Newmar Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Parts Online)

It may be easier than you think. Newmar may have devised a very good system for when their customers need parts. Their system seems to be very easy to learn and follow. That takes the worry out of shopping for Newmar RV parts.

Newmar has not been in business for that long. They just went over 20 years in the business judging from their parts catalogs. Their parts catalogs go back to 1999 and it is easy to find.

To learn more about the Newmar way, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible and makes getting replacement parts a lot easier. Take a couple of minutes to see how easy their system is.

Where Can I Find Newmar Parts Online?


The best place would be the Newmar website. This company has done what other RV makers have not done. They seem to sell directly to the public through their online store.

The company’s system seems very easy to follow. You just need to go to the right parts catalog to find the part you need. They even offer alternative part numbers if one part has been discontinued.

Then you can go to one of the many Newmar authorized parts dealers. Integrity is one of those dealers and you can reach their website through this link. There will be a lot more of these dealers around the country in case these two options do not work out for you.

Newmar Parts Catalog

Not hard to find. Just go to the Newmar website and at the top, you will see a navigation bar. Click on the owners link and you will be taken to a page that talks about different important topics for owners.

Scroll down to the Newpar word, it is in black and white and in large letters. Click on the red link at the right and you will be taken to their parts website. Next, click on the words catalog shop at the top and you will be taken to the next web page.

Go to the right and click on the box that says Newmar Parts Catalogs. From there you get to the web page that has the parts and other catalogs for 1999 to 2024. Click on the year that you need.

Newmar Parts Lookup


Once you get to the catalog that you need, you just click on it and then search the different categories that come up on your screen. Newmar has organized their catalogs into different sections making parts lookup simple.

When you click on one category you will be taken to a list of components that you have to click on once again. At that point, you will be taken to the web page listing all available parts for that component.

The process is simple but it takes a while as you have to click on so many links to get to the proper screen. The model years will have all the RVs and trailers that were sold that year neatly organized as well.

Newman Sled Bed Trailer Parts

This is one of the drawbacks of their simplified system. You can find parts for this component but you would need to know the year and model of your RV to get to them.

We checked a couple of models to see if we go find it but without that information, it becomes a time-consuming task. It also doesn’t help when the company does not list beds in its many categories.

We did a parts search to help speed up the process but the website results did not list this part or component.

Newmar Dutch Star Parts


We are not sure how long the company made this RV but it is listed in several model years. The process is the same as you click on the model year you need, then search the model names till you come to the Dutch Star option and click on that.

The parts are all organized so you can find the one you are looking for without too much trouble. If you are not seeing the part you need, either contact the company or one of the many authorized parts dealers.

Newmar Parts Phone Number

There is not a parts phone number per se. What you have to do when you want to talk to that department is fill out the form on their support web page. Or you can use their customer service email or phone number- & 1-(800)-731-8300.

Those are the three best ways to get a hold of the people you want to talk to. Their company’s head office address is in Nappanee, IN, at 355 Delaware St.

Where To Buy Newmar RV Replacement Parts


Besides the two options we listed above already, you can go to any Newmar dealer to get the parts you need. These dealers may charge a higher price than if you do it yourself through the company’s website. But they may have the part on hand and save you some time.

Other locations will be through the different RV parts and accessory outlets that dot the nation. One of these companies is PDX RV LLC Wholesale. There may be more near you if you do a local internet search.

Even Amazon has a few parts for sale on its website. Not many but it is an option if you need an inverter.

Some Additional Words

Newmar seems to be another company that has its customers' best interests at heart. They have developed a very good parts catalog and purchase system that makes parts shopping smoother and better.

But if you do not want to shop through their website as you need the part in a hurry, there is a good network of dealers and authorized parts outlets to make sure you get that part fast.

Some of the other RV companies should take note of the Newmar system and implement it themselves.

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