Common Sumo Springs Problems: Are Sumo Springs Worth It?

They may be progressive, but they are not perfect. Some Sumo Spring owners have reported different issues that they have experienced after installation. Part of the problem will be how the springs were installed. Bad installation produces many of these problems.

One common problem you may have experienced is the leaking air bags. It happens from time to time and all you have to do is track down the problem, repair or replace the damaged part and re-inflate the air bags.

To learn more about these common problems just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information on this issue. Plus, you should have the information to repair those problems. When in doubt, you can always contact the company for help.

List Of Sumo Springs Problems

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1. A stiff ride when underloaded- this is something you may not be able to fix. While the springs are said to be progressive, when you do not have enough weight on them, they are not as flexible as they could be.

The key to avoiding this problem is to make sure you have enough weight in your vehicle at all times.

2. Uneven wear and tear- not everything in this world will work as it should. This includes the Sumo Springs. It is possible that one side will wear out faster than the other side.

That may be due to how you load your vehicle. If the weight is not evenly distributed, look for uneven wear. The solution is to just replace the worn-out springs.

3. Spring Fastener Bolts Failure- this is a possibility due to the vibration and many bumps you hit as you travel. The bolts holding the springs may come loose and allow the spring to come out of the bracket.

When the bolts come loose, you are looking at possible damage to the springs. Over-extension of the spring is another source of this problem. Make sure to check those bolts and that they are tight.

4. Compression issues- this is more for your current suspension rather than the springs. Check your suspension to see if it is current and in good shape. If not, you may have to replace the current suspension system.

One honorable mention of a Sumo Spring failure is the possibility of the spring separating from the bracket. It may not happen to you but it can and has happened to other owners.

The source for this problem may be the hyper extension of the Sumo Springs. This can be caused by the leveling jacks extended and the wheels raised off the ground.

The good thing to note is that Sumo Springs did honor their lifetime warranty and sent the owner with this problem a set of Rebel Springs. This replacement set is supposed to be 2 pieces and works just as well. They can be installed in 30 minutes and seem to work well.

Are Sumo Springs Any Good?


From all reports, there does not seem to be a problem with these Springs. Owners are not complaining about them and most feel they are worth the money to have them installed.

We have not come across any reports that they are junk and if you can take the President of the company's word for it, they are top of th eline Springs that are becoming standard equipment on many RV models. He said:

Adam Weisner—president of SuperSprings International, maker of SumoSprings. Adam says, “We’re actually standard equipment on Winnebago, Coachmen, Thor, Tiffin, Roadtrek, Airstream, and Pleasure Way, to name just a few in motorized—Class A, B, and C. We’ve also just announced the first towable OEM putting them on as standard with Brinkley RV.” (source)

The reviews are also good with 94% of owners giving a 4 or 5-star review for one model of these Springs. The drawback to using these springs was the rough ride that comes when you are not loaded with enough weight.

It would be advisable to read as many reviews as you can about these Springs and make up your own mind. Not everyone had a good experience with them and it is important to get both sides of the story before you buy.

For the most part, though, these Springs are worth the money and do contribute to a better camping experience.

The Sumo Spring Colors


The company has made these springs in 3 different colors. The colors indicate density and size, and they are not truly universal in application. This will be a case where bigger will not be better for you as the unloaded driving experience may produce a rougher ride experience.

It is best to get the color that will match your vehicle to get the best possible ride. For part number recognition, the blue springs parts number ends at -40, the yellow ends at -47, and the blue is -54.

Blue is the most used color as it has advantages over the other two colors. For example, this color has good support, reduces vibration, and fixes sagging and body roll. The most important element is that it does not affect your ride when you are unloaded.

When you are always fully loaded or have a truck camper in the bed of your pick-up truck, and so on, then you should use the black or the yellow colors. Those colors will give you the additional support you will need under those driving conditions.

Make sure to talk to a Sumo Springs dealer to make sure you get the right color for your camping experience.

Some Final Words

Sumo Springs seems to be a very good invention and one you should consider investing in. Since some of the major RV makers are already doing that, you may have Sumo Springs on your suspension and not know it.

Having a better ride is best for when you go camping. Just watch out for those common problems and you should be okay.

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