Common Winnebago Hike Problems (Winnebago Hike Review)

When it comes to RVs like the Hike, you will get both sides of the story if you hang out at one of the many RV discussion forums. While there are problems with the Winnebago Hike, there are many owners who have not experienced those issues.

One of the more common problems owners have encountered is the sink drain. It seems that the company forgot to use any plumber's glue to seal that drain in place. More than one owner has experienced this component coming loose in the camp.

To learn more about the Winnebago Hike and its problems, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible before you make a purchasing decision.

What is The Winnebago Hike


This is not a very large trailer and in most cases, you may not need to have trailer or towing mirrors when you hook this model up behind your tow vehicle.

The specs include- 20’ 7 1/2” to 25’ length and a standard 10-foot 2-inch height with under 8 feet of width. This is not a trailer made for large families or groups. The fresh water tank goes from 31 to 37 gallons while the black water tank holds only 25 gallons across the board.

The gray water tank holds between 25 and 43 gallons of wastewater. It is said this trailer can sleep three to 4 people but that will depend on the floor plan you choose. If you are watching your tow weight, this trailer model has between 4200 and 6000 pounds of weight.

The price for this trailer, 2022, started at just over $38,000. These specs and figures come from the basic Winnebago Hike and may not apply to other Hike models. This option comes with 5 floor plans with all but 2 having a rear bathroom and shower area.

There is one slide-out per floor plan for this Hike model series.

Common Winnebago Hike Problems

This model series may still be too recent for common problems to be noticed and reported. There are not that many websites that have anything bad to say about any version of this Winnebago trailer.

But the owners seem to have some things to say. One is the sink drain. It seems that someone got sloppy during the construction of these trailers as more than one owner reported it not being secured in place.

They said it was a simple fix and it is doubtful they reported it and went ahead and solved the problem themselves. Then Winnebago did issue 4 recalls over the past 2 years. 2 for 2021 and 2 for 2022.

One of the 2022 recalls had to do with possible sharp edges on some of the aluminum handles on the cabinets and drawers. The second 2022 recall issued had the same problem. The same can be said for the 2021 dual recalls.

You can read those recalls at this link. Another common problem was the low-budget bathroom fans. They do not seem to be powerful enough to handle what is expected of them.

Then, some of the design of the trailer caused issues with hooking up the propane. One reviewer mentioned that you had to be a contortionist to get the hook up done right.

Some user problems that appeared was a failed thermofuse which meant no hot water until it was fixed. Also, the bathroom paneling or wallpaper started to peel right away.

One common complaint was that the Hike’s battery was too small and it lost power after only two days of use. Some owners replaced the 80 AH battery that came with the Hike with a 200 AH model.

All the complaints that we were able to find seemed to be on an individual basis with only one or two owners chiming in with the same problem. As we said, this trailer may be too new for anyone to notice all the common complaints.

Our Winnebago Hike Review


Winnebago has been a good brand for almost forever. It is well known, and respected and has put out a lot of top RVs over the years. However, that does not mean they will always produce great RVs.

The company has had a problem with quality control over the past few years and they have made some of the trailer and RV brands to avoid lists. From what we can tell, it is going to be hit or miss with the Hike models.

This trailer model series looks like a great travel trailer and its small size will be perfect for those couples who do not want to carry a lot of things with them or have to deal with a lot of expensive to repair features.

The floor plans are fairly organized and provide enough space for two people to live comfortably. Even though Winnebago says the Hike can sleep between 3 and 4 people, a third person would be a crowd.

The slide-out on the regular Hike series provides a little extra breathing space but you won’t have this benefit on the 100 model. You have to love small spaces and want to be alone a lot to really enjoy this trailer.

The benefit of this small trailer series is that you can use almost any vehicle to tow it. But that does not apply to all Hike models. Some of those models hit 6000 pounds making it out of reach of some smaller vehicles and SUVs.

In other words, it is an okay trailer when you want an affordable trailer to go camping in. It is not something you would want full-time unless you like living in tiny homes.

What Other Winnebago Hike Reviews Say

One reviewer felt that the Hike 100 is a revolutionary trailer that opens up the RV world to more people. He or she also said that Winnebago was able to install quite a few features that you would not find on other brands' smaller trailers.

Another reviewer liked the steel exoskeleton Winnebago has created for this model series. They also have applied for a patent for that variation. What the reviewer liked about it was that you could strap quite a few smaller toys to the wall and haul them comfortably on vacation.

The same reviewer liked the fact that Winnebago used Azdel for the interior walls. This is a man-made waterproof material that helps the trailer last longer.

Owners have given this trailer series a high praise with some saying they are not experiencing any problems with their new trailer. They love it and enjoy the small size as it is easier to tow and park.

Some owners state that some of the problems owners have come from the non-Winnebago components like Dometic water heaters, etc. Winnebago cannot be faulted if those components fail right away.

Some people are very excited about picking up their new Hike so this trailer does not seem to be that bad at this time. There are very few rough negative reviews being reported.

The Winnebago Hike Construction


This company did do its best to provide some top construction materials for this model series. Here is a list of the materials they used and you can find it under the specifications page under the exterior category:

NXG Engineered frame

Exterior fiberglass w/ Azdel

One-piece fiberglass roof

Aluminum wheel assemblies

Power awning w/ LED lighting

Power tongue jack

Torflex Dexter Axle(s)

Exterior powder-coated rack system

Large powder-coated wheel wells

Large powder-coated LP/Battery/Gear Storage Box

For the smaller 100 series, you will get similar construction materials:

NXG engineered frame

2" thick FILON® MAX fiberglass sidewalls with

Azdel Onboard® composite panels

Fully walkable roof

Side-mount ladder

Premium Suspension Upgrade: BAL Independent Suspension with Dexter TorFlex torsion stub axles

Goodyear Wrangler 16" off-road tires

Aluminum wheel assemblies

Fully enclosed underbelly with radiant foil insulation

Powder-coated roof exoskeleton

Powder coated fender gear boxes

The 100 seems to have the better construction details. The website for the 100 option is found at this link. The website for the standard 2022 Hike is found at this link. To get to the exterior category for both trailer models, you will have to scroll down a little bit. Then click on the word to have the information pop up.

Winnebago Hike 100 Reviews

Some people balk at the higher starting price. The 100 starts at roughly $44,000 but many reviewers justify the extra expense by stating all the features that are included in this trailer but not in the older Hike model.

Others do not like the small size and it is quite tiny inside as this trailer is only roughly 15 feet long and is roughly 8 feet wide. They mentioned the fact that if you are 6’ 5” you will scrape the interior ceiling.

They were not pleased by the lack of walking around space. Other reviewers love the size because it meant that they could go off-road with no issues. They said it was a game-changer trailer that provided great off-grid comfort.

Then another reviewer felt that the interior of the Hike was roomy and airy. This was due to the light colors Winnebago used to decorate the inside of its trailer. Still, another reviewer called this trailer revolutionary and seemed excited that Winnebago came up with this idea.

Winnebago Hike 172BH Review


This trailer is a single-axle floor plan featuring bunks in the rear, an outside kitchen, a dry bath, and a U-shaped dinette in the front. It also has a mid-dry bath and is one of the 2 models that has a rear bedroom.

This trailer measures 20 feet 7 1/2 inches long and is as wide and tall as the 4 other floor plans in this series. Plus, it comes with the same tubing design as well as the same exoskeleton skin that makes this trailer revolutionary.

The trailer’s interior is well organized even though there is not a lot of space available to move around. Like other Hike floor plans, owners are happy with their purchase and they endure the small inconveniences they see as they camp.

They would prefer a larger battery and a few extra features but those are minor issues that do not turn off prospective buyers. Its top speed may be 65 mph only but double-check that to make sure.

All in all, it is a very comfortable trailer for those people who do not have kids or grandkids tagging along for the ride. It is made more for two people than anything more than that.

It is an affordable trailer that is either a good starter model for young couples or for those older couples who are downsizing.

Winnebago Hike vs Airstream Basecamp

The Basecamp 20 is 20 feet long and it is designed in a manner that reflects Airstream’s traditional designs. It is not the prettiest trailer on the lock but it looks to be stronger.

The front curved window provides the illusion that it is longer than it really is and it has a nice interior design including the kitchenette. Plus, it is supposed to sleep 4 people.

What makes it a lesser trailer option than the Hike is the lack of holding tanks. The gray and black water tanks are missing from the 16-foot model. Depending on the Hike model the holding tanks for the Basecamp20 are both larger and smaller than the Hike.

The biggest drawback of the Basecamp is that it is far more expensive than the Hike. That bottom line is very influential.

Some Additional Words

While Winnebago’s quality control is suspect these days, the Hike seems to be a very good small trailer for young couples starting out together. It is also good for older couples who do not require a lot of space.

The price is right for the Hike as well as it is significantly cheaper than Airstream’s smaller trailers. That plays an important role in any purchase decision. But take them for a test run to see if you like it or not.

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