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Amish Family RV Repair Service (Is It Any Good?)

Good mechanics are hard to find. Then when you find one, you also find out that they may not work on your brand of RV. That can be frustrating but focusing on one particular brand helps create top-quality work results

From all reports, this is the best RV service you can find if you own a Cedar Creek RV. You may not find them on the internet as they are Amish and they do not always use modern technology. Word of mouth is their best advertising and so far it has been nothing but good.

To learn more about this repair company, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if a trip to their shop is worth it. Just keep in mind that they do not work on all brands of RVs.

The Amish Family RV Shop


The keyword in this headline is Amish. That means that you will not be able to get a hold of this repair shop using the normal modern methods. Since Orvan, as everyone else calls him, is Amish, even the phone he uses for his business is outside his house.

That means that you may have to let it ring a few times before someone will get to it and pick it up. This shop does not seem to do a lot of advertising. They do not have a website that we have been able to find.

One business website that provides business information only has this to say about the company: “AMISH FAMILY RV SERVICE LLC is an entity registered in Indiana with company number 201608051152960. The company is incorporated on 5th August 2016. The current status of the company is Active. The company's agent is Orvan Lee Fry, 11681 N 600 W-57, Topeka, IN, 46571, USA” (source)

The only thing bad that was said about this company came from a biased person that over-generalized Amish people. Everyone else that we read had nothing but good things to say about the owner and his work. Read more about the Amish and the RV industry.

Amish Family RV Repair


You will find that the most information you will get about this company is from those RV forums that have Cedar Creek RV members It seems that Mr. Orvan Fry worked at the Cedar Creek facility until he was able to open his own shop.

He has been described as a craftsman whose work is second to none. Everyone that has used his services has said nothing but good things about him, his work, and how he treats his customers.

The one thing you have to be wary of is when you go to make an appointment. From the information we have gathered, this shop is booked up months in advance. Don’t try to see if he can work you in as he is very busy and has a lot of customers waiting for him to get to their RV.

Also, since he focuses only on one brand of RVs, many RV owners will not get the chance to experience what hundreds of other owners have already experienced with this repair shop. You can’t find another RV repair shop like this one.

Is The Amish Family RV Service Any Good?


This may be considered an unintelligent question by some Cedar Creek owners but it is a legitimate one if you never experienced this shop’s work. It is a good question to ask if you need a very good repair shop working on your RV.

Yes, from all accounts we have read, this shop does excellent work. Not only is the shop’s customer service on a level by itself but the repair work is also done by craftsmen who know how to repair RVs.

What has built Mr. Fry’s reputation is that he does not just focus on the broken parts you made the appointment for, but he investigates your RV and finds potential problems that he will fix at the same time.

In other words, he and his crew will save you money on future repairs by fixing minor problems before they turn into major ones. You can’t ask for a better repair service than that.

Then, his appointment schedule is booked up for months in advance. That alone will tell you that this shop does excellent work. His customers all seem to be happy with the work they get done and they keep returning to his shop for other problems later on down the line.

Having repeat customers also tells you that he does good work.

Amish Family RV Service Phone Number


This is the only way you are going to be able to contact him. But, he or his wife may not answer the phone right away because they are very busy and the phone is not inside their house.

To make an appointment, you need to call (260) 593-0951. Leave a message if you cannot get through to a live person. Their busy schedule has them working constantly and getting to the phone may not be possible.

If you are close by and you cannot reach them by phone, then stop in and make your appointment. A couple of owners did just that in April of 2021 and the first free appointment time was at the end of Sept and Oct.

When you do good work, you never have to worry about having customers come in and use your services.

Some Additional Words

It is not easy finding top-quality RV mechanics these days. There are many reasons why that is so. However, when one stands out from the crowd and whose work is taken to another top level, the world wants to know about it.

The Amish Family RV Repair is one such company. The work being done by this company is excellent and few competitors can compete with their customer service as well as their craftsmanship.

So far we have not come across anything bad that has been said about this specific company.

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