Winnebago Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Parts Online)

There seem to be a few RV brands that do create parts lists for their customers. Winnebago is another one that has simplified finding parts or at least model numbers. However, all the parts available for all Winnebago RVs are not located in the same place.

Winnebago has made it easy to look up vintage and recent parts for their RVs. You just need to go to their website, click on the owner's navigational link and you will find a subsection called parts. However, that only takes you to a parts catalog and not to a secure checkout or product page.

To learn more about this important topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want so you can find those parts for different Winnebago RV models. Take a few minutes to see how this information can help you.

Winnebago Parts Catalog


This company has been around for a very long time. That tenure has made it possible for them to develop a very sophisticated yet organized system of operation. This sophistication is seen in how they manage their parts issue.

If you want to find any part for the model of Winnebago you own, you can go to their website and look in their parts catalog. This catalog divides the models by year and goes all the way back to 1975.

It also divides the models between Winnebago RVs and Itsaca RVs. They do not put the model series name on the parts catalogs but just the RV model’s number. For example, the list will read WC420RG for a 1985 Winnebago model.

You will need to know that number to find the right parts catalog for your RV. When it comes to parts, that is a different website and an authorized dealer for the company.

Winnebago Parts Diagram

On the first website page, we linked to above, and under the owner’s navigational link, you will find Guides and Diagrams. This does not take you to any parts diagrams. The link will take you to wiring diagrams and other guides Winnebago has created for its customers.

To get a parts diagram or actually many diagrams, you have to go to the specific Winnebago parts catalog for your model and year of RV. These parts catalogs are over 20 pages long and contain multiple diagrams.

Each diagram is labeled with numbers and arrows and you follow those numbers to the legend underneath or next to the diagram to find the right part. The corresponding number leads you to a model number and description. We are not sure what the initials U/M stand for.

Every aspect of the RV is listed in these parts catalogs so you should be able to find the part you need. Now Winnebago may not have all the parts available and that is something you have to discuss with them.

You may have to go to an authorized parts dealer or independent RV parts and accessory outlet to find vintage parts.

Winnebago Parts List


Because Winnebago makes so many RVs and trailers, the parts list would be far too long for anyone to be interested in reading it the company made just one list. There are over almost 50 years of parts and parts lists so putting one here is not a great idea.

However, if you want a parts list of any model of RV made in the last 48 years, then you go to the second linked web page above and search for your specific model of RV.

As the years get closer to 2023, you will find that Winnebago kept their parts catalogs up to date and include the Rialta and other brands that they made. Some of these catalogs do include the model name for the individual RVs and trailers this company has made over the years.

Those catalogs are very detailed and you can copy out the parts lists to make sure you have a copy. Or you can download the exact catalog you need as well.

Winnebago Part Number Lookup

Winnebago has thought of this as well. They made sure that knowing the model number of the part you need was not going to be a difficult process. Once you locate the catalog you need, just open it up.

Then go to the parts section that needs a part replaced and look at the numbers. You can use those numbers to locate the part in the parts list. Included in that list will be the model number of the part.

You sort of kill two or more birds with one stone. Not only do you get a parts diagram for your RV but you also get a description of the part as well as the model number.

Some of the more recent parts catalogs contain a table of contents so you can skip scrolling and go right to the page you need. They also have expanded from over 20 pages to over 200 pages.

Winnebago Itasca Parts


Everything we have said in the previous sections applies to this Winnebago brand. Itasca is listed in the parts catalogs underneath the Winnebago list of catalogs. You get the same type of diagrams and details as you would when you look up the Winnebago model.

The guides to wire diagrams etc., also include Itasca models as well. You just need to know the year of your Itasca RV to find the right parts catalog. The difference between the wiring diagrams and the parts catalogs is that the former only goes back to 1990.

The latter goes back to 1975 as we reported earlier. As to buying parts, you would have to go to an authorized dealer or parts outlet to get them for your Itasca RV.

Winnebago does not advertise any parts for sale nor did we find a secure checkout for their website. There was no product page either.

Winnebago Chieftain Parts

It seems that up to 1992 Winnebago only listed their RVs by their model numbers and not by model series’ name. You got a list as we showed earlier in our example.

In 1993, the company started to put the different model series’ names in their parts catalogs for better organization and easier searching. If you are looking for a parts list for a Chieftan RV, then you need to start with 1993 and go up from there.

In 1990, Chieftain appeared in the wiring diagrams so if you know your model’s number, you may find a parts catalog for that model series earlier than 1993. To get parts, would be the same as any other Winnebago model, you need to contact a Winnebago dealer or authorized parts outlet.

We will list a few for you soon. Winnebago does not seem to sell directly to the public and goes through authorized routes only.

Winnebago Brave Parts


The story is the same for this RV model except for one minor difference. This model shows up in its separate category in 1993, just like the Chieftain. But in the wiring diagram section, it does not appear in a separate category until 1992.

That gives you a good start year to find your particular model year for this RV option. As for parts, you may have to go to vintage parts outlets for RVs or one of the following dealers that we link to.

Where To Buy Used Winnebago Parts Online

The first place we will link to will be It is an authorized Winnebago parts outlet. The company has a find your VIN aid as well as a contact page. When looking for parts be prepared to provide a lot of information as well as images.

The next company claims to be the largest Winnebago parts dealer. They only handle drivable RV parts and like the previous company do not sell parts for towables.

The company is called Lichtsinn RV and they are only 1 mile away from Winnebago. Then you can go to the different dealers to get the more recent parts. The website has a dealer locator page to help you find one close to you.

For vintage parts for those older RVs, you may have to go to eBay or some other RV parts outlet that deals with vintage parts. Or you can contact Winnebago and see what they have to say.

But by using the parts catalogs and armed with a model number, your search may not be difficult or long.

Some Additional Words

Winnebago has made it easy to find the parts =model numbers you need for your specific RV model. They have had many years to develop this system so you should take advantage of it.

Getting the part number though, may be easier than finding the part you need. That will be due to the age of your RV. Vintage parts are always hard to find. But check out those websites to see if they provide a lot of help to you.

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