The Winnebago Ekko Problems, Recall, Issues, and Review

In 2021 Winnebago sent out a recall notice to Ekko owners. There seem to have been a lot of problems with that RV model. You may still face a lot of problems as it seems this model may not have been built that well or on a Wednesday.

The most common problems with this RV model are-- Burned inverter, interior problems, damaged Balmar controller, temperature problems in the exterior compartment, sealant coming off, and solar panel problems.

To learn more about this Winnebago model just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can handle these problems correctly and efficiently. A visit to your local Winnebago dealer may be in order.

Common Winnebago Ekko Problems


Here is a list of the common problems and some of the fix suggestions that may help you overcome these issues:

1. Burned inverter- this part seems to be what the recall was all about. The shower sump seemed to have leaked all over it causing inverter problems. The only fix here will be a replacement inverter and a fixed shower sump

2. Interior problems- this is a general label as it applies to almost every interior feature you have in this model. It could be a problem with the fridge, paneling, stains on the carpet or dings and dents in the cabinets, and more.

The suggested fix would be to repair all of these problems one at a time or replace those that can’t be fixed. Make sure to have the right tools on hand to do the work

3. Damaged balmar controller- this device manages the power that is produced by the engine. If this device is damaged, your batteries will not be charged and you will be out of power.

The only fix for this is a replacement balmer controller.

4. Temperature problems in the exterior compartment- this would be a heater issue and you may have to replace or repair the heater to keep the exterior heated to the proper level.

5. Sealant coming off- as you know this problem lets a lot of water or moisture inside your RV. The best thing to do when you spot this problem is to remove the current sealant completely and re-seal those areas.

Eternal bond tape is one good option as is a variety of sealants found in your home improvement stores.

6. Solar panel problem- the solar panels can get damaged or broken fairly easily. Or there may be loose wires, connections, or damaged components inside the system.

The suggested fix would be to have a solar panel expert look at the system and let them identify and repair the problem parts.

The Winnebago Ekko Recall

After reading this section, you may not want to consider the Ekko as a viable RV option. We looked for the recall notice that talked about the shower sump problem in 2021 or 2020 but so far, we have not found that one yet.

The bad news is that we have found multiple recall notices for the Ekko starting about 2020 and progressing to February 2023. Not a very good track record. These recall notices are for both America and Canada. This link will take you to just one website with 4 recall notices.

Consumer affairs sent out this notice- “Winnebago Industries is recalling 1,566 model year 2021-2022 Solis, Travato, and Ekko vehicles with GE-ES Double Flipseats.

The seat belt retractors may lock up when the vehicle is on a slight incline.

If the seat belt retractor locks, passengers may believe they are trapped in the vehicle, increasing the risk of injury.

What to do:

Winnebago will work with Freedman to notify owners, and dealers will inspect the seat and repair free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided a schedule for recall notification.

Owners may contact Winnebago customer service at (614) 585-6939 or (800) 537-1885 or Freedman customer service at (800) 443-4540.” (source)

Some 2022 owners may not be aware of this recall notice yet. But the biggest set of recall notices is at this link and it covers the early part of 2023. It seems that Winnebago is having a string of bad luck with this newer RV model.

Other Winnebago Ekko Issues


If you are not sure what class this Ekko is in, it is a Class C RV and it does not seem to have been manufactured up to the usual Winnebago standards. Besides the list of problems listed above, there are other problems that are a part of this RV and these may not have made the recall lists.

1. Brakes- the brakes may be too stiff when you are applying the brake pedal. This can result in the brakes rubbing against each other. The possible sources include hydraulic fluid levels, leaks, or blockages.

Have a brake specialist repair these issues and replace the brakes if they are in bad condition.

2. Electrical system- it is a common problem for fuses to blow but these may blow more often than normal. Also check for broken wires, bad connections, bad wires, and more.

Replace any damaged parts or blown fuses and if the problem continues, see your dealer or professional repairman.

3. Leaks- this is not a case of bad sealant although that problem will contribute to this issue. There may be gaps between the windows and the frame, cracks in different locations, and more.

The fix is to investigate and use more sealant to close those problems.

4. Heating and cooling problems- the sources for this may be a faulty thermostat or faulty air conditioner compressor. You may have to replace both if they are truly the sources of your heating or cooling problems.

5. Worn-out suspension- it happens even to newer RVs. Check your struts and shocks to make sure they have not been compromised. Do not forget to check the control arms and bushings.

Replace any parts that are worn out or damaged.

6. Engine problems- so many things could go wrong in this area. But a couple that is easy to check would be your spark plugs or air filter. They can be fouled or clogged and would need replacing.

7. Tire problems- the Ekko tires may wear unevenly. This is due to a bad wheel alignment, one or more tires under pressure, or other tire problems. Search for the problem and correct it when you find it.

Replacing your tires may not be the first option as there are good repair options that should be done first.

Winnebago Ekko Review

One would think that an RV selling for roughly $170,000 would be in better shape than what has already been described. But it may not get better with the reviews as this Class C RV is designed for only sleeping 2 people.

One reviewer stated it was a Class B RV but so far he is the only one to make that statement. There is only one floor plan available and that does not bode well for this RV. That reviewer liked this RV and says it provides some serious off-grid capabilities.

We have not found a reviewer yet that has called this a piece of junk, which would be appropriate considering all the recall notices and mechanical issues you may run into.

Technically, this RV is considered a Class B+, which may be the reason different reviewers are saying it is one class or the other. Since it is a recent addition to the Winnebago RV line up there are not a lot of reviews available.

A second internet review website applauds the company for making an RV that is adventure-ready. A third review website put this model at about third on its top best list but certainly did not like the look of this RV.

He also expressed shock for when he wrote the review the price tag had risen to almost $190,000 for the base model. The price is probably why there are so few reviews available.

The reviewer stated that it is a comfortable RV, gas-powered, and well-insulated. The AWD and 5000 towing capacity were also impressive to the reviewer. But no one is gushing over this model just yet.

What we found on all the review websites is that no one is talking about the massive amounts of problems that this RV comes with. The high price tag and the numerous problems are not impressive.

Is The Winnebago Ekko Worth It?


We hate answering this question because it is designed to solicit subjective opinions. It will all depend on what you want in an RV whether it is worth it or not. The Ekko is certainly not family-friendly unless you pack a tent with you.

Then the high price tag for this Class B+ or compact Class C RV is detrimental to making this RV worth it. That is a high price to pay for something that has a lot of problems attached to it.

Of course, there will be those owners who do not experience those problems and they will say that it is the ideal RV for their current lifestyle. The fact that there is no black tank on the many earlier models, not sure if that has changed or not, is a deal killer for many potential owners.

That lack makes this RV not worth the purchase price especially if you are only going to be part-time campers. There was supposed to be a 24C version produced by Winnebago but that was canceled in 2021 and all deposits were supposed to have been returned.

There are problems with this RV model that do not make it worth buying any time soon. Those recall notices should make one wary before they decide to buy.

What Competes With The Winnebago Ekko?

There are several RV brands that make this Class B+ or compact Class C RV. These are the competitors to this Ekko. The following list will give you alternatives to consider as they may not be saddled with all the same problems the Ekko has.

1. Thor Compass- it is a 23’ 7” model that seems to have been updated by the company for 2023. There is supposed to be over 20 cubic feet of external storage and a Murphy bed inside.

It has a 3.5-liter turbo-powered V6 gas engine, a 25-gallon fuel tank, and a 5000-pound towing capacity.

2. Coachman Cross Trail 20XG- this was originally named the Cross Trek and it comes in a full 24-foot length and a 10’ 6” height. Like the COmpass and the Ekko, this model also makes use of the Ford Transit chassis.

Plus it is powered by a V6 gas engine as well. Plus, it is supposed to have a 130 cubic feet of storage space and a double bed.

3. Leisure Travel Wonder- this model is a little larger and may not be considered a compact Class C RV. It measures 24’ 9” in length. Also, it has a 3.5 L EcoBoost V6 Gas (310 hp/400 ft·lb Torque) with 10-Speed Automatic Transmission.

There are also 67 cubic feet of storage space, twin beds, a dry bath, and a separate shower. Its price tag starts at $162,000

Not Every RV Maker is Convinced

It seems that these few brands are the only ones willing enough to take the risk of building a compact Class C RV. There may be others but not everyone is thrilled with this type of vehicle so the demand may not be there.

Some Additional Words

When it comes to compact Class C RV’s, the price for one is not very compact. Expect to pay a lot of money for these options and then even more in repair bills.

For some reason, Winnebago has not solved all of its construction issues and is plagued by recall notices as well as hefty repairs. It may be wiser to step up to a full-sized Class C instead. The features you get may make the price tag worth it.

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