Is Krylon Fusion For Plastic Discontinued? (Krylon COLORmaxx)

There is some confusion between customers as to the availability of this product. Some customers are reporting it gone from the shelves as recently as 2016, while others are reporting finding it on the Krylon website.

Amazon was said to have carried this product and currently, it is unavailable on their website. We did find an all-in-one Kryon spray paint that includes plastic on the company’s website but we did not find the ‘for plastic’ type.

To learn more about this product and if it is still available, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible and hopefully find this product once again. Take a few minutes to get this helpful information that should enhance your search.

Is Krylon Fusion For Plastic Discontinued?


It is hard to say as there are many reports in both Canada and America by customers who cannot find this product anymore. However, in a quick search, we did find it for sale on the Sherwin-Williams website. They are selling it for just over $13 per can.

There may be a very good reason for why it has been discontinued if that rumor is true. Kryon makes an All-in-one spray paint that is supposed to cover or adhere to the following materials- Wood, Metal, Wicker, Plastic, Glass, Tile, and Masonry.

Notice that plastic is on that list. O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store is also listing it on its website store as well. But they do not place a price on their stock. You are supposed to contact one of their stores in your area to get the price and availability.

The answer to this problem is that this independent spray paint has been folded into the all-in-one spray paint option.

Krylon Fusion For a Plastic Alternative

You really do not need an alternative to this product as it is still available in some stores. Plus, as we just said, it is available in the all-in-one paint Krylon is selling now.

It seems that the company just upgraded its product and made a better spray paint that covers more surfaces without having to spend a lot of money on each surface.

There is the Krylon Colormaxx option as well. But many customers are not giving this a great grade when it comes to replacing the old Fusion option. They are saying that Krylon made the perfect paint for plastic with its Fusion brand. The all-in-one paint does the same thing and you still do not have to sand or do any other prep work when you are ready to paint those surfaces.

What Spray Paint is Similar To Krylon Fusion?


There are not that many spray paint companies left in the world anymore. A small list of these companies includes Behr, Rustoleum, and Krylon with the latter two dominating many spray paint lists.

As we mentioned, there is the Krylon all-in-one paint that is the upgraded version of the Krylon Fusion for plastic. You can go with Rustoleum as it is a very reputable brand for paint and they make some great products.

You can also try Dupli-Color, Performix, and Colorbond brands to see if their spray paint for plastic is as good as the Fusion option. All these brands make the top best list for painting plastic.

Pintyplus made another list and it and Behr were the only alternative paint brands to go on that list. The other 8 spots were occupied by Rustoleum and Krylon.

Your choices are limited when it comes to spray paint these days. You may find other not-so-famous brands but they may not work as well as these top brands do.

Is Krylon COLORmaxx Good For Plastic?

The company that makes it and Sherman-Williams the company that sells it both state it is a good plastic paint alternative. Whether that is true or not depends on many factors.

Those companies may do their review under ideal circumstances so it is hard to say when you use that spray paint option on your items. We have read in one review that it is okay to use but not as good as the Krylon Fusion option.

It seems that when Krylon made this spray paint, they threw away the mold. Customers have said that the new all-in-one option is not as good as this was. But it may be as good as the application will always determine the results you get.

The type of plastic you are painting will also play a role in the different results. If it is cheaper, you can always try it and see for yourself. But if you can find a better spray paint option, go with that.

What is The Rustoleum Equivalent Of Krylon Fusion?


There is a green can called Rustoleum Plastic and it seems to be the best option when you cannot find the Krylon Fusion. Here are some of the details about this paint:

- One 12oz. aerosol can may cover 8-10sqft.

- Works on any polypropylene, polystyrene, resin, PVC, fiberglass, and vinyl plastics.

- It takes 20-30 minutes for dry to touch with 24 hours of full drying time.

- You can spray it at 70-80°F at 50% humidity.

- Cleaning the paint is possible with thinner, xylene, or mineral spirits.

- You can spray at any angle for premium coverage.

- Protects surface from rain, snow, and UV rays.

The biggest drawback to this paint type is the fumes. You may need to wear some sort of breathing protection to keep the fumes away from your lungs. You do not need a primer to use this spray paint but it is also easy to peel off after a while.

Does Krylon Fusion Work on Plastic?

Yes, it does and it was made to cover that surface. It seems to be one of the best plastic paint options you can find as there are many threads on different discussion forums wondering where it went.

It is very hard to find spray paint and people are searching for it. Here are the features of this particular spray paint:

- You can choose any preferable color from a huge library.

- Applicable on diverse surfaces, including PVC, and plastics.

- It takes 20 minutes for dry to touch and 2 hours for dry to handle.

- Sprayable at 50-90°F at less than 85% humidity.

- Lacquer or paint thinner is required to clean the paint.

- You need no prep work to use the Krylon Fusion.

- Excellent big button spray tip for easy application.

The biggest drawback to this paint is that it is supposed to dry slower than Rustoleum. Then it is supposed to cover more area with the same sized can as Rustoleum.

How To use Krylon Fusion For Plastic


According to the Krylon website, you do not need to sand the plastic to get it to adhere. The company made this spray paint with 5 times as much adhering power so all the work to coat plastic is gone.

Also, your room or outside temperature should be between 55 and 75 degrees F with a humidity level below 60%. Also, you do not need a primer with this spray paint so you can just take the cap off and spray away.

You will need to leave the items for about 25 minutes before it is dry to the touch. Then another 2 hours before it is dry enough to handle. It used to come in a variety of colors so you could paint just about anything.

Where To Buy Krylon Fusion For Plastic

We found this product at both Sherwin-Williams and O’Reilly Auto Parts stores, at least on their online stores. We cannot guarantee that these stores still sell this product.

Amazon did not stock this particular product but it stocks the new all-in-one version. Other places you can try are Lowe’s, and Menards. Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Ace & Walmart.

Whether those stores still have the Fusion version or not remains to be seen. Since Krylon has updated its product lineup you may only find the all-in-one version at those outlets.

There may be other locations that sell this version of spray paint. If they do, it may not be for a long time as the company transitions to the new format. The company does have a ‘where to buy’ web page locator so you can always find an outlet that is near you.

Some Additional Words

When a company creates a great product, you can almost bet that it will change what is not broken and alter it in some manner. While it remains to be seen if the all-in-one version is inferior or superior to the Fusion version, the latter was a great product to use.

Take both for a test drive, if you can still find the Fusion, and see which version is best for your painting needs. The cost may be lower on the all-in-one option as the Fusion is getting harder to find.

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