Is Monaco RV Still In Business? (RV Models And What Happened)

If you want a luxury RV, then you head over to a Monaco RV dealer. This company is said to make some of the most luxurious models you can find anywhere in the RV industry. But to own one of their models it is going to cost you big bucks.

The Monaco Coach Company started out as the Caribou Manufacturing Company in 1968. 40 years later they had to turn to bankruptcy to survive. However, first Navistar bought them and finally, Allied Specialty Vehicles bought the company from Navistar. But the brand survives.

To learn more about this company, just continue to read our article. It explores this topic so you have the most up-to-date information possible about this luxury RV brand. Take a few minutes to get caught up on this long-time RV brand.

Is Monaco Coach Still in Business?


Yes, it seems that the Monaco Coach Company is still in business. They just may be re-branded as American Coach, at least their website mentions both names on its landing page.

In investigating their website, there do not seem to be any more Monaco RVs listed. You are sent to American Coach instead if you want a luxury RV. The Monaco RV line is not being manufactured anymore.

If you want a luxury RV, you have to move on over to the American Coach website to see their line up of top RVs. Only a few are mentioned on the Monaco home Page.

This is the message that you get on the home page: “While Monaco luxury RVs are no longer being manufactured, the brand and its legacy lives on – and REV Group, Monaco’s parent company, is committed to serving Monaco owners and their coaches.”

When Did Monaco Motorhomes Go Out Of Business?


We are not sure when exactly the REV group stopped making Monaco RVs. They bought the company from Navistar after that company bought it during the rough 2008 year. When Monaco came out of bankruptcy in 2013.

The brand was still being manufactured when the Allied Speciality Vehicle Company changed its name to REV. One could say they went out of business once REV bought the company but the brand survived for a few more years.

What we do know is that the Monaco brand name has been removed from the list of REV brands it owns. This is often a business move as different companies retire older brands or fold them into other companies making the same products.

This may be the case here and Monaco may have been folded into American Coach but there is no official word on that move.

What Happened To Monaco RV?


Since there has been no official word other than what we posted above, we will simply say that REV retired the brand for whatever reason they had at the time.

One one review website about REV, the Monaco brand was still listed as of May 15th, 2023. But the official REV website does not have that brand listed anywhere it lists the brands it owns.

Last year, the Fleetwood RV website listed the Monaco brand on its REV brand ownership list. This may be a recent move b the REV company to stop the production of Monaco RVs.

Somewhere between 2022 and 2023, the Monaco brand disappeared. We have yet to see any official word about that brand and what happened to it except for what we posted earlier from the company’s home page.

With American Coach making the exact same type of RV, it makes sense that REV would either stop producing one of the two brands and Monaco seems to be the lucky one.

Who Manufactures Monaco RV?


It seems that no one does anymore. As we have explained over the past few sections, this brand has disappeared from the RV world except for used models.

The Monaco website still has links to service and repairs and it seems that there are only 2 locations left to service your Monaco RV. One location is in Decatur Indiana and the other is in Coburg Oregon.

The REV company also keeps an ownership hub on that website as well as a link to get a Monaco manual. There is also a parts link but that link takes you to the REV parts store.

The REV company seems to be keeping its word that it is committed to Monaco customers and making sure their Monaco RVs can be serviced as well as receive spare parts.

Monaco RV Models


The website does not list any Monaco models for sale new or used. But over the years they did make a few different models that can be bought for a very low price these days.

The 1994 Crown Royal is being sold for $16,000, while the 2014 Dynasty is being sold for $200,000. There is also the La Palma, The Diplomat, Signature, the Cayman, Camelot, the Executive, and the Diamond.

There are probably more models still out there being driven or sold at Used RV lots but that should get you on the right path. While some of the older models are selling in the low 10s of thousands, many of the more recent versions are still holding their value and selling for well over $100,000.

The most recent model that we saw for sale at one of those used locations was the 2017 model. If you like the brand, this may be a good time to find one at a reasonable price.

Some Additional Words

Brands are retired all the time. The parent company finally decides that their investment could be better utilized in other brands making the same or similar products.

This seems to be the case with the Monaco brand. It may still exist somewhere but it is no longer being advertised as part of the REV group, the last company to buy this luxury RV brand.

Get yours while you can still get replacement parts and a repair center to work on it.

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