Airstream Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Vintage Parts)

A never-ending quest or so it seems. When you own a trailer or motorhome, it seems that there is always a search for one part or another. Fortunately, there are many RV parts and accessory outlets ready to help you find what you need. The price may not be great but at least you found the part.

Airstream seems to take a different approach as their website has a web page dedicated to manuals and parts books. The web page will be linked to later in this article but it is 56 pages long and starts with 2024 models. You can view or download these handy books.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the best information possible and be able to find those parts lists and more. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you out of a jam.

Where Can I Find Airstream Parts?


The first place to look would be an Airstream dealer. They will get the factory direct parts for you so you can keep your trailer or RV in top shape. They may not be the cheapest location to buy but at least you are getting genuine Airstream parts.

The next best location would be an Airstream-authorized parts outlet. They will let you know that they are and that should give you a little peace of mind knowing you are also getting genuine Airstream parts.

One location would be Airstream Trailer and they have a wide inventory of different products for your airstream trailer or RV. Their website’s home page is divided into different categories so you can speed up your search.

This company also has a find a dealer web page so you can find a dealer near you if you decide to go that route.

Vintage Airstream Parts Catalog


The best place to go would be the Airstream website. Under the owner’s navigational option at the top of their web pages, you will find the manuals and parts books option.

This is a drop-down screen and you have to look under resources to find that link. Or you can click here and get to the same page. That link will take you to page 55 out of 56 pages and from there you can search for the vintage parts book for your Airstream trailer.

The dates of the manuals and parts books go back to 1964 and if you want earlier models, then you may have to talk to Airstream directly. Or you can contact Vintage Trailer Supply as they have a web page taking you back to the 1930s and almost all pre-1969 Airstream trailers.

They also say they have many parts for the older trailers but there is no guarantee they will have the one you need at the moment. Someone may have beat you to the exact part you are looking for. We checked some of the dates and it is not a very good list at this time.

Airstream Parts List

We did not find any parts list on the Airstream website. They do not list any parts for sale as they may not be selling directly to the public. These parts lists are hard to find because the RV companies make so many models and they all come with a variety of floor plans.

The way to go to get a parts list may be through the various Airstream dealers. They may have a copy they can give you or whatever. Or you can contact one of the many authorized Airstream parts outlets and see what they can do for you.

Another option is to contact the brand that made the individual components inside your trailer. Their manuals may have a parts list inside along with parts diagrams for you to follow.

A time-consuming method would be to go to a few of those parts outlets you find online and see what they have in stock. One of those places would be Woodland Airstream.

The parts books you find on the Airstream website would be your best option. We looked at the 2023 Atlas parts book and it is filled.


The missing numbers are 6 on the left and 5 on the right. The next page will have the list of parts and model numbers


998257 Electric Furnace Install

1. 690756 Furnace, Cheap Heat, Kit w/out Fan Switch Relay

690756-04 Furnace, Cheap Heat, Kit, w/Fan Switch Relay

690756-01 Furnace Cabinet, SAL

690756-02 Controller, Cheap Heat, CH50

690756-03 Heater Element, DH18-37-50

690756-05 Aux Fan Relay, AF4-SAL

690757-01 Blower, Dayton, 115V, AC Furnace

2. 382699 Furnace Connection Assembly

3. 382700 Furnace Plenum, Wardrobe

4. 116145-08 Perforated Vent, Metal, 4 x 7”

5. 382702 Register, 4” X 10”, White

6. 382704 Louvered Return Air Grill, White

7. 602394-01 Register-P. White, 4”

8. 511283 Box, Handy, 2” X 4”, Metal

9. 511260 Cover, Weatherproof, Single Gang

600526 Flange, 4”

513427 Fan, Muffin, 115V, Low Speed Cooling Fan

514031 Harness, Cheap Heat

Just so you know, these parts books range in width as one was 133 pages long and another was only 79 pages long.

Airstream Window Parts


One of the good things about those parts books is that they have a table of contents and the parts are divided up into their proper categories. For example, the section for windows and screens starts on page 22 of the Autocamp parts book and goes to page 30.

You are going to get the same type of drawings you see above in our example. Plus, you will get all the model numbers you will need to order your part. As to the availability of the vintage parts, that may be hit and miss.

Those parts are hard to come by now and you may have to find an alternative to solve your problems. Or you can talk to one of the many Airstream authorized parts dealers and see what they can do for you.

Airstream Interior Parts


The story will be the same for these parts as it is for the windows. The parts catalog or parts book has you covered as the interior shell is on pages 15 and 16.

But to find all the interior parts you need and see their diagrams, you will have to go to sections on furniture, doors, drapes and shades, and so on. Everything is laid out like the examples we provided above.

For the 2023 Autocamp model, every part is listed and you are provided with the model number. That may be the case for every parts book in their list. The key is to find the model year and to see if they have a parts book listed for that specific model.

If not, contact Airstream and see what they can do for you.

Finding Used Airstream Parts Online


The vintage parts may be harder to find than the newer models. It is just the nature of the RV and automotive industry. Companies are legally supposed to hold onto parts for a certain amount of time.

After that, you have to go look at the parts part of the industry. There are many Airstream parts dealers around the country and we have provided links to about 3 of them already.

Here is a fourth company located in California that has a long list of Airstream parts for sale. The High Sky RV Parts outlet advertise that they have many Airstream parts with many not found anywhere else in the world.

They also advertise that they make key parts when they are not available in the outlets you have been looking in. That seems to be a good company to investigate and help you get those vintage parts you need.

Some Additional Words

Airstream seems to be a company that really looks after its customers. Not many RV manufacturers provide parts books for their customers to use. But it is a good way to keep your customers satisfied.

The only drawback we can see about Airstream is that they do not sell parts directly to their customers. But that is okay as there is a myriad of authorized Airstream parts outlets around the country to help you out.

Having those parts books and model numbers should make your search a lot easier. Finding those key parts is not that hard with Airstream.

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