat in position and insert the bolts. After they are inserted just attach the nuts to the bolts and tighten them up.

This is another quick and easy RV repair that should only take a couple of minutes. Also like the at home toilet, the key to this replacement is finding one that fits the bolt holes on the toilet seat.

This gives you a lot of freedom to find a comfortable toilet seat or one that has a slow-close mechanism. Whatever seat you pick is up to you as long as the holes on the seat line up with the holes in the toilet bowl.

This convenient style allows you to do some great comparison shopping to get a low price. You do not have to be a great handyman to make this change. Just know how to tighten the nuts and you are basically done.

Dometic 310 Toilet Flush Ball Replacement


When it comes to toilets, you should notice that the traditional home toilet and the RV-style toilet are not usually the same. There are different designs and the 310 does not have a tank. The flush bowl for the 310 model is inside the bowl at the bottom. It is right underneath the seal.

If you look at the diagrams, the flush bowl label is pointing to the rubber seal. The repair video we looked at only dealt with the seal as well. It did not talk about the other parts you will find at this link

Those parts will need a little more work and all you have to do is remove those 4 screws to make the change. If the flush ball does not close completely, you are to clean it and spray some silicone or furniture polish on it for better operation.

The manual does not provide any replacement instructions. The manual says that replacement instructions are provided when you buy the replacement parts for this section of the toilet. You can read the manual at this link.

For French speakers, this manual is in French. The English version is only 12 pages long with the French version in the same booklet in the latter half portion.

Finding Dometic 310 Toilet Replacement Parts

If you try Dometic first, they may ask you to fill out a form so they can help you find the right part. That form is found here. When we looked at that website, the company does not seem to sell parts unless it is through their service sector.

The company sells complete toilets on its website and the 310 is listed at $299. Under support & services, there is a label that says spare parts and it basically says to find a Dometic service partner to get the parts you need.

But all is not lost as e-Trailer has plenty of spare parts for the 310 as does Amazon. You just need to go to those outlets’ websites and type in the part you are looking for and it should appear on your screen.

RV Parts Nation seems to only sell complete 310 toilets and we found no parts listed for that specific model. But you can contact them just in case we missed something.

Walmart will sell some parts. Most of the options we saw listed were the seal but there was a replacement toilet seat and a couple of other parts listed as well.

You can try Camping World and other RV parts and Accessory outlets to find the needed parts if you have the time.

3 common problems for the 310 toilet:

1. The foot pedal

2. The foot pedal leaks

3. The toilet leaks water

The common fix for all three of these issues would be to check and clean the seals. You may need to replace them as rubber seals will wear out over time. This is not a big task but make sure to empty your black water tank first.

Some Additional Words

Dometic still makes the 310 toilet. That means that spare parts should be easy to find. Once you find them the repairs are not that difficult. As the manual says most basic repairs can be done without removing the toilet.

Unfortunately, Dometic made some repairs impossible to do and your only option would be to replace the whole toilet. That cost is not as expensive as it could be but it will set you back a few hundred dollars.

Use the manual to help you make the necessary repairs.

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