Heartland RV Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Online)

Heartland does not have a retail parts outlet on its website or a secure checkout. But when you look at their FAQs you can call a phone number when you have a question about your RV. You may have to go through a dealer to get the parts you want.

We checked a 2019 manual and while it has a simplified wiring diagram, there are no parts lists included. We have not found a parts list or catalog on their website. You may have to call them and get an email address to send your parts information.

To learn more about this situation with Heartland RV just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the most up-to-date information it can find. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

Where Can I Find Heartland RV Parts?


On their FAQ web page, the company places this question and answer- “

What number do I call to reach Sales, Parts, or Customer Service?

Please call 877-262-8032 to speak to someone regarding your RV. You will need the last six digits of your VIN#.”

There is no parts web page or section you can browse on their website. The first place to go would be their dealer locator web page. Just type in your zip code to find a dealer near you and then contact the closest one.

6 years ago Heartland owners were saying on their discussion forum that they were directed to contact an eastern, western, and southwestern parts@heartland RV email address when they were looking for parts. It seems that the company had regional service centers set up to help its customers.

We do not know or have heard if that system is still in place or not. The best thing we can say here is to either contact their customer service number above or contact the component manufacturer that is in need of replacement parts.

You can try different marketplaces like Amazon, but the parts they offer are usually universal options or specific component brand parts. There will be RV parts outlets that advertise parts for Heartland RVs and other brands but those seem to be more accessories and not actual brand parts.

Heartland RV Parts Diagram

This is going to be a tough question to answer. As we said earlier we did check out one owner’s manual and it did not contain a parts list or even a parts diagram. There may be two reasons for this.

The first reason would be that Heartland was bought out by Thor in 2010. While Heartland has its own president of the company, he must follow head office directives. He may have some leeway but when it comes to advertising parts, not so much.

The second reason there is no parts diagram available to the general public is that Heartland only makes trailers. There are fewer parts on a trailer and with each owner adding their own custom options and features, it would be impossible to make a parts list.

You may have to contact the customer service number posted above and ask them for a parts diagram for your specific trailer. Floor plans change as well so what one trailer has another may not.

For component parts diagrams, look in your components owner’s manuals. Many of those have parts listed as well as a nice clear diagram to follow. You will get a wiring diagram in the owner’s manual but that is about it for this brand of RVs.

Heartland RV Replacement Parts Catalog Online


The first thing we need to do is warn you that other companies use the name Heartland as their company brand name. At least one of these companies puts out a catalog but it has nothing to do with Heartland RV.

The only places we can direct you to would be the customer service department located at the number above as well as their dealers. They may not be able to provide a parts list or catalog to you due to the terms of their dealership contract.

There is another website to be wary of as well. It is called daily catalog.com and it does nothing. Well, almost nothing. Sometimes it will send you to the parts web page of an RV brand's website but like Heartlands links, it just returns to the same page you started from.

That website raises false hopes and only frustrates you in the end. When there are no parts or catalogs available online you are going to have a fruitless search no matter which search terms you use.

If the parts emails are still active you may get some help from them but they may also not be at liberty to provide you with a parts list or catalog. Your best bet would be to contact the component manufacturer to get what you need. It may come faster as well as at a cheaper cost.

Heartland Bighorn RV Parts List

9 years ago the customer service department seemed to be at the top of its game. All you had to do is call the customer service number with your trailer’s VIN number and you were given a part number and a number to call and you could get your part quickly.

With little up-to-date information on how their customer service system works, this may still be the case. You have to go through their customer service number to get the help you need.

Why this is the way it works Thor and Heartland have their reasons. We can only guess at what those reasons would be since there is no video or other web page talking about their parts policies.

The other option you have is the universal or after-market marketplace. Many RV parts and Accessories companies advertise that they sell parts for Heartland RVs and other RV brands.

They may not have a parts list but they may be able to sell you a part that will work on this trailer model. The only thing you can do is contact those outlets and see what they say.

Their prices may be a bit cheaper and their parts may also be less reliable but if it is your only option, then give it a try.

Heartland North Trail RV Parts List


The following quote comes from the Heartland Recreational Vehicle Owner’s Forum. While the information is 10 years old, the general instructions should apply to today’s RVs as well:

If you can send Heartland pictures of the parts you are wanting, it will help. Sometimes products change on the fly. I found this out requesting a corner trim piece. They sent the correct corner trim piece for all Eldridge units coming off the assembly line now, but the piece was not what was used on my 2010 coach. A photo solved it, the piece used on my coach was called something else in their system, not the "corner trim piece" we were both thought we were talking about.”

In other words, you are going to have a difficult time finding genuine Heartland North trail trailer parts online. There may be independent and authorized Heartland parts outlets somewhere in the nation but they are not coming up in our searches.

Some of the parts companies we have linked to in other articles on this topic but for a different brand are nowhere to be seen. The two best are Visione and PDX RV LLC yet they are not saying they have Heartland RV parts.

You can check those companies to see if any are available.

Heartland Sundance RV Parts List

Here is another legitimate reason why you may not find a lot of Heartland parts online or at independent dealers. The parts may not be available anymore. This happened to one owner of a 2009 model.

He looked for a specific part in 2016 and was told it was no longer being made and the company was sold out. If you are lucky to get a part from the company, the shipping may cost you more than the part.

Back in 2016, the suggestion was made that if you attend the Annual National Heartland Owners rally sometimes Heartland sends out a repair crew to fix minor problems.

If this rally still exists and Heartland still doe sit, that may be your best way to get a minor problem fixed without having to pay shipping costs. We checked and it still exists and they may be still taking registration orders for the 2023 rally. Well you have 6 more days to register so that may not be an option for this year.

This may be good news as it costs $450 to register your RV and 2 people. It just may not be a deal when you compare prices for shipping, the part, and registration fees.

Where To Buy Heartland RV Parts Online


The only two official places we have come across so far are the many Heartland dealers and the company’s customer service phone number. We have not seen anyone advertising that they are an authorized Heartland parts outlet yet.

There are different RV parts companies that sell a variety of RV parts and accessories however, they may not sell genuine Heartland parts. You can try RV Parts Center, RV Parts Country, RV Parts Nation, General RV Parts, Hannah RV Parts, and many others.

But not one of those say they have heartland parts. They may have generic or universal RV parts that will fit your Heartland RV and at a good price but be careful about the quality of those items.

Not all after-market or universal parts are made to Heartland’s or other RV brands’ specifications and quality levels. If you can, contact the individual components manufacturers.

Many of those companies will sell parts for their components that have been placed in Heartland trailers. You just have to contact the company that made the item that is not working and see what they can do for you.

These seem to be your only options at this time.

How To Order Heartland RV Parts

According to Heartland’s customer service department, you will need the last 6 digits of your VIN to get the process rolling. They can look up the part and provide you with a part number.

Then they will put you in contact with their parts department who will handle the order. At least that is what some owners have described over the years. Having a picture would speed things up as well.

As that owner said, parts get renamed over the years and there may be some confusion as to which part you get. If you are unlucky, it is possible that the part may not be available anymore. Then you have to go to one of the after-market outlets to find what you need.

With those RV parts and accessories outlets, they will have their own process to handle your order. You would need to contact them directly and see what is on their order forms on their websites.

Without a parts list, you may have to contact the customer service department first and get the number for the part. Then make a decision about which ordering process you will use. It is not always easy getting replacement parts for older RVs even if they are made by a famous RV brand.

Some Additional Words

If you are keeping score, then the ‘bad guys’, those RV brands who do not publish parts lists and catalogs, have chalked up another one. As we have said many times before, there are legitimate reasons why they do not publish those items for the public.

When this happens, you are stuck using their system and paying their prices for those replacement parts, if they are still being made today. Finding replacement parts is not always easy to do nor is it easy on the pocketbook. But it has to be done.

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