1200LRIM Norcold Power Board Wiring Diagram (Helpful Guide)

Not all manuals have wiring diagrams, especially if they are for older models from the past century. However, Norcold’s manuals seem to have some for their more recent appliances. If you haven’t misplaced or lost your manual look in it.

Finding a wiring diagram for the Norcold 1200LRIM power board is not going to be that difficult.

To learn more about this wiring diagram, and where to find it, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make your own repairs a little easier. At least when you are not under warranty.

Finding a Norcold Power Board Wiring Diagram


As we said, this is not going to be hard to do. This power board is a more recent invention and wiring diagrams exist just about anywhere. The first place to start would be Norcold.

Just contact the company and see if they can send you a wiring diagram or a new manual with the diagram inside. If that isn’t going to work, we suggest contacting the older RV owners on one of the RV discussion forums and seeing what they can do for you.

It is just a matter of becoming a member and starting a new thread or finding an old one with the information already in it. Finally, you can go to our go-to manual website and get a copy of the manual.

That link should take you directly to the wiring diagram page and then you can explore from there. If those do not work for you a quick search on the internet will provide a lot of diagrams but we cannot guarantee all those diagrams are for the 1200LRIM power board.

Norcold 1200LRIM Control Board Wiring Diagram

Here is the wiring diagram for this model of power boards. The only drawback to it is that the words are missing from this image. To remedy that, you just need to go to the manual link we provided above and see the labels and other identifying marks for yourselves.


The power board is the big box on the left-hand side of the upper diagram

How do you Reset a Norcold Power Board?


The instructions for this procedure come from page 18 of the manual found at this link.

1. Turn OFF the refrigerator.

2. Disconnect the following from the power board:

a. 12 VDC positive and negative wires.

b. AC power cord.

c. Gas valve solenoid coil wires.

d. Spark/sense electrode assembly wires.

#3. Remove the power board cover.

#4. Reconnect a,b,c, and d disconnected in step 2

#5 Turn ON the refrigerator.

6. Locate Pin 15 on 16 pin connector (P1). Pin 15

is the empty socket to the right of the white/violet

wire on the top row. See Figure 8.

7. Using an insulated jumper wire, short Pin 15 to the power board ground lug for 10 - 15 seconds (see Figure 9). A click sound will indicate when the controls have reset

8. Turn OFF the refrigerator.

9. Turn ON the refrigerator. If the "no co" code displays, repeat steps 7 - 9. If the code cleared proceed to step 10.

#10 Turn OFF the refrigerator.

11. Disconnect a,b,c, and d. as directed in step 2.

12. Install the power board cover.

13. Reconnect the following to the power board:

a. Spark/sense electrode assembly wire.

b. Gas valve solenoid coil wires.

c. AC power cord.

d. 12 VDC positive and negative wires from the power board.

14. Place the refrigerator in the service

Where is The Circuit Board on a Norcold RV Refrigerator?

Where-is-The-Circuit-Board-on a-Norcold-RV-Refrigerator

As with finding the wiring diagram, the power board, or circuit board as many people refer to this device, is located at the back of the fridge. There should be an access panel covering the location so you would have to remove that item before getting to the power board.

You are not going to find the access panel on the inside of your fridge's back wall. You will have to pull the fridge out from the wall to get to this panel. Once the panel is off and the fridge is in the right spot, you should have no trouble reaching in and removing the old power board.

It seems that Norcold has made this model of the fridge a little simple to work with and that is always a good thing.

Where is The Fuse For The Norcold RV Refrigerator?


We looked at several control panels or power boards as well as the wiring diagrams we came across. The fuse for all of them is on the power board itself.

It looks to be a 5 amp fuse and it is not hard to access once you get the board out of its location. Now, this does not mean there is not a second fuse somewhere in the electrical system of this fridge.

We looked at the wiring diagram to make sure there was only one and that appears to be the case. However, that has not stopped RV makers from putting an extra fuse in the system and not listing it on the diagram.

This design has happened before. In the wiring diagram we placed above, there seems to be a second fuse on the other end of the power board from the first one we found.

Some Additional Words

It is not always easy to find everything you want when it comes to RVs. Especially when you own an older model from the last century. However, right now NorCold seems to have made the 1200 series fridges so that it is easy to get information.

If you have any problems, just contact your RV or NorCold dealer. They should be able to help you with some difficult to get information. This time you should be able to handle the problems yourself.

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