RV Delamination Repair Cost: How Much Does It Cost To Fix?

One of the most important lines in life. Once you cross it, you are said to be in debt and it is hard to recover. However, if you watch the bottom line carefully, you can still repair your delamination problem and still not go into debt.

If you are told that the cost may be as low as $5000, either the area to be fixed is very small, or the quality of work may be suspect. If the problem is with a slide, then you are looking at between $10,000 to $20,000+ to fix the issue.

To learn more about the cost of fixing your RV’s delamination problem, just continue to read our article. It contains the best information possible and gives you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay when this problem happens to you. All costs are approximations due to several factors.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix RV Delamination?


The actual cost you will pay will range between several hundreds of dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars. It will all depend on the route you take to get the repair completed. This is not going to be an easy fix even when the delamination problem is small.

Exact figures cannot be given as it depends on the size of the problem as well as the location. The slide area may be more expensive due to the amount of work involved. Also, it will depend on if you need to strip the current skin off and reapply it or if you can leave it in place and just fix a localized area.

There are websites that produce some very encouraging numbers but get an estimate first before believing what they say. They may only be quoting best-case scenarios.

RV Delamination Repair Cost


As you know, doing this work yourself is going to be a lot cheaper than hiring a professional to do the repair. You can get away with paying only $200 or so and doing the work yourself.

But not everyone is thrilled to do it themselves or has the skills. The actual cost will depend on who you hire and your location. Location always influences a bill because of cost of living factors.

One website we checked had a top price of $5000 but on an RV discussion forum, that cost was laughed at. Many of the owners couldn’t believe it would cost so low and cautioned the original poster to budget $10,000+.

The cost will depend on the extent of the repair. The more severe the repair, the higher the cost. The make, model, and brand of the RV will also influence the price of the repair. As would the type of skin material.

Finding RV Delamination Repair Shops


There are three ways to conduct this search. The first way would be to go to the RV discussion forum that is related to your brand of RV. The owners there are usually very knowledgeable and can point you in the right direction.

Many of them have gone through this same process and may know someone who does great work. The second way would be to check your local classified ads or yellow pages, etc.

Many of these shops advertise locally and you should be able to find one near you quickly. Just make sure to shop around to get the best price. The third option would be to use your computer.

If you are not in your home city, the internet can help you find local shops or those along your route. Make a list and contact them through e-mail or phone them. That way you can make an appointment for when you are in their area.

Does Delamination Get Worse Over Time?


This is not a problem that will solve itself. The source for delamination is usually water or moisture and once it starts, it will only get worse. Then, if you store your RV outside throughout the year, the process not only gets worse, it accelerates.

The longer you take to address this issue, the higher the cost. This is an issue that cannot be left alone. You may be able to cut costs if you work on the problem when it is small.

Also, your cost will depend on where the problem is located. If it is in a nice area that is easy to access and does not take a lot of time or material to fix, you should be able to repair it for under $500.

Camper Delamination Repair Kits


There are some very good kits on sale everywhere. Delamination is not a rare problem and many marketplaces as well as big box stores carry these kits. The good news is that these kits provide everything you need, except pressure, to fix your delamination problem.

They also cost less than $500 depending on where you buy them, etc. Sometimes you may need more material than those kits offer so you may end up having to buy 2. The biggest drawback you will have with this kit is applying the pressure needed to make sure the adhesive sticks and solves the problem.

You will need clamps large enough to hold everything in place. Those clamps are not always sold in those kits. Buying them separately will add to your overall cost.

The key to using clamps is to make sure you can put them in the right place, and apply the right pressure needed to seal the skin, without damaging the RV.

Some Additional Words

Delamination is one of those problems you need to handle right away. The longer you let it go, the more possible damage you are doing to your RV’s structure and components.

Letting water or moisture inside the wall is never a good idea. When that happens, your repair costs are magnified depending on what has been damaged.

This is a problem you need to keep your eye on. It may seem little at first, but the hidden issues may be enormous if not addressed right away.

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