Finding RV Salvage Yards Arizona (RV Junkyards in Arizona)

There are snowbirds in the state. Their presence may lead one to think that this State has lots of RVs that are junked each year. While there are a lot of snowbirds that flock to the southern Arizona cities, junkyards or salvage businesses do not seem to have followed suit.

You will find at least one in Tempe, it is called Gerry's and it is located at 1300 East 8th Street Tempe, AZ. But do not get your hopes up too high as these may be few and far between. Phoenix area is a large suburban area where junkyards are placed at the outer limits of the urban sprawl.

To learn where some of the junkyards or salvage businesses are in Arizona, just continue to read our article. It looks for the most advertised companies to make sure you have a good starting point when you are looking to junk your RV or buy parts for it.

List Of RV Salvage Yards in Arizona


Some of the following locations and businesses we know are part of the Phoenix area. That little city is surrounded by quite a few suburbs and it makes it hard to find these businesses.

Salvage or junkyards are thought of as more of a blight on the scenery and may be in a lot of out-of-the-way places where their RVs do not block the view of the mountains in the area.

Here are some that are in the state and maybe closer to Phoenix than any other city:

1. JJ'S RV Parts

722 N. Central, Quartzsite, AZ. 85346

1-928-927-6216 New & Used RV Parts We Have Dinosaur Boards

2. Gerry's

1300 East 8th Street Tempe, AZ 85281

1-480-921-1101 Furniture and interior manufacturer

3. Gamblers RV Supply

55 Kuehn St #14 Rice Ranch South, Quartzsite, AZ 85346

1-928-927-5966 New, Used, We have what others don't. Open Oct. 1st thru April 15th for walk in business.

4. Economy Used RV Parts -

1678 W. Superstition, Apache Junction, AZ 85220 (800) 224 2601 or 520 982 2678 New, used, salvage, surplus, and obsolete parts with discount prices. Buy/sell/trade

5. CaSh 4 CarS

Type: RV wrecking yard

Address: 15391 W Columbine Dr Surprise, AZ 85379

Contact: (480) 646-0487

RV Salvage Yard Phoenix Arizona


We will include some of the suburban cities in this list as well. It seems that the Phoenix area is one big city anyways due to the fact that each suburb borders this city without any space in between them.

When people say Phoenix, they often refer to one of the many suburbs around this desert city.

1. Arizona RV Salvage,

(602) 272-0301 appliances, plumbing, A/C,

lights, windows, doors, holding tanks, hubs, rotors, axles, running gears,

rear ends, will ship nationwide

2. Al's RV Service Centers

5151 Bell Rd Glendale, AZ 85308


Specializing in hard-to-find parts & handicapped RV equipment.


4646 W Pasadena Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301; (602) 272-0301, FAX (602) 272-3072, Toll Free 1-877-824-8242. New and used plumbing, cooling, lighting, appliances, windows, doors, holding tanks, hubs, rotors, axles, running gears, and rear ends. Vast inventory will ship nationwide.

4. Isley's RV Service

5151 W. Bell Road, Glendale, AZ 85308

1-602-938-4990 Specialize in RV handicap equipment

5. Southwest RV

Type: RV parts, storage

Address: 17030 N 63rd Ave, Glendale, AZ 85308

Contact: (623) 486-3452

We came across one list and it says that the Apache Junction salvage yard mentioned in an earlier section is now closed. That may be so. That is why it is suggested that you call these locations first to make sure they are still open.

For the Phoenix area, you can do a local search and you may have on your results page a Yellow Page website. Those websites often only list cars or light trucks and you may have to call them individually to see if they have used RV parts.

While there is a need for this business, it is not one that generates a lot of money. One reason this is so is that many RV owners prefer to buy new parts over used ones.

RV Salvage Yards Tucson AZ


This city, like Yuma, receives a lot of snowbirds each winter. These are people who either bring their RVs down with them to escape the cold north or rent RVs already located in RV parks.

It is natural to think that there are RV salvage or junkyards in the area. However, the only real list we could find was the one at this link. We only checked one of the companies on that list and they state they buy any vehicle in any condition.

The word any would imply, that RVs are included. This may be what you have to do when you are in this city looking for used parts. You would have to either tour the city area looking for salvage yards or call those on that list and see what they have available.

It is the old fashioned method but it often gets the best results. If you are headed to Yuma, you may have to do the same thing. The Yellow Page list is at this link for this city. It may be more helpful than the Tucson list.

RV Salvage Yard Mesa AZ


We are not finding much luck with this city either. One of the companies we were going to place here is said to be closed now. Here is what we could find for this city:

1. R.V. Service

Address: 1947 N Higley Rd, Mesa, AZ 85205

Phone: (602) 507-5760

2. Isley's RV Service Center

2225 W. Main Street Mesa, AZ 85201

1-602-834-1234 or 1-800-962-5547 Specialize in RV handicap equipment

Actually, according to a posting in 2017, #2 is supposed to be closed as well. So we will go back to what we suggested above and have you turn to the Yellow Pages for Mesa and see what salvage yards that advertise in that phone book will have used RV parts.

Or if they buy old RVs in any condition. One more you can try and this one is in Glendale:




EMAIL US: info@rvyard.com

You may have to do some local searches to find more than what we have been able to find. The lists that keep coming up in our searches do not always seem to be up-to-date or helpful. Double-check anything we put here to make sure they are still open before you make the drive.

Buying Used RV Parts in Arizona


Any of the junkyards we listed above, should have used RV parts. That is if they are still open. This is a tough business to be in but there should be enough RV parts outlets that may help you out.

Your best bet when you are in this State is to look for new RV parts and avoid using up a lot of time looking for used parts. As we have said before in other similar articles, you never know how long the used part will last.

Sometimes it is better to go with new ones because you will have a warranty to protect you. If your RV is still under warranty, then it is a good idea to go with new over used.

You can try to see if there are any RV surplus parts stores in the State as well. Those will help you save a little money if they have the right part for the right price.

RV Junkyard Arizona


Our search for these businesses has been disappointing. Different lists have different information so it is hard to tell which ones are still open and which ones are not.

If you are in those cities, you can talk to different RV outlets to see what the local area has to offer. They often have information that never appears on the internet in a local or national search.

Of course, many of these types of businesses never advertise. They work off of word-of-mouth advertising which is always good for businesses when things go right.

One thing to be wary of when you want to visit these salvage yards. Their business hours may not always include Saturday or Sunday. Make sure you know their hours of operation before you head their way.

This little fact will apply to any state you visit when you want to go to a junkyard.

Some Additional Words

When you can find them, salvage yards are a great asset to your RV life. One reason for saying that is that they are good sources for parts for vintage or hard-to-find RVs.

There are still a lot of older RVs on the road and the only way they are going to get parts is through a junkyard or by buying another one exactly like the one you own.

Unfortunately, this is a small niche industry that does not always work out for the business owners or RV owners.

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