Finding RV Salvage Yards Indiana (RV Junkyards in Indiana)

One would think that Indiana being the home to many top RV makers, there would be a large supply of RV salvage yards. But the location of RV makers does not always influence local laws. The state government would have a say in how these businesses operate as well as where they can be located.

There is supposed to be an RV salvage yard right in Elkhart Indiana. It is called Cooper RV Salvage and if it is still operating, you can contact them through their phone number- 574-293-3027.

To learn more about this topic, and where RV salvage yards are located in the state, just continue to read our article. It delves into the topic so you have the best information to start your used part or another RV-related search

List Of RV Salvage Yards in Indiana


We try to bring you as many possibilities as possible. However, different factors apply including the lack of advertising by salvage yards, or RV salvage is not their main business focus and finally, they may stop operating without notice.

Here are as many as we could find for the state, omitting any that are listed for Elkhart. That city may have the most since it is the home to many RV makers.

1. Rainbow Variety And RV Surplus

*Not a salvage yard, but has a huge supply of used RV parts.

Phone: 574-642-3316


Address: 12678 County Road 34 Goshen, IN 46528

2. D.T.I. Parts Unlimited

Type: Reconditioned/scratch and dent appliances.

Address: 304 1/2 N. Main Middlebury, IN 46540

Phone: (219)825-5858

3. Stateline Salvage

Phone: 574-825-7540

Email: N/A

Address: 51027 IN-13, Middlebury, IN 46540

4. ICKES RV Surplus Supply Inc

Email: N/A

Address: 701 W Huntington St, Montpelier, IN 47359

Phone: (765) 728-5668

Again, we make no guarantee that these businesses are still operating. Business atmospheres change making it hard for some companies to survive.

RV Salvage Elkhart Indiana


There are quite a few for this city:

1. V-Sales

Type: Conversion van new, used, obsolete parts

Address: 2016 Borneman Avenue, Elkhart, IN 46517

Phone: 574-294-6989

2. RV and Van Parts Superstore

Type: Surplus RV parts and accessories

Address: 818 Hall Ave, Elkhart, IN. 46516

Phone: 574-294-6989

3. Elkhart Surplus Salvage

Type: Surplus RV parts and accessories

Address: 28301 US33 West Elkhart, IN 46516

Phone: 574-295-8903

4. Cooper RV Salvage

Type: RV salvage and wrecking

Address: 123 RV Street, Elkhart, IN 42719

Phone: 574-293-3027

5. Bill’s RV Appliance

Type: RV appliance parts and repair

Address: 2730 Hawthorne St, Elkhart, IN 46517

Phone: (574) 522-1569

6. All Seasons RV Appliance Parts & Service

Type: RV appliance parts and repair

Address: 1150 Mitchell Jellison Dr, Elkhart, IN 46516

Phone: (574) 293-4591

7. RV Parts Nation

Phone: (574)264-5575

Address: 330 E Windsor Ave, Elkhart, IN 46514

8. All Seasons RV Appliance Parts & Service

1150 Mitchell-Jellison, Elkhart, IN. 46516, 1-800-344-0673 (574) 293-4591 new and reconditioned appliance parts, many hard-to-find parts.

9. Bill's RV Elkhart, IN.

1-219-522-1569 - Salvage yard

10. DCM Company (div. of RV Marketing, Inc.) 2016 Borneman Avenue Elkhart, Indiana 46517

1-888-303-8570 or 1-574-294-6989, Fax 574-294-7599

Serving the repair industry with repair parts and replacement glass and windows for van conversion repair; and motor home, motor home, windshields, and RV windows.

11. Factory RV Surplus 1611 W Bristol St, Elkhart, IN 46514

1-800-325-1461 1-574-262-3327 Great place for surplus RV parts.

12. RV and Van Surplus 2016 Borneman Ave. Elkhart, IN 46517

1-888-303-8586 A division of RV Marketing, Inc.

13. RV Salvage 3551 Cassopolis St. Elkhart, IN

1-219-264-5575 Windows, sinks, doors, furniture, paneling

14. Surplus Online

2016 Borneman Ave Elkhart, IN 46517

1-574-294-6989, 1-888-303-8586 RV and van seating, surplus conversion parts.

15. T-N-T Service and Surplus

2837 OLD US 20 WEST ELKHART, IN 46514


RV Salvage Yards in Indianapolis


We will provide a list of RV salvage yards that did not make the above two lists. As with other big cities, the focus for junkyards is more on cars and trucks and not RVs.

To find some RV junkyards in this city, you may have to use the local Yellow Pages and make a number of phone calls to see if they accept old RVs. Many do not advertise this part of the industry.

1. Warehouse Salvage

11721 McKinley Hwy.(rt 20) Osceola, IN

1-219-674-9302 Mostly van items, small store.

2. Salvage Co.

65504 US 31 South, Lakeville, IN

1-219-784 8954

3. Midwest Salvage Inc.

1700 N State Road 5 Shipshewana, IN 46565

1-219-768-4884 We cater to the recreational vehicle business

4. L&M Salvage/Midwest Salvage

Mishawaka, IN


5. Raymond Ickes Supplies,

701 W Huntington St, Montpelier, IN 47359 1-765-728-5668 New/Surplus RV parts, 29 years in business, 4 warehouses. UPS nationwide.

6. Hehr International WINDOWS

PO Box 219 Plymouth, IN 46563

1-219-935-5122 Window manufacturer and supplier


4029 Central Avenue, Lake Station, IN 46405

1-219-962-4772 Specialize in the mechanical renovation of older Dodge-powered motor homes.

8. Double D Salvage

12678 CR 34, Goshen, IN 46528 (574) 642-3316 - new rv items, discontinued, scratch and dents. Furniture, awnings, appliances, RV doors, lots of hardware and trim

Buying Used RV Parts in Elkhart Indiana


This does not seem to be a problem, given all of the salvage yards for RVs in the city. You will have to use the phone numbers supplied above to contact them and see if they have the parts you want.

Or you can go to the yellow Pages for Elkhart and look under Used RV parts or RV Used parts and see what comes up on the results page. One of our searches turned up over 30 possibilities and you can see those at this link.

We always suggest calling first because while their ads may say they have certain parts, they may be out of stock at the time you visit. Save yourself some time, money, and effort, and call first.

If they don’t you just move on to the next used parts place on your list. You may find a lot of surplus stores in the city as well. Since Elkhart is the home to many famous RV brands, surplus parts seem to be a given.

The good thing about buying surplus is that like used, they are a bit cheaper in price but unlike used, they are still new parts. Surplus is a great way to get good parts that may still work.

That is the drawback of buying used. While you can save money, you still run the risk that the parts won’t work. There is also no guarantee that they won’t break down in the next week, month, or year.

Buying used is like gambling in Las Vegas, you never know what will happen after you spent your money and throw the dice.

RV Junkyards in Indiana


All the lists that we have come across have the above locations on them. There really is not much to add to those lists unless someone did not advertise and was omitted from inclusion.

If you want to cross the border into Michigan, there are three salvage or junkyards for RVs that may be helpful and close by. They are:

BONTRAGER'S SURPLUS PARTS - 18719 E US 12, White Pigeon MI 49099

616-483-7017, FAX 616 483-7786

Refrigerators, ranges, hot water heaters, and furnaces. Six salesmen.

BRAD'S RV INC. - 8636 Whitmore Lake Rd., Brighton MI 48116


Parts are available for Century trailers and Discoverer motorhomes.

GRABBER INDUSTRIES INC. - 19100 Fairchilds Rd, Constantine MI 49042


Other than that, you may be stuck with doing a local internet search to see if any are near your current location. Plus, if the town is small enough, you can always take an hour or two and drive the city to find what you are looking for.

Elkhart is The RV Home


Not only is this little city the home to the RV and MH Hall of Fame and Museum, but it is also home to some of the largest RV plants you will find anywhere in the world.

According to the Hall of Fame, there are over 100 RV plants making different Classes of RVs and trailers in this city. These 100 plants are owned and operated by about 30 to 40 top RV companies that make RVs and trailers for over 100 brands.

If you are going to find the part you need for your RV, Elkhart may be the best place to go to find new, used, and surplus parts. It is worth investigating when you have the time and can make this city part of your travel route.

Some Additional Words

Finding junkyards for RVs is not always the easiest thing to do no matter what state you are in. Most of these types of businesses focus on vehicles that are used the most and RVs, even though millions have been made, do not compete with cars and light trucks.

Finding an RV salvage yard can also be difficult because we have seen more than ten on these lists that have been crossed out due to business closures. These lists should get you a good start on this search.

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