Is The Afcat 945 Sealant Any Good? (Review and Where to Buy)

When it comes to sealants, all you have to do is walk through your favorite home improvement store and see you have plenty of sealant options. The way to find the best is to know what you are looking for and Afcat may be too new on the market to have any real information about it.

The word is that Afcat 945 has a low water content. This is a good thing as the less water the product has, the fewer cracks you will see. This product is supposed to stick to anything and that can be either good or bad depending on your roof.

To learn more about this product, just continue to read our article. It provides the best available information about this product that can be found at this time. Take a few minutes to see if this is a good alternative to a Dicor sealant.

The Afcat 945 Sealant


This must be a new product as there are not that many reviews or information about its quality or performance at this time. Amazon does not seem to list it under its brand name and we tried different searches to make sure.

The discussion forums are only mentioning it in passing for the most part but what has been said is that it is supposed to stick to almost any roof surface your RV has.

Since this is described as a silicone/acrylic product, you will find that there are a lot of similar products at your home improvement store. This is what the Afcat website has to say about their product:

- Great for repairing RV Roofs

- High bond strength and fast cure

- Instant grab

- Adheres to wet and dry surfaces

- Safe and easy application

- Odorless

- Low VOC

- Non-hazardous

- Non-carcinogenic

- Economical to use

It also calls the product revolutionary but so far we have not found what has made it revolutionary. According to the information found under the marketplace link, this product is sold in the Hybrid Urethane Sealant category.

To get more information on this product you are supposed to contact the company’s RV repair department. That email address is on the page describing this product.

Is The Afcat 945 Good?


Unfortunately, this is a question that may need more time to answer. We have not found anyone reviewing this product like they do other sealants. One top 5 sealant list held one Huang’s sealant and 4 Dicor products.

Since Amazon is not selling the product at this time, there are no customer reviews to analyze either. There are owners at different discussion forums who have mentioned this product but only 1 has said he actually prefers it to Dicor.

His recommendation was that since it had a low water content cracking was not going to be an issue. While there is 1 product for sale on eBay, it is not the 945 nor is it listed anywhere at this time on that marketplace.

This determination may have to wait till more people review it or use it and then review it. All the information we have found outside of a couple of mentions is from the Afcat website.

Where To Buy The Afcat 945 Sealant


Right now, the only place that seems to sell this product is the company Afcat. We have not seen one major retailer or home improvement store advertise this product.

It is not on Amazon nor is it on eBay at this time. But this lack of advertising does not always mean that the big box stores do not carry it. It just means they are not advertising it for sale on the Internet.

To purchase this product online, you need to go to the Afcat website and click on the marketplace link at the top of the page. Then scroll down the list of products and click on the sealant link.

After that, you need to click on the Hybrid Urethane sealant option to find the 945 sealant. After that, click on the product and you will be taken to their secure shopping web page. Then from there just follow instructions.

Right now, the product is selling for $13.75 per tube. If you do not like the one color advertised in the main image, scroll down a little further and you will get some different color options.

All tube options are 10.1 ounces in size. On the main marketplace web page, there is a section called unlock big savings for contractors and distributors. When you get to that page, you will find a sign-up sheet that asks for a lot of business information.

What Sealant Not To use on your RV


It is easy to fall to temptation and simply pick up a generic silicone sealant to solve your cracking and leaking problems on your RV’s roof. Many owners do so because it is a cheaper option as well as being easy to apply.

That is a mistake many RV owners make. The generic options are not the best options even though you save a little money. They are not the ones that are usually self-leveling or handle the weather changes very well.

The Afcat 945 may be a good sealant and you should check it out further if you can find it on your store’s shelves. It is supposed to stick to anything so it may be perfect for your roof type.

Some Additional Words

There is nothing wrong with not seeing a lot of information about a product on the internet. There are many reasons why no one is really talking about this 945 sealant.

One good reason is that it may be too new and not that many people have taken the risk and tried it out yet. Before going to the website store, check your home improvement and other hardware outlets and see if they have more information on the 945 sealant.

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